Reviews for The Augurey
Guest chapter 40 . 4/20
I think this is the best Harry Potter fic I have ever read.

I’m in love with the world you’ve built here. The family sense in this fic is everything I’ve always wanted from a HP fic. Molly is the best interpretation I’ve ever seen - Shes so much more than the mother hen but she’s also maternal feelings incarnate, you reached a perfect balance here I’m going to forever morn because I don’t think I’ve seen anyone so it so perfectly before nor will again.

If you ever do plan to come back to this - I realise it’s been a few years for you now - I will be reading greedily.
Mitkon2001 chapter 11 . 4/15
I have to be honest, this is my favorite version of molly I’ve ever read
DocJackson chapter 21 . 4/13
I was so caught off guard with this telling of a story (at least this chapter) through letters, as I'd never seen it used in mainstream literature before, but I find this to have been one of my favorite chapters so far. Very neat way of making what is essentially a filler chapter into something fun and light and exciting. I look forward to the rest of the fic! Thank you!
Fearful Porpentine chapter 40 . 3/19
Great story. Thanks for writing.
Fearful Porpentine chapter 22 . 3/19
Realistic and emotional graduation scene. There are so few of them in fanfiction.
Fearful Porpentine chapter 4 . 3/18
Loving this so far. Great prose, characterization, and pacing. They feel like real human beings.
Chrisstars1 chapter 40 . 3/13
Lovely story
Dances with Willows chapter 40 . 3/7
Well done! This was a good read.
Dances with Willows chapter 35 . 3/7
I laughed so damn hard. Oh god. So funny. Punched him in the face to make sure it was reality. Hahahaha.
stevem1 chapter 40 . 2/12
It’s a good story. Nott had to be nuts. Potioning Ginny? Blackmailing Potter over Voldemort’s daughter? If Potter didn’t kill him some fanatic loyal to Voldemort would.

And it’s a good lesson in that you never pay blackmail or extortion money. It never ends well.
stevem1 chapter 32 . 2/12
They’re making a big deal about Harry paying for a house with his own money and putting it in his name. I think the intent is to show Hermione as independent or something but it makes her sound money grubbing. Put my name on the deed to show we’re committed makes no sense.
stevem1 chapter 30 . 2/12
This is a good story, but Harry isn’t a very good wizard. Impaling himself with a spear?
stevem1 chapter 11 . 2/12
I really like this version of Molly.
Hermione Potter chapter 22 . 2/6
SiriusOrionBitch chapter 40 . 1/17
I adored this, thank you so much for sharing with us all,

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