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ChoiEmiri chapter 27 . 6/27

Syaoran and Tomoyo together is not cool. I've felt so uncomfortable reading it. If they became as close like the little Sakura and little Syaoran in Tsubasa then that is disgusting. Honestly I don't like Tomoyo here. She's a brat. This is the first time can't bring myself to appreciate her character. I love Tomoyo in CCS and in other hundreds of fanfics but not here. She completely lost her identity in this one.

To C guest, I totally disagree with you. Do you think all humans have the same mindset? Even twins have different mindsets. Because I have a twin sister and what I hate is what she loves and what I love is what she hates. It is normal that there are people who see things that others don't. It is normal that there are people who feel uncomfortable about something but that the others don't. Oh duh! Like me, I feel so uncomfortable seeing couples making out in public but my twin sis doesn't feel uncomfortable about that at all. That's perfectly normal. Different point of views is a part of the world. Everyone thinks differently. If you think that everyone should have the same mindset then you are so wrong. If everyone has the same mindset then if one student got zero in the exam then the rest will also get zero. Lol. Imagine if humans have the same mindset? How dumb the world could be. You can't blame them or us that we felt so uncomfortable seeing Syaoran acting sweet and touchy towards Tomoyo. He is committed to Sakura so he needs to be careful with his words and actions towards other women even to friends that are girls, especially towards an ex-fiancee like Tomoyo. Duh! Because there are millions of case in the world where girlfriends feel jealous of their man's girl friends and you can't just ignore that. Just like if you saw an I miss you dm in your bf's Instagram then your bf claimed that she's just his friend or beat friend, even after you knew that she's just a friend, that would still feels sucked, right? That would still feels wrong and uncomfortable to see or read. Be realistic. That's icky. How much more if he responded an I miss you too.

What if a boy is very flirty and has a lot of girl friends, saying I miss you here, I love you there and everywhere, what do you think he should to once he finally got a girlfriend? Do you think he should continue to be that way? Of course not! Every "committed" man should watch their words to avoid disrespecting their girlfriends. They can't just blurt I love you and I miss you to any other girls even how close they were to him before he got a girlfriend. Single men can freely act loving and caring towards other women or his girl friends but once he's already committed then that must be stopped and the man should start to be careful with his words if he has respect for his own girlfriend. Therefore, out of consideration for the feelings of their girlfriend, they cannot just act caring and sweet with their girl "best friends". I'm just being realistic here.

And sometimes authors should also put considerations in what their readers feels. They are writing and publishing this for the readers anyway or to satisfy their readers and not for themselves. It's like cooking something that you know that your customers will not like, bad reviews will really come your way. You should cook something that know that your customer will like.
pennYnnep chapter 27 . 6/26
You got me there. I was wondering how Eriol became one of the children of leaders cos he's managing the west. Now I know. Ugh. Surprises! I don't really like them. Haha
Thanks for updating!
meridalass chapter 27 . 6/26
thanks for updateloving the story x
C chapter 27 . 6/25
Honestly, don’t listen to the trolls that claim that the Syaoran and Tomoyo conversations seem romantic. I didn’t get that feeling at all, I read them strictly as platonic and don’t know why there are all these complaints. Seriously they need to grow the fuck up. This is your story and you shouldn’t have to change up a scene because a few snowflakes think that 113. Especially when they write a whole essay in the review dissecting the argument scene and pulling shit out of thin air that was never really there at all. These are the type of people that would rather Syaoran never interact with any other females besides Sakura.

