Reviews for little terrors
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 2/18/2017
This was a very cute little fic, and I enjoyed it very much. It always is so fascinating when I come across a story where Lloyd and Harvey are younger than I am used to seeing them. It opens up a whole new way to explore their characters.

It was nice to see the family dynamic in more detail, as not much focus is placed on family relationships in canon, so this was quite a treat. In this story, Harvey is a toddler, and thus is so much happier and more carefree than he is in the series, as he has yet to encounter the Headmaster and the school. He is merely a mischievous little boy, who clearly adores his older brother and loves playing with both him and Mr Hunter.

Lloyd is older, and sadly HAS encountered the school and the Headmaster. It was disheartening to see Mr Hunter dismiss what Lloyd says about the Headmaster, even though it's inevitable. Unfortunately, what happens at school has made him bad tempered, and he snaps at Harvey when his brother tries to play with him.

Mr Hunter has always been carefree and laid back, but unfortunately he struggles to keep things calm when looking after his sons. Both of them cause him trouble in their own way, and he begs his wife not to leave him as babysitter again.

It was cute when Mrs and Mr Hunter were interacting with each other, as they clearly love each other very much. Mr Hunter wants to make sure she has a good night out, by looking after the boys, even though he hasn't done it before. Mrs Hunter is so assured of her husband's desire to make her happy that she confident that he will babysit Harvey and Lloyd again, even though he struggled.