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Mizudoriko chapter 6 . 10/21
Is she channeling some Shikamaru here? (I know in the anime he says 'what a drag' and in the manga 'mendokusai' or in English, 'troublesome')
swordworks chapter 10 . 10/20
A bow would be good for your MC's quirk. You know with the arrow being between her hands.
Guest chapter 13 . 10/18

Maester Ta chapter 13 . 10/16
Thanks for the update! is that, that slimy guy?
Lord Kirkleton chapter 13 . 10/16
This story is magnificent and I couldn't put it down while reading the while thing. Also aww I really like Kirishima, especially before U.A with his cute black hair down... ah well! Tokoyami would do too wink wink nudge nudge! If there's any romance at all ever that is...
starfish chapter 13 . 10/15
omfg this was way too good and like?! thats the end wtf omfg * s*
ty for cheering me up majorly like wow this was super awesome and i really needed the fix this gave me since im dying in tests and hmwk rn. midterm season fml lol

but yeah love kou so much? and their dad ugh i wish he could love them and be happy...and stain and kou being friends and kacchan and her separating from izuku bc they both needsd it and just like...perfection tysm for sharing
Merlin's Knight chapter 13 . 10/15
Kirishima crushing on Kou was the cutest thing ever, especially now that he's kind of shy... I wonder how that will change by the time they enter UA.

The interactions between the twins and Kacchan are always the best, it doesn't matter what they're doing I always find them really sweet.

That cliffhanger was mean... but I think it was especially mean to Kou because that girl is going to have a heart atack if they don't call her again soon.
CallmeCrazylol chapter 13 . 10/15
Nah, I drove my teachers crazy by sleeping in thier class practically every single day. It was my friends who drove me crazy with their antics. Especially this one friend I have who has an obsession with cats. My bro also used some parts of my username and it just stuck.
BTW, did you know that cliffhangers are both dangerous to readers and authors? Some readers die from the wait while others decide to hunt down the author for doing a cliffhanger. (JK)
Not gonna lie when the women who was all 'I'm gonna die you cause my son is stupid now' I thought 'damn women, why are you threatening Hibari Kyouya of all people?' Then I realised my mind substituted Kou for Hibari...
HaPPy2901 chapter 13 . 10/15
Oh god I am so happy this story got updated today I think my soul just got healed from all the stress I have from reality. God knows I need a break and a long chapter from my favorite bnha fanfic is all I need to make my day. I'm glad you didn't think bad of my long rant and I think I will make another rant today xD.

I so totally called it. Kirishima having a crush is GOLD. I so totally shipped it! But i shipped her with kachan too so I dunno. I forgot how kirishima met her in the first place I thinks its because of something heroic kou-chan chasing a bully? I forgot what is the reason she is chasing away those bullies in the first place... is it a cat? Urggh I think I need to reread all those chapters again but god knows how many times I read your story when I desperately need a SI story in BNHA. But really Mina good job I think shes racking up points to made her way in the top 1 of my best girls in BNHA. And kirishima GOOD LUCK! You need all the luck you could get maybe you could get a help from your best buddy the explosion guy to make her yours unless kaachan is into her so double luck to you.

Wow its been so long I totally forgot the details haha. I think I need to see her profile in your tumblr. Seriously I need to know the skills she have because of her past life. From what I glimpse I think shes not really the much intelligent book wise but she is plenty good in street smarts if you understand what I mean hehe. This is because kou mentioned that she never goes to school in the past so that only means she doesnt have any educational support that she should have and only knows the basic unless I'm mistaken and shes really that a smart genius. Its not really bad I'm glad she is like that because that could only mean back in her past life she doesnt have a choice in choosing that kind of life and because thats what she only know in her life, it become the only path to her. Well thats my only guess though I guess it could become my personal headcannon that kou in her past life came from a bad neighborhood and because its the only thing she knows in her life she also choose the path where those bad guys always do selling drugs, hiding dead bodies ech. Unless you overwrite a canon to that after all we still doesnt know anything about her in the past life to make her such a badass person today.

