Reviews for Healing Hermione
tammgrogan chapter 10 . 2/28
Thank you so very much for sharing this truly wonderful story with all of your fans. I honestly think that JK had to be doing some HARD drugs not to see that Harry and Hermione belong together being so much more than just friends. I don't guess that if I beg we could maybe get a small sequel to this story? Please think about it. Until then take care and stay Healthy, Happy and Strong!
q.thews chapter 10 . 2/11
That was nice, very nice... for the first part i thought i had already read it but something wasn't right...but it was that other one that i did read.
I'm just wondering how they could be ministry consultants and never been seen around the ministry itself (without cloacks i mean) ;-)
Thank you for sharing!
Liliput chapter 10 . 2/9
Draco Malfoy? Really? It was so...predictable. And contrived.
Phil chapter 9 . 2/9
Ew. Why is your version of an unspeakable a glorified pimp?

It's like 007-wannbe with a wand.
Guest chapter 6 . 2/9
Hello, I've never really commented on a fic before but...I'm been forcing myself to keep going with this and I've hit on what grates on this:

1) Hermione is Lavender level dumb while Harry is perfect Mr Smart
2) You've got Unspeakables as James Bond. That's...not what they are. They're not undercover spy operatives - they research the mysteries of the universe.
Guest chapter 5 . 2/9
Yo, HARRY is the one about boundaries and Hermione isn't? This is directly opposite to canon. Whoa this is whack- you got Hermione at about the same level of brains as Ron, which is bad considering she's a genius and Harry is OK and Ron is dumb as bricks.
Guest chapter 3 . 2/9 this weird world of yours, Harry is the logical, clever, mature one and Hermione is an impulsive idiot who can't put two thoughts together without his help? And Ron is somehow "right" for abandoning Hermione because it was "too hard for him to listen to Hermione's parents pressure him to do the right thing?" Right, that's not weird at all. Your stories feel like masculine wish fulfilment, to be honest, because it somehow irritates you that Hermione is the clever one.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/9
This reads like you're trying to take Hermione's brains and give them to harry. He's not stupid but he's not on her level, either intellectually or emotionally. He was mostly useless most of the time, so he'd have a lot of catching up to do now. Clearly you have issues with Hermione's brilliance and Harry's less than...anything really. Eyeroll.
Pointer3109 chapter 8 . 1/28
One nundu, one unspeakable.

Kind of catchy, don't ya think?

diamondgalshell chapter 9 . 1/22
She snuck into his mind and watched him have sex? That is such an invasion of trust. I hope he can forgive her for that.
SamMax chapter 10 . 11/17/2021
Loved this story, especially since it had a concrete Harmony ending. You put a lot of thought and Easter Eggs into your work, it’s great
Raeger chapter 10 . 11/8/2021
Solid fic all around, much enjoyed. That said, it felt a bit incomplete just ending the fic by offing all the bad guys, without consideration for the administrative resolution of the story.

Another minor critique would be that the revelation of whodunnit doesn't seem that self-evident in retrospect / doesn't have that 'aha' moment where all the clues suddenly make sense. IIRC the only thing pointing towards Malfoy and Nott was that small scene where Neville points out that if Harry died during the ritual, that duo would work to overturn all the legal reforms. That aside, it also wasn't really explained how Hermione's records were stolen from the hospital, or who did it - Proudfoot's diary pointed to a female healer, but that same scene also exonerated Proudfoot from being one of the perpetrators. Unless you were trying to show that yes it was that associate who took the records, but no it was done by Proudfoot as part of him trying to solve the case himself.
Raeger chapter 1 . 11/7/2021
Very strong first chapter.
Latarra chapter 10 . 9/9/2021
I enjoyed this.
Incantations7 chapter 10 . 9/5/2021
I enjoyed your take on cursing Hermione, and the fact that Harry wouldn’t even blink before saying yes to doing it is perfectly in character for him… And yes, Broomstick Flyer will be missed…

And while I’m mostly American, I do have family and such in Sweden, so I appreciate that someone has already made sure that your Swedish is correct…
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