For you ladies who complain, listen up...we have gotten to a point in the story where there are no secrets between SxS, their relationship is now fully based on trust. That is what makes a healthy relationship. Syaoran only cares for Tomoyo as a friend who is stuck in a zone that the military is determined to obliterated. His worries actually goes beyond her and actually lies in the safety of everyone in the West. I don’t know what goes on in your personal lives where a man is automatically cheating or in love with another person if they suddenly care about others, but you should definitely re-evaluate your thoughts.
slayQueen8 chapter 27 . 6/25
Oh my...Syaoran and Tomoyo are so couple goals. So they can fight like a couple too? Syaoran touching her arms and Tomoyo flinched away from his touch like an angry girlfriend. Oh. My. Goodness. Why do they need to have that kind of ugly scene? So ANNOYING! I've seen that kind of scenes in hundreds of Korean drama, Taiwanese drama, that is the type of scene that always happens between a fighting bf/gf, couples, married couple, engaged couple. The boyfriend will touch his mad gf's arm and then his gf will flinch away angrily from his touch. Very, very, very bf/gf fight goals. And my god, Syaoran is so sweet and can't even act like a jerk and cruel towards Tomoyo but when it comes to Sakura he could perfect the most jerk and cruel attitude. What happened to Syaoran now? He's suddenly once again the whipped boy toy of Tomoyo? He did great when he treated Sakura like a shit and now he is acting like a calm whipped dog towards his precious princess friend. So it's like even how much Tomoyo act like a brat towards him and shout at his face, Syaoran would just look like a whipped bf trying his best to understand her but when it comes to Sakura, in just one words of her that he didn't liked, he will always yell back, treat her badly and treat her coldly, say all the shitty words to her. This is so unfair. I don't think I could stomach to see more fluffy couple-like scene between Tomoyo and Syaoran. I think Syaoran would be a better bf and man to Tomoyo than to Sakura. He respects Tomoyo to the utmost but he disrespects Sakura to the utmost. So what that means? I think he can more act like a great man for Tomoyo. You can see a greater chemistry between Tomoyo and Syaoran and the fact that they are just friends but they are already have a couple-like chemistry then how much more if they date. The proof was when they were at the forest, you'll see how Tomoyo can control Syaoran and make him follow her like a whipped bf but Sakura can't and she's the real girlfriend,hello! I thought boyfriends follow their girlfriend and not their girl friend and I thought if there's one girl that could control a man, it should only and always be their girlfriend, right? Only girlfriends has the ability to do that not even a mother can make her son follow her. Only girlfriends. Girlfriends only and not just friend or best friend. Maybe if there's one girl that Syaoran care about the most it is definitely Tomoyo, I've really felt it since the beginning, he's probably just using Sakura for sex. HE RESPECTS TOMOYO MORE THAN SAKURA anyway. Sad that I just discovered and followed and put this on my fav just a month ago but I don't think I could stomach to see more of Syaoran and Tomoyo. The fact that their annoying scenes in the past chapters was still fresh on my mind and I'm still irritated with it and this is another addition to Tomoyo and Syaoran annoying 'friendly' moments. It's too much that I can't handle the irritation. I don't care how close Tomoyo and Syaoran are and I'm not looking forward to see how close they are. It always happens over and over and over again over and over again. I'm sick of it. I'm not gonna go back to this again because the friendship-relationship goals between SXT is too much. It just made me confused and depressed.
Guest chapter 27 . 6/25
Yes, I knew Mrs Hiragizawa was Nathala B. Omerson! Not only because she hid when soldiers came to the West, but her familiarity with Touya and her militance towards his cause seemed like obvious clues.

Things are setting up for an exciting finale, and I cannot wait. I’m really enjoying these new developments and I’m excited (more like dreading) to see what Yukito has up his sleeve, and especially what the South is planning.

I don’t understand the hate towards Syaoran and Tomoyo’s friendship. It’s so obvious it’s a friendship of years, decades even, and it’s natural that they’re so close. Nothing more.

Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next chapters.
bhoney143 chapter 27 . 6/25
It's really not cool when Syaoran acting sweet towards Tomoyo. It's so unnecessary. No need to promote their "sweet friendship". Saying sweet words to her is the last thing I wanna read especially if he's going to say it in a serious way like the way he's saying to his girlfriend or if he ever said it to his girlfriend before. I'm pretty sure he only said it "once" to Sakura before. It's not cool, man. Not cool. I've already cursed that word between them because Tomoyo said that "I've missed you" to Syaoran before. Can Sakura have a "boy friend" too? I want to see Sakura saying miss you miss you to other male too other than Syaoran. It's just so unfair that Syaoran is the only one having a "girl friend". I hope if Sakura saw Yukito she would also say "I've missed you" to him. I said to myself that if I ever see Syaoran became sweet to Tomoyo again sweet words plus touch her, I'm not going to take it. It's the last straw. I'm not going to fangirl with their closeness as friends. Syaoran is a handsome man so it's not cool to see him acting sweet to another girl, let alone a princess.
PriyaMavis chapter 27 . 6/24
I'm glad that Syaoran saw the bruises of Sakura. So satisfied with his reaction! Haha! I just wish he'd seen it all, for more satisfaction. :D maybe if they make love he'll see it? He gotta see all her bruises especially the more terrible one! It's so unfair that us readers had seen it all but Syaoran had not! Huhu! Unfair. Gee, I just hope there's no more hiding shit and secrets between these two. They gotta be more open to each other no matter what.

