Reviews for The Ruin of Men and Elves
Nilmandra chapter 7 . 4/6/2003
Great story, Budgielover! The hobbits are wonderfully written as always - I can 'see' them just as you have written them.

Thank you!
Tathar chapter 7 . 4/6/2003
Aw, do you *have* to end the story already? Oh well, now you can concentrate on "Some Nameless Place," I guess. :)

“Nonsense, dear one,” murmured Frodo into Merry’s pointed ear. The Ringbearer’s face was scarcely less nauseated than Pippin’s had been, but he did not falter. “None of this is your fault. I, for one, am grateful that you throw a dagger as well as you do.”

As I've said, I love seeing Frodo as the caretaker - I would imagine that being the oldest cousin he would be very protective of Merry and Pippin...Sam, too.

“Perhaps I can walk atop the plants,” said Legolas doubtfully.

“You would soon resemble a pin-cushion,” rumbled Gimli."

Sounds slightly friendly, doesn't it? So Gimli isn't quite so anti-Elf as he acts sometimes. :)

“And now you won’t,” replied his eldest cousin. “Though I am certain you meant to share, of course.”

Of course he did... ;D

Poor Frodo, with the weight of the world literally resting on his shoulders, and such stubborn cousins who are so devoted to him. I can't imagine how worried he must have been about them, being such an "older brother" to them.

“Not valor, Frodo.” Aragorn wished that the hobbit would share the concerns in that curly head, but he knew better than to press. “This place was destroyed but others were saved, kept free and fair.”

Every time Frodo shares or hints at some of the thoughts that trouble him it's a small relief. I'm glad that even this short discussion with Aragorn helped him, at least a little.

Frodo was digging in his pack for pipe-weed when he leaped back with a cry that shattered the tentative bird twittering. Windmilling his arms, the Ringbearer staggered backwards to fall flat on his back with an inelegant thud.

The astonished Company leapt to their feet and rushed to his aid. Frodo lay still, panting, his eyes round with horror, focused on the tiny, shiny black bodies resting atop his pipe-weed pouch, red hour-glass abdomens shining phosphorescently in the growing light. It took them all a moment to realize that the tiny flattened forms did not move.


“It wasn’t me, Cousin! I haven’t touched your pack! I swear!”

“He didn’t, Frodo!”

Gandalf, clearly annoyed, regarded the choking Ranger. “Did you have to help him, Aragorn?”

“Well,” the Ranger responded. “At least things are back to normal.”

Watching the Ringbearer engage in a soft-voiced but increasingly animated discussion with his cousins, Gandalf groaned, “Hobbits. May the Valar protect us.”

LOL! Poor Frodo, he has more to fear than just orcs and Ringwraiths! Although he definately needed a distraction from worrying. Interesting how he immediately knew which hobbit must have played the trick on him! ;) I always love to see Frodo enjoying some happy moments on the quest - with Merry and Pippin along, it couldn't possibly have been *entirely* gloomy! :D

A nice, lighthearted ending, Budgie, and I hope you'll quickly get back to "Some Nameless Place"!
Camellia Gamgee-Took chapter 7 . 4/6/2003

Loved the way it ended!
shirebound chapter 7 . 4/6/2003
What a great story, Budgie! Isn't it odd to write "The End"?

This was definitely my favorite line in the chapter: "Whoever carried Merry quickly grew accustomed to having a small escort of hobbits, circling about him like tugboats guiding a barge into port."

Ah, everything *is* back to normal now - until the next unexpected incident, that is. Each of your tales is a pure delight. You have an incredible imagination, and a true gift for storytelling.
Kay chapter 7 . 4/6/2003
Well, you managed to slip those horrible little eight-legged creatures in somewhere after all, didn't you? I did some serious weeding yesterday and kept expecting to encounter one,but thankfully I didn't. But I wasn't so lucky this morning! This was great, Budgielover! This chapter had everything one could ask for. I'm gonna miss this story. You'll have to start another one before you finish the others, or we'll go into Budgielover story withdrawal! Thanks!
Jay of Lasgalen chapter 7 . 4/6/2003
Small black spiders? With hour-glass markings? Oh, that's not good, that's not good at all! (And we don't even get them in this country, thank God!)

