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Guest chapter 35 . 10/3/2018
Jaune Arc as the 15th Link
jaime.evaunit.coronado72 chapter 41 . 10/2/2018
Good chapter. Funny omake. I do not know you will add these, but in the from reaper of yggtrasil, I can see a small omake that in the white sheep Salem somehow visits her son in the new world and the MPs have a huge reaction learning that their leader's mother is here ,with maybe with the rest of his family and followers. The females in love with jaune try to convince Salem that they should be first wife, while some of the others are surprise on how less weak the followers are. For the overlord Raising Hell Version, I see the role of rose being played by either Ruby or Phyrra, and the one playing Velvet being Cinder or Neo. And for the Seven Deadly Sins, go what you feel is best to type.
GXY-2013 chapter 41 . 10/2/2018
Yandere Yang next chapter? Oh boy, that is interesting.
Greer123 chapter 41 . 10/1/2018
Interesting idea having Ruby by Pyro.
freddy.lane.1 chapter 41 . 10/1/2018
hahahaha! Deat by SNU - SNU! WILL NEVER DIE! hhahahaha
StrongGuy159 chapter 41 . 10/1/2018
Awesome chapter continue please.
Stratos263 chapter 41 . 10/1/2018
Holy shit that was disturbing
Guest chapter 40 . 9/28/2018
Do a fallout chapter
Guest chapter 40 . 9/25/2018
I don't think Naruto was treated that bad in the show, but whatever it's your fic,

and as much as I liked this lets be honest here, nearly any fic were Naruto goes in to a new world he's turned in to an over powered Gary Stu, who gets every girl to fall in love with him, by doing absolutely nothing or for very shallow reasons, and good guys like Jaune get treated like crap, because if their not Naruto that must mean their bad people or not worth anyone's time and shouldn't be loved, so anyway if this was reversed Jaune would be treated horribly with no one really caring about him, we might get boring Arkos at best, while Naruto will get all of Team RWBY and some other girls, who will go from strong females to useless Naruto cock hungry whores, oh and we might get a sob story so everyone feels bad for him.

I'm sorry I'm rambling but this is the reason why I don't read Naruto fics anymore, especially crossover ones, because all these Naruto fanboys, who write Naruto as if he was a god and think every woman should worship him and his cock, are completely fucking unbearable.
Guest chapter 40 . 9/25/2018
This was great Blake's bit at the end was wonderful, mixing her two favourite things, Jaune and ninjas.
Guest chapter 40 . 9/22/2018
I don't know if you take requests, and I won't get upset if you don't use these (sorry I also have quite a few), but I would like to see Jaune as,
1. The baby from Ice Age and Sid, Manny, and Diego are all Grimm versions of themselves.
2. The Waterboy or his Semblance is Super Tackling.
3. Sebastion Castellanos from The Evil Within, the place you first go to is literally called Beacon's Mental Hospital, even though it has nothing to do with RWBY.
4. Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 2 or 4, Ethan from Resident Evil 7, Chris from the Not A Hero DLC, or Joe Baker from The End Of Zoe DLC.
5. Henry from Silent Hill Homecoming.
6. Bruce Almighty and he makes a monkey come out of Cardin's ass.
7. Flint Lockwood from Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and Pyrrha as Sam Sparks.
8. One Piece: Either Bartholomew Kuma and he poofs Cardin all the way to the Belladonna household and thinks Ghira is going to eat him, or Buggy The Clown and he takes off his own head and puts it in Weiss' hands tricking her into thinking he is giving her a gift.
9. Either Saitama or Genos from One Punch Man.
10. One of the pilots from Idependence Day/Resurgence.
11. Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, with Pyrrha as either his dead girlfriend, or she is Ellie from the 2nd one.
12. Limbo, Inside, Home Sweet Home, and Little Nightmares (these are indie horror games).
13. Ichigo from Bleach fighting Hollows.
14. Turok, or Doomguy.
15. DJ from Monster House, and Pyrrha as Jenny (don't know who Chowder would be).
16. Cat Noir from Miraculous with Ruby as Ladybug, Jaune would basically be a cross between Blake (cat suit) and Yang (cat puns).
17. Sitcoms/other shows (Last Man Standing, 2 & A Half Men, Anger Management, How I Met Your Mother, Person Of Interest, and Elementary).
18. Pacman from Pacman And The Ghostly Adventures, also, Betrayus and Salem look eerily similar in appearance, and the ghosts respawn almost the same way Grimm do.
19. Movies (Gremlins, Critters, Alien, Predator, Mimic).
20. Master Chief from Halo.
21. Dante from Dante's Inferno.
22. Solid Snake from Metalgear Solid or the one from Snake Eater.
23. Soul from Soul Eater and he is basically Ruby's scythe.
24. Garcia from Shadows Of The Damned (his weapon is literally called the Boner).
25. The dude from Shadow Of The Colossus.
26. Master of weapons and weapon summoning from Ninja Gaiden, Onimusha, Dante's Inferno, Kingdom Hearts (Organization 13's weapons not the keyblades), Devil May Cry, Blazblue, and Naruto (Hidan's Scythe and Kisame's Sharskin), or Jaune uses the weapon summoning and be combat proficient with just scythes. Eclipse from Ninja Gaiden, Death's Scythe from Dante's Inferno, Graceful Dahlia from Kingdom Hearts, Maka's Scythe from Soul Eater, Bloodscythe from Blazeblue, and Three-Bladed Scythe from Naruto.
27. Osmosis Jones.
28. Donkey and Pyrrha as Dragon from Shrek.
29. Lord Beerus/Lord Arcus, Yang as Super Sai-YANG-God. Would also like to see their reactions to him blowing up half a planet with a tap of his finger because he found their food somewhat good, and blowing up a planet because he changed his mind about dinosaur meat. Even the Brother Gods fear him.
30. Martin/Jaune Kratt/Arc from the Wild Kratts with his brother Chris. Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy would be the same. No Grimm (or they along with Salem die a couple of decades before canon, which causes a lot of animals to come out of hiding, and the rest of the world can now be explored) just wild life exploration and animal rescue with creature power suits, along with their usual villains (Gourmand, Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, and Paisley)
31. My Gym Partner's A Monkey, Beacon is a school for animals, Jaune is mistakenly sent there, and Sun becomes his best friend who is an actual monkey.
32. Max Steel, Ironwood as Forge Ferrus, and Tyrian as that one psychotic character (can't remember his name).
33. Aaron Yaeger from Attack On Titan (actual Titans, or Titan Grimm, either way would be cool).
34. Dr Doolittle, and it's Ozpin's butt he sniffs as a child.
35. Lucifer from Supernatural. Jaunifer? Arcifer? That one episode where they need Lucifer's grace to open a portal to Apocalypse World, after Gabriel's grace failed the second time.
guest chapter 40 . 9/22/2018
They're going to be horrified when they learn that Naruto actually isn't a Faunus because they are whisker marks, not actual whiskers, they're gonna be like "WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY ATTACKING HIM THEN"!?
PikaMew1288 chapter 40 . 9/23/2018
I'm wondering if the part where Black Zetsu reveals himself as well as the TRUE HISTORY of the Naruto World will be shown as well as Salem's reaction to it?
rwbyfan0071 chapter 40 . 9/22/2018
Can you pls continue overlord arc
WaterMelon534 chapter 40 . 9/22/2018
I actually can't wait for the next chapter, Pyro Jaune sounds so cool to read about. Keep up the great work!
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