Reviews for My Trans-Dimensional, Overpowered Protagonist, Harem Comedy is Wrong!
Fanteisiast chapter 23 . 4/2
Update please!
JCarrasco chapter 23 . 3/20
Keep it up I love this story please.
JustARegularGuy chapter 23 . 2/24
Will be waiting for your return anytime, unless your delayed the promise for the continuation lmao instead of this year.
Guest chapter 14 . 2/15
Don't know if you ever read this.
I honestly thought that this is a good story. But I decided to stop reading because your arrogance is too big. Mocking the original source once a while is fine, could be played for laugh. Doing it too much like you do in this story? It makes your arrogance known.
People would probably hate me by pointing out, at this age of internet, something completely original is very hard to make. If you can publish a fantasy book and have it as bestsellers everywhere, then it's fine if you want to trash talk Danmachi. If you can't do that and keep mocking it every other sentence? Probably only someone arrogant like you that think they know it all that will be your reader.
Tone down the arrogance that you think you could do better than Danmachi author, if you really can do it better why write fanfiction and not your own "masterpiece"?
Canaryz chapter 23 . 2/16
This is really a great story.. I hope and wish u continue it...
Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch chapter 17 . 1/31
Just my opinion, but Insane Hachiman's ramblings were confusing to follow, an 'insane' version of a character like that is unsatisfying to read as it comes across as reduced agency for the character, angst over the loss of a student feels like you are retreading your previous plot of Hachiman having lost his first team, and Hachiman giving everything away like that seems like he's giving way too much trust to someone he first thought was a villain.

Hachiman's defeat and The Sword Princess's response time it were funny.
Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch chapter 16 . 1/31
I know this isn't what you were going for, but I'm almost glad Laulos had that happen to her. The fight went from sorta interesting to just cringe inducing. Offering to turn traitor after she teamed up with the Apollo familia? Does she really expect that to work out for her without repercussions? Not to mention what does she expect to happen if she couldn't win after taking out Hachiman, resulting in Bell being forced into another familia. Her complete lack of an end game, her being a traitor, the huge risks she's taking against other people's freedom, and the shonen cliche of fighting against friends 'for their own good' really ruin that fight for me.
Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch chapter 11 . 1/31
Hell has frozen over and the devil is handing out snow cones.
Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch chapter 8 . 1/30
Fantastic character building, loved the chapter.
NobodyOwens5 chapter 17 . 1/23
that... was actually a lot more satisfying than I thought it would be? Like, I though it would be really bad, corny and overall just a cringe fest. but it wasn't as bad as expected and I found myself enjoying this chapter.

nice job~
NobodyOwens5 chapter 16 . 1/23
he cant catch a break can he?
NobodyOwens5 chapter 15 . 1/23
oof, that's quite an impressive way of saying Pearl Harbour was a f-up by the Japanese. very nice history reference.

My earlier fears about introducing a new character from Hachiman's original world seem to have been unfounded. you have worked her in quite nicely and she even seems to be helping him with Lyon, that makes me quite happy.

nicely done
NobodyOwens5 chapter 10 . 1/22
ah dammit. why'd you have to bring in another character from his original universe. that is a very slippery slope my friend.

I really hope you dont make her too important to the plot, or that you bring in any more characters from his home world...

oh well even if you do this fic was good while it lasted
Lovnag chapter 23 . 1/15
Dawww, so cute!

This is a really great work, even if at times characters spend too much time getting philosophical, which I normally wouldn't have a problem with, but it is just too much. Also a pity it seems dead.
Guest chapter 23 . 1/6
Hi, I really enjoyed this though I seriously consider this a probably a dead fic I just want to thank you for the grate read. Though imperfect as any other ff I do consider this in the top 15% of ff, you actually try to develop the characters and give a good story, the reliance on the plot is pretty expected for ff though you do branch at points, the op mc is a bit too much imo but that's just personal tast tbh and genraly you make a few other common tropes but that's to be exspected. Loved the commentary on the plot and if anyone gives you suit on the angst of killing off a character them f them, people suffer and doute, people die... In the mc's place anyone would angst a bit. Well that's my view, hope life finds you well whatever your doing now
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