I still love Touya though. If I was in his situation, I'll also be that mad dog and revengeful. I hope the good-hearted Touya is still kicking inside him. It would be awesome if he'll turn good and join force with the four of them and kill Mizuki's and her right hand minion Meilin's devil ass and throw them straight to hell where they belong!

But I still want Syaoran to revenge for what Touya did to Sakura. Huhu! But of course not to the point that he'd kill him because at the end of the day he was still his beloved girlfriend's brother and he knows how much Sakura loves her only brother. A one on one between them would still be awesome especially when the fight is about the precious Sakura. :]
YreSu chapter 27 . 6/24
What?! WHAT?! Oh my god... WHAT?! xD I didn't see that one coming... but it makes sense. You could say that Eriol is more like Nadeshiko in someway, and Toya is as radical as Nathala, but obviously he's just out of control, he just wants power, he doesn't really care about the people.

Now we need some background, how comes she is in the West? When did she make that promise to Fujitaka? How she reacted to Nadeshiko's death? What does she thinks about Toya? Nobody knows in the West who she really is? So many questions xD AND how Sakura is going to react, of course!

And we have to wait and see what Yukito is going to do. I think he's going to mess things up.

You could publish this on Wattpad, maybe make it more general changing the names, and who knows, there are people that had been published that way! I don't know, I just think that this story has a lot of potencial!
ilovesyaoranforever chapter 27 . 6/24
Omygad! This story is so good! Kudos to the very good chapter! There’s so many things to look forward to and you’re so good to keep the tension and suspense on whats going to happen. I was quite surprises about Nathala’s character I did not expect that. I hope Ruby will be able to give Eriol and Tomoyo her blessing if ever she will die. I’m also really hurt for Yue. I hope you will give them a happy ending where Saku Syao Tomoyo and Eri can liveKeep up the good work! Thank you so much!
Shadow50 chapter 27 . 6/24
omg the tension! I can't wait to see the action , this is like waiting for The Battle of Hogwarts!
gianna.farah chapter 27 . 6/24
Urgh! I really don't like Syaoran and Tomoyo moments. I can't stand it. So uncomfortable to read seeing them exchanging I miss you. Eww Syaoran! Just because your girlfriend isn't there! He never said I miss you to Sakura when they got separated in the previous chapter! He could say I miss you to his so called girl friend but not to his girlfriend!
Lin Lu Lo Li chapter 26 . 6/17
Oh God (I always begin with this phrase). Hurtful chapter. First Eri and Tomy. Those two are too in love like Syao and Saku. But they're so stubborn. After poor Syaoran and his stress postraumatic Syndrom. But the good thing is that Sakur told him that she loves him (after all...) and last... really, this Touya scared the hell out of me. Really killing Sakura?! God this is so exciting, waiying for the next chapter. Thanks!
Lin Lu Lo Li chapter 23 . 6/14
Leaving Syaoran made me feel bad.
what a B#£&h is this Kaho.
That scene between Eriol and Tomoyo was so sweet, so romantic.
So lucky Sakura being saved by Yue. Again, again and again , thank you anf congratulatons for this incredible story.
StellaRose94 chapter 1 . 6/9
I don't see why this piece has so few reviews and followings because this is an excellent fanfic. I enjoy the character development, the setting, and the way that the author uses tropes that I like (such as Syaoran vs. Touya) and add real stakes to it beyond "don't take my Sakura." It is good. Plus I would like to say that the sexual assault scene was essentially to further understanding these characters. I am excited to see how it all ends.
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