Reviews for Mirrors Multiplied, Original Flavor
Sotek chapter 19 . 7/15/2004
Really nice. I'd like to see another update on this... although I suppose I'll have to wait for the revision, huh?
PepperLime chapter 10 . 5/7/2004
chapter 10 thus far have i read.
this is one of the best/worst fics i have ever read. if you were doing this seriously then i'd have to ask you what you have been smoking. but this is a work that you have done purely for fun, so instead it comes acrossed as a wonderful rollercoaster of snazziness that is bent on crack.
the only real comment i have is "... ;;"
anyhoo, i shall continue to read this strange yet satisfying nut fest of a story, then i shall move on to your rewritten version.
till next...
antvasima chapter 1 . 5/1/2004
Hmm. I can't say that I much enjoy this kind of self-gratuitious, 'my way or the highway', major egotrip stuff. If one can't keep proper respect and tone of the original work one should write original fiction instead. This is just way to disrespectful. I've liked some of your other stories, but this wasn't quite up my alley, sorry.
And no, I haven't insulted you personally. I'm not sure about the extent to which others have insulted you and if they went overboard they should be ashamed of themselves, but doing this kind of 'repent, if you don't agree with me 'ye shall be cast to the darkest pits and I'm obviously above any guilt in the matter' tirade makes it seem like you draw everyone over one row instead of treating them as individuals, with different views. Heck, I saw a comprehensive post on the mailing list which went into detail to prove that the so-called KOTTF idiocy had been completely inactive for 3-4 years, so calm down a bit. If someone reads your story and doesn't like it, it's not because they want to 'hunt you down', it's because they are new readers who saw an author link to your work. Oh, well...
Shampoo's revenge was really funny in any case so as long as you do non-self-insertion fics you should be ok. I hope you continue that story, though Shampoo herself is also far from a saint herself, so I don't get the idea that she shouldn't be one of the people on the receiving end, or Nabiki for that matter. She's arguably far more genuinely evil than Akane, who at least has some minor redeeming qualities (She generally means well, is self-sacrificing in life-or-death-situations and has such extreme feeling of inadequacy that she's in constant mental pain).
Oh well, there I go rambling on again about me being constantly confused why people generally chose one or two particular characters to dislike instead of ranking them in terms of morals and deeper characteristics. :(
Kurai Seishin 1 chapter 19 . 4/17/2004
I can't tell ya how to improve cause there were no obvious errors.
Maschbot chapter 1 . 3/15/2004
I'm not sure if you still write, although I would hope so, seeing as how I would really like to see an ending to Otaku Three ;). If you do, I want to thank you. You were one of the authors that inspired me to get off my ass and contribute, and I was very sorry to hear about the hurt inflicted upon you by such idiotic people. It has seemed fairly simple to me; if you don't like a story, stop reading it. If you want pure canon, buy the manga. That some people have problems with these relatively simple concepts (relative to using velcro) is frankly a bit unsettling. I remember reading in one of your works, though I can't remember which, an author's note about why you write stories where things go right. Where you mentioned that you strived for happy endings because you'd seen enough darkness in real life to last you. While my pains have not been as great as the ones you described, I do understand, and I was moved deeply by your comments. I hope that the ignorant should not keep you away from your keyboard overlong, as it would be a crime to keep such a soul as yours away out of spite. I eagerly anticipate more of your work, and wish the best for you in life.
Athenais chapter 19 . 1/11/2004
I really hope you are going to update this one. It is one of the greater ones. And hopefully not one of the good ones that a being forever incomplete. please update as soon as possible.
Holy Sasami chapter 19 . 9/7/2003
Well i hope this means that your going to start to write more again. I have read this fanfic more times then i can count and i have yet to find any fic i like more then it other then ones that have also been writen my you. So if you do get around to writeing more then im happy to hear it. And dont get me wrong i know you had a good reason for quiting in the first place so i hold no grudge agenst you. I just realy hope to read more of your superb work. Well hears to hopeing to read more from you soon. :)
dogbertcarroll chapter 19 . 8/16/2003
JRB may have just gone nuts on the idea of

a non-corrupt government because government

is the new religion. They are claiming all

the moral ground they can and designing

the way everyone lives there lives. The state

is becoming a religion and people are

treating it that way. You either have

faith in it or you don't and anyone who

doesn't believe the way you do is obviously

a heathen that you have to educate so they

can see the right path. Sound abought right?

Attacking someones religion is akin to

attacking someones basis for their view on

reality. So they get defensive and then

extremely offensive. Especially if you say

something that makes them want to agree with

you. Logic has always been the foe of

religion. That's why the church/state would

prefer to keep most people ignorant. Do you

really believe that it's that hard to fund

education? The ways schools could improve

at low to no cost are numberless.

OK apparently that set off a long rant

in me too. I have no problem with the

idea of a non-corrupt government but it's

way off in the future from what we have now.

