Reviews for Heroes Assemble!
atymer chapter 128 . 9/24
Awesome how this alternate view of the Marvel universe left us full of hope for the future of our heroes. Harry always seemed to be the catalyst for so many changes just by showing up. The story certainly has a 'family' feel. The support each one is given prevents many running off all alone to handle situations. There is plenty of story to fulfill everyone's expectations. I highly recommend this tale. I started at the beginning again and read straight through to the end. It has been well worth the wait. Kudos to the author for wrangling all these characters and developing their growth and personalities. The new relationships that developed were quite gratifying. I liked Cap looking forward and not back and Wolf having grounding for the turbulence of his fractured mind. Also found Harry's relationship refreshing. He got to fulfill his protective instincts yet have a partner that could stand toe to toe with any of his enemies.
It is all good here for entertainment. Kudos Kudos!
MagicalCatgirl68 chapter 1 . 9/23
Loved this story forever ever thought of one shots with certain characters?
rey2005cr chapter 128 . 9/23
De verdad que ha sido una de las mejores historias que leído, incluso traducida de verdad que espero que saques el volumen dos
Shadowmwape 'TetraKarne chapter 128 . 9/22
This is hands down the best cross over I ever read
death4evr chapter 128 . 9/21
Holy crap. I just finished this and I started reading it 4 days ago. This story was amazing and well written. I started crying when I finished it. Bravo to you the author.
Literary Consumer chapter 128 . 9/17
Great job with this fic
HEROTYTY13 chapter 36 . 9/11
So I was right. it is squirrel girl. I thought so ever since the first time she was introduced but I never read the comics so I didn't know her real name.
Nicthalon chapter 49 . 9/5
I cannot imagine the amount of work you have obviously put into planning this all out. It’s plain to me that you must have copious notes to refer to, detailing the events of the entire mcu and how you plan to alter them based on the addition of the magical world. I am very much looking forward to the rest of this epic saga.
bubbattmax chapter 7 . 9/1
quick question... what does it mean when you reply to someone in a sotto voce?
TortoisetheStoryteller chapter 128 . 8/31
This is amazing! I love this story so much!
Flamingp0tat0 chapter 128 . 8/29
What a journey this fic was. One of the best fics and one of my most favorite HP crossovers I've ever read. Thank you for creating this amazing work of art and thank you for sharing it with us.

Stay safe and peace.
lisa.francis.96780 chapter 128 . 8/27
Thanks for sharing
MattBlack chapter 105 . 8/27
Back when Daphne became the SHIELD healer, she was already informed of Nat's problem...
GuitarBOSS chapter 19 . 8/26
The whole "heroes don't pay here" thing seems pretty out of character for Harry. He absolutely hated how he was fawned over and given special treatment for being a hero, so I don't know why he would be subjecting other people to that.

If he said "friends don't pay here", then that would be completely in character for him.
MattBlack chapter 73 . 8/25
So the man that is afraid of aliens want to use something alien... Wasn't Stark supposed to be one of the best geniuses in the world? More like mad scientist...
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