Reviews for Heroes Assemble!
Fairy King Oberon chapter 6 . 11/24/2020
I find it funny that in this chapter you called notice me not charms forget me not. the irony is staggering.
Fairy King Oberon chapter 3 . 11/24/2020
I don't know why but reading that Hermione's mom was only "most likely" drinking tea instead of just saying tea made me chuckle
lizard 101 chapter 128 . 11/23/2020
First, I just want to say thank you for this story. You created a world that combined two of my favorite things and did both justice. Second, I want to specifically thank you for the "fix-its" even though they aren't technically fix-its. I love how Harry was able to mediate between Tony and Steve, and I especially appreciate Harry bringing Tony back home. (Tony is my absolute favorite, the first Iron Man movie was how my dad introduced me to Marvel and he will always have a special place in my heart and the MCU wrecked me. I bawled my eyes out like a baby in the movie theater and I refuse to watch it again) I've been following your stories for a few years now, you are a phenomenal author. i can't wait to see what you come up with next!
dolph25 chapter 128 . 11/23/2020
Great story! Thanks
Talonwalker chapter 128 . 11/21/2020
Really great story!
berkeleyjake chapter 128 . 11/19/2020
I was hoping at some point Harry would put an infinity stone I side a fidelius charm or something... But I guess not.
Dontreallyknowtbh chapter 128 . 11/19/2020
Damn, am I glad I read that.
Guest chapter 128 . 11/16/2020
this was an amazing story thank you for sharing it with the world
Jimbocous chapter 128 . 11/18/2020
Whew, that was a hike. Thanks for a great read!
berkeleyjake chapter 105 . 11/15/2020
This is getting to the point of way too many characters. I can't keep track of them all. And the two new criminals I can't remember them from the Marvel Comics, they sound more like Livewire and a Fem!MadHatter from DC comics.
Ppsh chapter 78 . 11/15/2020
Mage: "Buy me five minutes and I'll make sure Ultron can never touch it"
In my imagination - Mage then casts a fidelius charm over the church area. Bam, easy peazy.
Instead... he wastes all his power burying it in lava... wat. Would that even stop Ultron?
YaoiHellian chapter 128 . 11/13/2020
Such a phenomenal story, I'm shocked it took me this long to find it. I loved the inclusion and overall take on the MCU and the Avengers lineup. I love the movie-verse but they miss so much on whom is actually in the Avengers. Also there were quite a few maniacal laugh inducing moments with; JJs near death experience, as well as the overall dialogue some of the characters had with each other. This was a wonderfully thought out story and was very well executed and I cant wait to read more. I thank you for the time, effort, and energy you've put into writing and posting this story. Toodles.
Matt chapter 114 . 11/11/2020
The term is "jam packed", not jammed pack. Learn English.
Matt chapter 74 . 11/10/2020
The word is permutation, not permeation. And what is your problem with HYDRA. You keep misspelling it as HDYRA, which doesn't spell anything.
Guest chapter 128 . 11/10/2020
I've had this fic saved in my bookmarks since 2017 and i finally came back to read it all. You did a fantastic job combining the worlds of these characters. I will definitely be reading this multiple times. Thank you for bringing something so incredible into the world!
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