Reviews for The Ruin of Men and Elves
Pansy Chubb chapter 6 . 3/30/2003
Poor Merry, he's having such a hard time. He can still consider himself lucky, it could have been much worse.
TTTurtle chapter 6 . 3/29/2003
Oh do angst so very well...I could feel my heart contracting in sympathy to Merry's suffering!

Now I have two of your stories keeping me in suspense...I guess I can while away the time guessing as to what will happen.

ps. why is the palantir suddenly evil...I thought they were created by Elves and were anything but evil until Sauron got hold of one?
Firnsarnien chapter 6 . 3/29/2003
Oh my! One roadblock after another it seems, doesn't it! Poor Merry! I bet this little incident curbs his curiosity for quite awhile hm? Waiting anxiously (as usual) for your next chappy. :) You must hurry!
Dana4 chapter 6 . 3/29/2003
Oh, poor Merry, he really is going to need counseling! I really do love the way you write the hobbits... such a nice hobbitish feel (which I think is one of the best compliments that can be given, when it comes to them), and here's to Sam's good thinking, and Boromir talking to Merry... why, I just liked that very much. And it's all so true... the hobbits really quite a resilient folk. And I love them for it.

*chews on fingers, worried* Oh, Merry... just what they need to hear.

I love your Merry... I love your Pippin... I love this entire story. Really. It's just... completely fascinating.
Kit5 chapter 6 . 3/29/2003
Allow me to place a much more articulate review, more worthy of my language and grammar skills as the last should have been...

Again, you have painted a picture so clearly and brilliantly that I am part of the picture, and can very nearly smell the smoke of the fire and the pain in Merry's eyes...please add the next chapter soon.

Tathar chapter 6 . 3/29/2003
Well, isn't this an interesting twist : Merry-angst! Not as high on my favorites as Frodo-angst, of course, but I then there's been so much of that lately that I'd really rather have him being the caretaker and comforter for once. He's quite good at it.

"Frodo wrapped his arms around his cousin and rocked him, murmuring, “Hush, my dear, it’s all right. It’s all right. Strider will fix it and you’ll feel better in just a moment…”"

That was really sweet - very Frodo-like, too, though we don't see him in this position often.

Please don't be *too* cruel to poor Merry - he's my second-favorite hobbit and as much as I like to see Frodo taking care of him, I certainly hope that Aragorn can help him!
Lindelea1 chapter 6 . 3/29/2003
O excellent. Did I say that already?

This phrase was exquisite:

the plucking fingers of the cold wind

Please post more soon!
Robin Gurl chapter 6 . 3/29/2003
UPDATE! Please! *begs* Don't let Merry die from it! Meeza loves Merry ya can't kill him..nor Pippin. *grins evily* Torturing him tho is fine! LOL

Update soon plz! Thanks for reviewing my stories! I've read them (the reviews) over and over again.

Robin Gurl
LilyBaggins chapter 6 . 3/29/2003
Oh dear... it doesn't sound very good for Merry. I do love the way the hobbits offer their silent, unwavering support to each other. And dropping the palantir down the well-clever. Gimli was such a help-I enjoy how you include him in stories. Another fine chapter to read, as always . . . (now is dying for a feverish Frodo to go with feverish Merry...) :)
LilyBaggins chapter 5 . 3/29/2003
I never reviewed this chapter-I deserve to be shot. Sigh-often I *think* I review, but found I've forgotten! Anyway, I MUCH enjoyed the darkness and "alienness" of this chapter-I adore sci-fi and practically nothing is too much for me to handle. This was wonderful... I'm in awe of your imagination.
Citrine chapter 6 . 3/29/2003
You know, you're killing me with these cliffhangers. *whimper* Mercy..please..another chapter..pleasepleaseplease...soon..
Lindelea1 chapter 5 . 3/27/2003
Wow. Absolutely astonishing. Riveting narrative. Why am I up until 1 a.m.?
Kit5 chapter 5 . 3/23/2003
All I can say is...whoa.

That was so very intense and shivery and so...


(walks away shaking her head in amazement)
darksun1 chapter 5 . 3/20/2003
WOW! That is absolutly amazing! Very very cool! I can't wait to see what happens!
Robin Gurl chapter 5 . 3/17/2003
Rg:: GREEAAT chappy! _ Not sure when ya added it, I've been at a rainy beach all weekend..o_O; With no internet access to..*faints from internet withdrawl*

Jake:: *looks down* Billy, she did it again?

Billy:: Did what? *sees Rg*..O..hehe..that happens once in awhile, she'll be fine in a moment...

Jake:: *nudges her with his foot* HEY WAKE UP!

Rg:: *from floor*...pleaase update soon...
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