Well that's one way to solve the jumping

back and force between A and B. *grin*

It's now a libertarian US? Cool.

Let me guess Ranco is becoming infested

by the force? *grin*

Ranma captured by Nerv and Ranco abought

to learn why the disease she holds at bay

shouldn't be.

I want an update! More!

It's been half a year. Shirley you have more?

dogbertcarroll chapter 18 . 8/16/2003
Great bit with Kami-sama explaining why evil will lose.

The bit with Nabiki was understandable but a bit

over the top. It reminded me a lot of the speech

given in terminator two abought women creating

life and men basically just there to destroy it.

You did put in that most truth begins in generalities

so it did ameliorate it a bit. I would guess it

would take a lot to get through to Nabiki so overkill

was the name of the game.

"It was Kasumi's quiet conclusion that Ayeka wanted her

brother to get married soon." LOL. Well you have to admit

Kasumi is right, just not in the way she thinks. *grin*

I like the Star Wars crossover. I have to remember that

technique for denying you're a spy. It's funny and


Nice work on the fight between future/past versions of

the Tenchi crew.
dogbertcarroll chapter 17 . 8/16/2003
"as two demon huntresses and one very

anxious to help Nuku Nuku lit into

the dark servitors with fury and

skill unknown in anything not

fighting to have Ranma in her life."

Have I mentioned lately I love your phrasing?

Tatewaki Kuno looked toward the sky and pronounced. "The vengeance of

Heaven is slow but sure..." It must be the end of the world.

Tachi was right abought something!

LOL. Ryoga taking the part of the beast and Grey working

as a barely adequate war god with the worst possible

followers. *grin*


What goes around comes around.

Great bit with Urd. Absent minded-ly fondling

and marrying Ranma while working things out. *hehehe*

I wanted a little more on Ryoga's death tho' Something

very evil and ironic.

So if I put in enough reviews you'll write more chapters?

dogbertcarroll chapter 16 . 8/15/2003
I have no Idea who the lettered girls are.

ABC. *Shrug* What series are they from? It's

a good scene but I feel like I missed the

best part of it.

Hehehe. Masaki Ninja!

LOL. I love the branches from the wishing sword.

I just wish they had kept writing. A couple of

chapters each just isn't enough. That was

some top quality work.

"The Sky, the Earth, and the pager have called! Summoning forth the

high school babe! The Greatest Warrior Maiden! Ranko Saotome, 17 years

of age."

LOL. Where in the hell did you come up with that one from?

She remained still for just a moment, then glomped

onto him with a power and energy to make facehuggers

from the movie Alien seem noncommittal.

LOL. You sure know how to turn a phrase.

Great bit with Akane. It does fit her rather well

in most stories if a bit less but still pretty

accurate for the the cannon as well.

Good Ending.
dogbertcarroll chapter 15 . 8/15/2003
I know who Ranma turned into, but who did Shampoo

turn into? E-mail me!

A wish granting item that allows you two free tries

that automatically reset after a couple of minutes

before you make your permanent wish? What god was

feeling generous that day?

"I thought you said you'd taken Akane's cooking to

*dispose* of it! Not bomb civilians!"

LOL. That was fantastic!

The Mooncave? A weird batmanesque type of Sailor Moon.

Well this is the universe for it.

If this is your therapy then develop some more mental

problems cause I want more chapters! This stuff is great.

A little dark is good for a story. Keeps it from becoming

too one sided.*grin*
dogbertcarroll chapter 14 . 8/15/2003
Are you sure that's just an actress playing Akane

and not someone demoniacally possessed by the real

Akane? *grin*

You got the movie magic idea from Terry Pratchett

didn't you?

Nice exit from the fourth wall!

The bit abought relationships was brilliant.

Serena as a Valley Elf? OK a Valley Girl although

she reminds of a Valley Elf a little more.

LOL great Pool to fall into. Makes you wonder

if the Mirror was really trying to kill him

or just disguising it's intentions. After all

if everyone sees it as cursed they are a lot

less likely to abuse its abilities.

*grin* It's abought time a hero realized that

saving the bad guy just insured more deaths.

Great chapter as always!
dogbertcarroll chapter 13 . 8/15/2003
. That's a truly disturbing idea.

LOL and in a Port-A-Potty no less.

*grin* and of course Kirk knows these

events always drop him in the thick of it.

So he knows they are going to run into the


LOL. Ryoga and his time traveling port-a-potty.

Always there when someone needs to use it and

are inclined to not be too neat.

Hey! You're suppose to break the fourth wall not

build a bloody revolving door in it! *hehehe*

Great finale for the chapter.
dogbertcarroll chapter 12 . 8/15/2003
Great scene with Kasumi waking up.

I've always loved the computer Brain

analogy people use for these things.

I liked Yosho's speech. Well written.

LOL. Genma is disappointed and Kirk is

disobeying every possible law including

some of the nature of the universe to

get Ranma back. I love it.

Great ending.
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