Reviews for Done Without You
Guest chapter 17 . 7/5
Lovely fic
Emily chapter 17 . 7/3
Beautiful! Amazing! Well done!
Mel Crooks chapter 17 . 6/5
ManicAnarchist chapter 17 . 6/5
gargh I loved this so much!
Mel chapter 17 . 4/12
Really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing!
GaeilgeRua chapter 17 . 4/6
Bah! Hermione's family can all go away because she can marry whoever she pleases. And her mom's opinion of her grandson's name doesn't matter either. Adored little Teddy sitting there with Ragnar and trying not to change his hair. Overall a cute story and I liked that you included a new storyline for Remus. Great job.
GaeilgeRua chapter 16 . 4/6
I love your Fenrir here because he so completely different from anyone else's I've read and it's very refreshing. I'm glad to see that Ginny, Harry, and Ron are still so supportive her and her decisions. However, will Remus convince Hermione's parents? It'd be entertaining to watch that's for sure.
GaeilgeRua chapter 15 . 4/6
Finally! lol Glad to see that they didn't just have sex hear, but Fenrir actually relaxed her into it. Sucks that all that pleasure was diminished by the pain, but unfortunately that' the nature of werewolves.
GaeilgeRua chapter 14 . 4/6
I don't think I've ever heard Fenrir referred to as a comfy teddy bear, but in this instance, I think it fits. What he planned for her was very sweet. And yes, you know he had help, but still that he thought to do all that on his own is wonderful.
GaeilgeRua chapter 13 . 4/6
Glad to see that they finally talked and that Hermione actually opened up to him. I think it's so sweet that he built a home for them, library included.
GaeilgeRua chapter 12 . 4/6
Yay! I'm glad to see that Ron has grown up too! And that he's gotten past most of his anger over the situation. Thankfully, Hermione was willing to listen to him and I love Ron with Susan. So cute.
GaeilgeRua chapter 11 . 4/6
Oh dear, all that work. I really do hope this is all a misunderstanding and can be sorted quickly and relatively painlessly.
GaeilgeRua chapter 10 . 4/6
I understand her parents' concerns, I really do, but her mum was rather pushy. I thought Hermione handled her responses very well.
GaeilgeRua chapter 9 . 4/6
Well, I'm glad to see that Kingsley is supportive of werewolves having jobs because that's definitely not always been the case. I really like that Hermione is actually taking the time to listen to everything that Remus has to say to her and isn't just blowing him off.
GaeilgeRua chapter 8 . 4/6
Fenrir's lucky she didn't hex his bollocks off for not giving her warning. But what they did makes sense, even if it was a wee bit invasive. I'm glad to see she's opening up to him, even though she has some liquid courage for help. lol
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