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Tenderroast chapter 39 . 7/29/2021
big oof. (
2manyships2ship chapter 39 . 7/29/2021
Good job as always! cant wait for the next one!
tenimyuohtori chapter 39 . 7/29/2021
God damnit i should have known since he's not alive in canon but stillllllllllllll
Hiruzen is a horrible father, Asuma deserved to be at the funeral or at least been given the chance to be able to choose whether or not he wanted to
Mirai and Asuma will probably bond over their hate of Hiruzen lol
Welp, Asuma is gonna be the next clan head now right?
Sasuke probably thinks Mirai hates him because he has the sharingan and it reminds her of Itachi, while Mirai is thinking that Sasuke is traumatised can't stand the sight of her. Or he IS actaully traumatised and needs therapy
Sircus chapter 39 . 7/29/2021
You know Hiruzen really comes across as his worst in this chapter. I do wonder if any SI would consider that the "real" Konoha "died" after a couple years of the Hiruzens rein.
Viki909 chapter 1 . 7/29/2021
The truth is, the moment I realized that I was small and distinctly baby-like, I started screaming again. And crying. And wailing. And praying to whoever was out there that this was a joke, because what else are you supposed to do? Essentially, my caretakers had barely a week to enjoy my tight rein on my tears before I let all hell break loose.

That's kinda pathetic, not gonna lie.
Drunken Hamster chapter 39 . 7/29/2021
Drama 100, jeez. Is it just me or do people tend to go extra in fics with the Hiruza-Asuma beef?

Petrox chapter 39 . 7/29/2021
And that's how you discover you are a freaking drama queen in Shinobi business and they act more composed with a close one dying. Just... just.. I think this is dragging too much. We can only endure so much of how much she breaks and it feels she is not getting better, just worse.
Jaegerbomb1527 chapter 39 . 7/29/2021
Really good story but probably should have been labeled angst or hurt/comfort instead of adventure. Also like 4 years into writing and she’s still not a genin. I’ve enjoyed every chapter and will definitely keep reading but I’m really hoping the story starts advancing soon
Drunken Hamster chapter 38 . 7/25/2021
Well that was a cliffhanger if I've ever read one. It's... expected to see Sasuke re-unlock his Sharingan, but damn if the manor he got there wasn't horrible for him. Though, I guess that's how it had to be.

This fic has been an epic ride so far. Perhaps a little slow as I expected it to at LEAST be in canon by now, and I almost wished it were in the timeskip or approaching Shippuden. But if it were at Wave or the Chuunin Exams that would've been fine, too.

Honestly, that's my only nitpick. I like the character, I like the intrigue. I like the portrayals and story so far. It's just a tad slow for my taste. and given the slowness, Mirai seems a bit underpowered on the surface. Even though she's already solid Chuunin level and can F with Jounin with Kurama's help.

The good news is that with that, she's very well balanced as far as the setting and its threats go. And there's still room for improvement in the future. All in all, this is a fic I was looking for and wanted to read, and it's delivered a wealth of satisfaction.

You're a good writer, and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Best of luck,
dannyedi chapter 31 . 7/18/2021
At this point I think the si is a Canadian with how many sorry she says
Tenderroast chapter 38 . 7/16/2021
Big Oof there at the end. Great chapter!
Kauris Azurai chapter 38 . 7/15/2021
ouch. that has to hurt the trust factor a lot. Is this going to be her wake-up call?
she needs to remove the junk from her psyche.
It'll take time, and it will hurt- but it's just not safe for her siblings otherwise.
jujubug12 chapter 38 . 7/14/2021
I’m excited to see where Sakura is going with the whole chakra transfer thing!
Petrox chapter 38 . 7/14/2021
Haha. You really like your PTSD uchihas with so much traumas you are throwing. Every time he uses them he will remember her dearest person attacking him. Welp, it's not Naruto without at least 2 deranged Uchihas
Guest chapter 38 . 7/14/2021
I am stealing first comment!

PS nice chapter.
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