I like the use of spider web to treat wounds - I wish I knew more about natural remedies to use in my own fics. And I loved Merry's trick on poor Frodo. Shame on Aragorn for aiding and abetting him!

Dana4 chapter 7 . 4/5/2003
Oh, I loved this, I absolutely loved this chapter! Merry's anguish was just so... heart rending... and then the hobbits get led into more danger... and there's justs o much to like about this. I have to go on again about how I *love* the way you write them! It's so real and true to form... it's beautiful. And the ending... gah! That was absolutely marvelous.


But I'll miss this stories updates...

At least I can just read it again. *grins*
Azaelia chapter 6 . 4/5/2003
Sorry I didn't review te last chapter! So in response to that: Ew...: That's gross! But at least I know now what the glass shards were. Great chapter, if a little frightening!

And now on to Chapter 6: Poor Merry! I hope Aragorn can save him: I don't want to watch him die! These are my favorite lines from this chapter:

Aragorn glanced up, a smile in his eyes. “That they are. They bounce back from horrors that would flatten a seasoned warrior. Tough, I would call them.”

“Argumentative,” contributed Gimli, oblivious of the looks exchanged among the other members of the Fellowship.

“Interfering,” growled Gandalf, but with affection.

“Noisy,” added Boromir. “But I agree … a most astonishing people.”

That describes Hobbits perfectly, all wrapped up in a few sentences! Great job, and as usual, I can't wait for more! You do a really good cliffhanger... ;)

Violet chapter 6 . 4/2/2003
The horror and mystery of this story is mesmerizing! To think that a palantir was created from that agonizing death; incredible imagination! And I really liked what Boromir said to Merry about having to fight to prevent more evil; it was a very relevant statement for what's going on in the world today, in my mind. I hope Merry can be helped, and I can't wait for more story! :)
Baylor chapter 6 . 4/2/2003
There were so many elements I loved in this chapter. The description of Merry's shock was great, and so were Boromir's words to him. I could hear this so clearly, in Sean Bean's voice with Tolkien's characterizations. The hobbits all gathering around Merry, several times during the course of the chapter - I love how they comfort and support any one of them who is in pain, physical or mental. Sam having the solution to the mock-palantir; too often in fanfiction, Sam does not get to contribute enough to the Fellowship as a whole, when he is so filled with good hobbit sense. Gimli shielding the hobbits as best he could from the horrors - very nice. Gandalf's little interplay with Merry & Pippin - loverly in its good-humored simplicity. The Fellowship's reparte on hobbits - all so very true!

And then my poor lad Merry. You know I always love to see a little elder cousin Frodo in play, and his cradling and comforting of Merry was wonderful. So was Sam having a little hobbit-to-hobbit talk with Pippin in the background to calm the tween-ager down. I also loved Aragorn keeping Pippin busy, both to keep him out of their hair and to keep him calm.

I am eagerly awaiting more, Ms. Cliff-Hanger.
darksun1 chapter 1 . 4/1/2003
I just loved the "I hate this place," thing with Pippin! Very cute.

Oh no! Poor Merry! I was cringing for him... oh geez.
Kay chapter 6 . 4/1/2003
So sorry, Budgielover. I'm not sure how I've missed reviewing this story, as I've been enjoying it along with your others. I love the little exchange between Pippin and Merry. I could just hear Pippin - "I hate this place!" It amazes me that you can keep up with so many storylines at once, and do it so well!
Camellia Gamgee-Took chapter 6 . 3/30/2003
What an evil and yet excellent way to end this chapter! I'm loving this and I'm so glad that the story is centred around Merry - nobody seems to write about that little guy...

Well done!
amc623 chapter 6 . 3/30/2003
Oh my...the excitement never ends, does it? Poor Merry! I was so happy to see this story updated after so long! Ug...still a little gruesome in the beginning of this chapter. Boromir wiping blood and flesh from his sword? I'm still shivering...

But yes, I can definetly see some "Alien" in there. Very creepy. Please write more soon!

shirebound chapter 6 . 3/30/2003
Merry Merry Merry Merry! Another unexpected complication, Budgie. I just love this: "Aragorn noted that each one was touching Merry in some way" It really is refreshing to give one of the other hobbits the TLC that's usually given to Frodo. Wow, Palantiri Poison. That's a new one.
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