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Madhav chapter 53 . 3/19
I loved this story and i have read it two times and this is my third - but some parts like this almost make me abandon this story -

"Potter! What do you think you're doing giving this woman – and a muggle one at that – a pepper-up potion?" Daphne snapped, advancing on the wizard with her hands on her hips.
"I know this lot, they're going to want to hear Bobbi's story before she'll be allowed to sleep," Harry shrugged. "This way, she'll be awake enough to answer their questions. I do have some experience in that department."
Whatever the undertone of that last statement was obviously made some sense to the Healer.
"Fine," Daphne replied. "But no more handing out potions without my say so; you are not a Healer."
Once again, Harry simply shrugged and Pepper made a mental note to commiserate with the witch later on about dealing with hard-headed men and their idiocy of thinking that they were always right.

I mean why do they have to always underestimate Harry when he knows what he is doing ?
There are some Things that Harry doesn't know but he admits it and asks help doesn't he ?

Otherwise it quite good
Tenjo chapter 19 . 3/18
“It was then that mage took off the kid gloves”... this is the line that’s making me drop the story.

19 chapters in and, though you’ve inserted Harry and the magical world into the MCU, the events are almost exactly the same. His presence has changed nothing aside from some superficial aspects. He was in a prime position to save Gwen’s dad, but you decided to have him hold back until Captain Stacy was attacked. We’re not stupid. It’s clear that that was the only reason for holding back; there was no in-story explanation. You just wanted it to happen so you made Harry do something stupid in order to force it. That’s lazy writing and when stories do that shit, I lose interest.
Tenjo chapter 5 . 3/18
“He was short, roughly Harry’s height.”

Ah, so I assume this is movie-Harry? It’d have to be, since book-Harry is a pretty normal height by sixth year. I know a lot of fanfics like attributing Harry’s short stature to abuse and neglect, but in canon it’s made pretty clear that he’s the same as James... a short, scrawny kid with knobbly knees who eventually grows into a relatively tall, balanced man.
Red chapter 128 . 3/15
I binged this whole story because I just couldn't bring myself to put out down for a minute. I've read many crossovers for HP and the Marvel Universe; On FF, on AO3, you name it. This, though? This has to be my absolute favorite. Thank you for this behemoth of a fic, it is a gift.

(I still can't believe you made me cry over a squirrel. How dare.)
dancingkatz chapter 128 . 3/17
This is a phenomenal piece of writing. Istarted reading it when you were up to chapter 33, lost the link and only just found it again. I've spent the last four days reading it from start to finish and have enjoyed every minute. I'm really looking forward to reading part 2.

