Reviews for Harry and the 4th School
dragonkin311 chapter 3 . 11h
I love the Montessori method and really like the idea of using it for a magical education. You might want to add a quick explanation for readers who aren't familiar with this educational method. Your story is very good so far and I look forward to reading more.
ObsessedWithHPFanFic chapter 3 . 13h
Fun chapter and quite informative for Hermione. Nice description of Harry's time so far and Jewel sounds life a good distraction for Harry. Thanks for sharing!
ObsessedWithHPFanFic chapter 2 . 13h
Quite a change for Remus and Sirius but they seem to be taking the task seriously, lol. Thanks for sharing!
ObsessedWithHPFanFic chapter 1 . 13h
Great first chapter if a bit confusing on how the education system works in RED. This puts a horrible dent in Voldemort's plan, lol. Thanks for sharing!
Deathmvp chapter 3 . 1/21
quirkiness chapter I really like how you had it done it was it fun to read chapter.. only thing I can see is her trying to go to him instead of him trying to come back to his old school.
mdauben chapter 3 . 1/21
Interesting look into Harry's time at the new school though his letter to Hermione. I'll be looking forward to your next update.
Outofthisworldgal chapter 3 . 1/21
OMG I love all the names :P. Yes some are obvious others I want to know why
geetac chapter 3 . 1/21
Deathmvp chapter 2 . 1/20
great work on the story so far it's very different than other ones I've seen it looks like there's a lot of potential to go well.
Jennadancer chapter 2 . 1/18
Great story! Very interesting! I am really looking forward to reading more.
mdauben chapter 2 . 1/17
Interesting to see how Sirius and Remus are settling into the Red Cooperative. I'll be looking forward to seeing how Harry is doing.
mdauben chapter 1 . 1/13
Seems like an interesting idea. I'll be looking forward to reading more.
Sage Defender chapter 1 . 1/11
Always delighted to read your writings. Love Ms Wendy, she does leave an impression.
gabrieljuarezl chapter 1 . 1/11
Let see were your taking us
TheDeadGirlRisen chapter 1 . 1/11
Very interesting story hope to see more.