Reviews for SMASH
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 2/21/2017
I was very drawn to this story, as it gives a focus to a character who normally serves in the background, and it was fascinating to get so much more of an insight into who she is. Even though she is also given a focus in a story from your AU Quiz series, this time, things go deeper. It's interesting to see the way the Headmaster has conditioned his Prefects, Sue included. They are hypnotised just as thoroughly as the other pupils, but seem to have much of their free will intact as well, likely so that they would make better leaders. Because of this, Sue is able to reflect upon her loss to such an extent, that she starts not to care so fanatically about school and her duties as a Prefect.

Sue seems very confident in herself as a person, which makes things dangerous for those around her when she goes to school the day after losing her Title. She is able to intimidate almost everyone she comes across, and by the time the Headmaster arrives to start the Prefect meeting she doesn't want to be in, she refuses to respect his authority for once. Furious at everything and everyone around her, Sue completely doesn't care, and does something unheard of, attempting to bunk off school. I must admit to being very amused when she punched the Headmaster in the face. Unfortunately for the Headmaster, he cant control her when she's so angry, and even more so after he enters the room where she's been placed in isolation. For once, he can't control his Prefect, and she promptly renders him speechless with a profanity laced rant that displays how she see her boxing as more important than his school or her duties.