Bravissimo for a job well done!
Dr Gero chapter 128 . 3/16
I've made it to the end! That was a great ride, thank you for the time and effort you put into it.
The final battle was a lot of fun and I don't have any real complaints, mostly little wishlist things (like after Thanos uses the stone and before he's grabbed from behind, it would have been nice to see Nebula come in guns blazing to distract him and help facilitate the Avengers since we haven't seen her and the GotG were around). My biggest issue is Thanos not using the stones he had enough but that's also true in IW and Endgame, so no problem there. I can picture the battle going several ways for and against our heroes even with them and I enjoyed out it played out.
I admit I'm pretty surprised the stones weren't used (or the topic even brought up I think) to fix some of the fallout, unless that's waiting for a sequel somehow. Such a big loss would usually mean reaching for the reset button, which the stones offer (granted at a cost, but they had Hulk and the actual gauntlet this time).
Last chapter was definitely one of my favorites and I really loved the idea -while also being sad- of Tony already working on a suit to return home. Also now that we're at the end, I can finally say that I really enjoyed the progression of Harry's abilities. He became more powerful and important with the island but mostly stayed within his known powerset and HP magic was incorporated well into the mix.
I'm impressed by how successful you managed to write for so many characters; the whole ensemble cast works really well more often than not, with my only nitpicks being the way some characters phrased things and a wider focus means it feels there's less development with Harry and the core group later on. That said it's quite an accomplishment and I enjoyed following most of the other characters and see their stories. The name is Heroes Assemble so the wide net is fitting and expected, also satisfying with how everyone worked together.
The HarryDaisy or Skye relationship never really grabbed me personally but they are cute playing off each other and she's a nice character. Part of it is likely that I haven't seen much of AoS (the first season seemed kind of rough from what I saw, granted I haven't checked it out in a while). Without that base of knowledge I would need some more POV from her and maybe more time reading about both of their feelings, at the risk of turning this into a romance haha.
But this was a great adventure story and I enjoyed my time with it. I'll definitely have to check out any sequels or side stories you put out. Take care!
E.L. Girralo chapter 128 . 3/16
Re-read this story. Fell in love with it all over again. And I’m aware that there has been much that has happened over this past year, but is there still a plan to write Heroes Assemble Volume 2?
Dr Gero chapter 124 . 3/15
Dang, for several minutes I was shocked things suddenly kicked off like that (I figured a few places would be safe in fear of hitting the stones). Then I remembered just what universe we're dealing with and the powers available lol. Still, kudos on the move (that sounds weird) and I'm looking forward to the resolution.
Dr Gero chapter 123 . 3/15
Wow, that was a surprising chapter! I didn't expect their little find in space to turn out like this, I like it. Also with the big reveals and nice work not ending on a cliffhanger immediately after, I'm sure it was tempting lol. Finally I don't think I mentioned it yet but I love the inclusion of the Runaways.
guest chapter 128 . 3/11
when is the sequel coming out
Dr Gero chapter 90 . 3/12
This chapter felt odd. It's a little whiplash-y emotionally speaking. It's very serious in the beginning as we're dealing with the beginning of Civil War and civilian deaths, but then we're having a fun paintball team exercise like nothing is going on. Wanda is rightfully a little moody but that's about it.
I'm also not clear if the CTF scene is one sequence or a montage to show time is passing, like the calm before the storm: In one section Marauder is tagged and saved by gravity waves (quake?) and two or so scenes later he's stopped with a group by Harry.
Overall I'm enjoying the story though and congratulations on tying everything together!
christinemarie13 chapter 3 . 3/11
So I could have sworn I’d read this before, I’d have bet money on it, but I haven’t. Maybe I thought I read it based on the description because I know I’ve seen it come up in my searches. While annoying, it’s actually a happy accident because there is a distinct lack of fics for this crossover. I’ve taken to re-reading most to get my fix lol. So now I can continue in happiness that I’ve got myself an unread story to enjoy. Ok, on with my reading.
HarryPotterFangirl85 chapter 43 . 3/11
Well, while I’m enjoying this story, I’m finding myself in need of a break from it. While it’s not the longest story I’ve ever read, it’s pretty long and I’ve gotten to a lull in the story that’s not keeping my attention. I’ve bookmarked it and plan to come back to it, though.
Dr Gero chapter 67 . 3/10
Huh, I'm not super surprised about the pairing but it felt a little abrupt to suddenly have Harry calling her "his girl" and they're now in a relationship. They've had a couple nice scenes together but I haven't really felt a ton of chemistry yet; Luna and Hermione felt more natural and seemed more interested in their scenes imo. But I'm not opposed to it, it may grow on me and is one of many moving parts. :P
Dr Gero chapter 66 . 3/10
yay! I passed the halfway point. Congrats are writing such a long and enjoyable story. And thank you for the work you put into this!
Glad to see the dragons and Daphne's patient are progressing well. The battles with the Six were fun, although I admit I was expecting it to end differently. With how quickly they slipped into wanting to conquer the world a couple chapters back (which isn't unexpected for most of them), I guess I thought one or two of the smarter ones would see their group was not fit to do such a task (ie they may win but would be awful rulers) and use it to their advantage in some way. Like Leader or Osborn not discounting the unknown factor of magic and having a backup plan or get knowingly captured. But I suppose they do all have egos that may prevent that.
With how different the team roster is and all the smaller character plotlines going on, I'm really looking forward to seeing how more familiar events unfold. Finally, I feel I was a little harsh on Teddy and Doreen. And while I may have misgivings with Teddy, this loss may have been what they needed to push them in the right direction and grow as people. RIP Monkey Joe.
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