Reviews for No Biting
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 1/13/2017
I found this one-shot interesting, since it deals with such a rarely seen period in the lives of Harvey and Lloyd. This time, we see Harvey as a toddler instead of the schoolboy we are used to, also a much younger Lloyd.

The plot is very basic, but showcases how the boys act when small children wonderfully. As brothers often do, Harvey and Lloyd have disagreements, Lloyd resenting how Mrs Hunter dismisses the way Harvey pulled his hair. We see Lloyd's hot-headedness come into play early, as he considers damaging Harvey's favourite toy to get some payback. However, despite his resentment and anger towards his brother, he soon proves that he loves him and forgives Harvey almost immediately.

Harvey shows a very mischievous and carefree side of himself, he is much happier as a baby, which is hard to get used to when used to an older, worried, Harvey. He clearly adores his older brother, but as a baby, he doesn't understand that the way he 'plays' by biting and pulling Lloyd's hair actually hurts him. His world view is very simplistic, as he believes that his world has ended when Mrs Hunter takes his favourite toy away. Once he has been soothed and his older brother is being affectionate with him, Harvey ruins things by biting Lloyd again.

Mrs Hunter, without the influence of the Headmaster, is shown to be far more attentive and fair with Lloyd and Harvey. She understands that Harvey is only a baby, so doesn't understand that he has done anything wrong, conveying this to Lloyd, as he is old enough to understand (although this doesn't reduce his anger at Harvey). She also is attentive enough to see what Lloyd is starting to plot, stopping him before he can do anything.