Reviews for The Root of Darkness
Lucifer666Morningstar chapter 1 . 10/21
please come back
Sgt.Freeman chapter 1 . 10/19
Here lays a Great story that we all love and adore.. Rest in Peace "The Root of Darkness" You were the greatest Gamer fic that existed on this site.
GunSmoke2 chapter 38 . 10/17
Great story, hoping for more.
Addlcove chapter 38 . 10/14
fun story. looking forward to reading more
Gone Wanderlust chapter 1 . 10/13
I love this story! It’s my favorite gamer!fic of all! Please don’t give up! This story is too good to end now!
Kaidus chapter 38 . 10/11
Please continue this story of yours. It is one of the best stories I ever read.
Sum chapter 38 . 10/7
Are you alive? Because I liked your story and your latest update mentioned some time a year ago and then you fell of the face of the earth.
Mr.Destructo chapter 38 . 10/8
was a good story but i honestly think the author gave up harry would have to go through several more cross overs to level his dimension jump ability just to get back and the story was already almost 250k words it probably would have taken another 250k to get back to konoha then even more to finish that out
Mr.Destructo chapter 1 . 10/6
Help, I'm locked in your closet. your beta is making me do strange things, call 911
RedbeardCoC chapter 38 . 10/5
please update soon!
IMPORTANT chapter 38 . 9/29
The story has a chance of being revived! By this I mean after a whole year Amorphis760 has become active again although not on this site, I was just casually searchin when I found a new account called Amoprhis760 with the same avatar as on this site who has created a jumpchain story so I look forward to someone inevitably asking him about this story.
AlmightyFatty chapter 38 . 9/30
NOOOOOOO, my life is over now that i've caught up on chapters. Sigh what am i to do
AlmightyFatty chapter 33 . 9/30
I have almost caught up and it makes me feel sad :(, i hope you continue writing this wonderful story at some point (if it doesn't actually end and i just don't know it yet lol)
matteugene40 chapter 37 . 9/29
To be honest I was expecting an evil mc or at least a chaotic neutral, but alas this is false. please change title of the story and change the summary as well. Because nothing has shown me that he is related to or going to the darkness part of the title. tbh he's basically servant to others while trying to act like he's still in control, this can be seen in while he was in the Naruto timeline, and this goes even further when he's in the HP's timeline. tbh its disappointing. Dont get me wrong this story is wonderful by the fact that I still haven't dropped it shows my interest in this story. However in the future don't create an expectation only to not go through it. You have a nice day and hopefully you come back to continue this amazing story.
Reishine chapter 38 . 9/28
... another dead fic. R.I.P
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