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Valacor chapter 33 . 6/11
Hey man, I gotta say I really love this story. I've easily read it more than half a dozen times. I do have a question about this chapter though. It indicates that Harry is already acquainted with Darcy and Jane, and I was wondering if I missed something, or if it simply occured "off-screen".
Callum Runchman chapter 128 . 6/11
Little bit of a rushed ending but very fulfilling and enjoyable. Personally I wouldn't have thrown the stones into active stars as there is no way to predict what that power would do. It could inadvertently cause a supernova or black hole or something else that's uncontrollable. It would have made more sense to place the stones around the Galaxy once more but under massive protections and a few wards like the Fidelius etc, or maybe just naming a guardian per stone.
Anyway really great story, can't wait to see what else you might do
T.M.RiddleHawt chapter 28 . 6/2
You know it took forever for me to realise that Tony Stark's issue with being handed things stemmed from being handed the information on his parent's death, and that now he only accepts information or objects from people he trusts rather than complete strangers.
HauntingTheNet chapter 90 . 6/1
This was such a great story.. up until chapter 90 Let's Get Ready To (act like hypocritical idiots). I apologize for that chapter edit, but it was very much called for here. Let's ignore for a moment the casual reverse racism since that is canon.

Beyond that however you have the king and prince making statements about the guilt of the Avengers, how none of them should even have been in the country, and that no one asked them to... Hypocrisy at it's worst if you have any familiarity with the Black Panther canon. People who don't care about financial destruction or the loss of bystander lives have no business saying such things. People who havewithout requestfought in North America, Europe, and Asia have no right complaining about African intrusion.

Having deliberately avoided the movie plot, which you are referring to in this chapter, I am unsure of how much you wrote here is canon vs author bias. But I just can't get past this chapter. It has sat as a partially read story for ages. I don't want to just skip ahead, but I also just can't read this without stopping in disgust.

For 89 chapters I wanted to add this as Favorite Story. Now suddenly with a single chapter I am not even sure if I will ever finish reading it. Should I favorite it for everything prior to that one chapter of ugliness, or delete the bookmark and forever let your story go unread? I honestly can't decide which is why I have left it bookmarked on 90 for months now. Every so often I try again to read the chapter again and stop in mental pain. I really wish you had never written this chapter...
the scorpion commander chapter 1 . 5/31
Nice story!
Bjalf chapter 23 . 5/22
Well written, but I'm getting tired of super-villains. 100 more chapters of this is too much.
Animekitty2 chapter 42 . 5/17
Rwnd chapter 1 . 5/17
Is this a harmony fic?
RunOnSentences chapter 4 . 5/12
Cum cafe!?
ShiiJayy chapter 116 . 5/6
Resurrection Stone?! NOW that’s Brilliant!
ShiiJayy chapter 104 . 5/5
You introduced The Runaways, New Villains and Other Inhuman Problems at Endway of Civil War and Just Before Infinity War.

That’s probably the reason I’m not invested in this part of the chapters. I just skimmed through it
jeindall777 chapter 29 . 5/5
As a Harmony fan... Sucks
ShiiJayy chapter 62 . 5/4
I was wondering where was Rhodey all this time and he appeared!
Liloonee chapter 26 . 5/3
Haha, i love Luna !
kayviolet chapter 8 . 4/26
I’m reading this fic for the... uh... third? time, and [spoilers] did you intend this to be Harmony when you started it? Cos it sure looks like it lol
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