Before I go to tumblr I'm just going to guess what her possible skills could be from her past life I think it would be fun. First her top notched fighting skills its possible that skills came from mob fighting so its just an unknown and personal variation of fighting like instict unlike the martial arts that needs discipline and rules on its own but she could also learn some variation of martial arts from different people because of her connection too so maybe she incorporate some martial arts to her fighting too... maybe it could be like kali? Hmmm oh well I'm just guessing though. Second her mechanics skills I think she only knows how to fix a car and a motor and maybe some appliances but i think the more complicated one is hard for her unless she truly study for it in BNHA life. The third guess I only hope she truly have this skills and I'm so gonna be dissapointed if she doesnt have this at all because this a must have skill of all! SHE MUST AT LEAST KNOW PARKOUR! I'm not taking a NO at this she must have this! My next guess would be her Charisma skills more like seduction. She might be good at those stuff too but its so hard to believe that she could do such a feminine thing in the first place so it could be in the back burner of my mind. And my last guess it could be possible or it could be not hmm I'm just hoping since she know some mechanics in the first place well my last guess is a skill that she could or could not have in the first place a skill like HACKING? like she could hack basic accounts and see through those cctv cameras. Well I doubt she know that particular skill I think shes more on a head strong type rather than hack behind computers I think shes not that really tech savvy she just know how to twinkle those things away. Well its only my guess though I really look forward for those hidden skills to blown away others it would be really funny and awesome!

Man I'm glad the trio wouldnt break up just because the other decide to leave. I wonder if kachan really did noticed kou chan rather yandere side. She totally have that yandere side in her no question asked I think we all readers understand why she is particularly like this it could be quite traumatizing to die not being able to protect a precious person you considered family but of course the others do not know this because they dont know her past life so others might take it the wrong way I hope someday she could open that piece of herself to others (hoping for kirishima to open that shell) I'm glad kou is not shy in telling others what she feel that could be her fault to her friends (thumbs up to you mina).

I totally love that long scissor as a weapon I hope she brings it to UA it would be too funny to see the others reaction like kirishima and mina from horror and shock from the surprisingly psychotic emotion from this antisocial and badass girl they known for 3-4 years? (I KNOW NOTHING OF HOW THE SCHOOL YEARS WORK FROM FOREIGN NATION) and izuku's friend like iida and uraraka from fear of offending their best friend. Todoroki, kachan and mineta for fear of their life. Ahahaha I hope you dont remove mineta just because he is so perverted or you dont like him in your story I always find those stories where mineta always get kicked out and I'm sick with them though I understand their point why they always removed him but I really think thats unfair for him since thats what the writer make him out to be in the first place. Man this is why I love that hero killer he makes the best gifts HAHAHAHAA I really cant wait for the hero killer arc that is the most anticipating arc I look forward to.

'Sigh' I really feel bad for kou though man that sucks she would once again feel the feels she have in her past life that feeling of being useless for not being able to protect her precious person. I wonder how this event would turned out in the first place. Would kaa chan and kou find out izuku would inheret all mights power or would they be in the dark and izuku would received the hellish scolding he would received from keeping it a secret. Man I totally cant wait what kou's perspective in all might if only I have a time quirk to make time go faster but it will be kind of bad thing to me though xD. Ahh I want to know.. I want to know so badly and I have to patiently wait. The life of a fanatic reader is hard this is why I would never become a writer. I'm so curious on izuku and kaa chan's relationship it seems they really are on good terms and not really a bully and victim to me... gosh why am I dissapointed and relief at the same time. I really like kaa chan superiority and inferiority complex that he have its fascinating. And izukus personality of being underdog is quite the used trope of a main character. Now I really want to know this different izuku who learns to fight at an early age because of her sister and his sweet talk of being sarcastic would be interesting. Urrghh I CANT WAIT I CANT WAIT! I HOPE GOD GRACE ME OF ANOTHER CHAPTER!

I should really end this review section its so totally obvious that I'm fangirling too much but I really cant help it though its been so long since I read this and I'm still a fresh guy on the BNHA Fandom I still have many things to read in the archive of our own fandom they have so many addicting stories there and I think I finished all the famous stories to my dissapointment. Thank you for entertaining my review and replying to it even though its so long xD Again THANK YOU FOR UPDATING I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR NEXT CHAPTER!
Uberch01 chapter 13 . 10/15
REQUIRE MORE! How can you claim to love your fans when you keep torturing us so.
Pizzas Cat chapter 13 . 10/15
Yessss! Update! Nope, not entering eternal sleep mode yet, but it started getting quite close. ALSO! I can imagine in the next update: Badass Kou beats up some more people, Izuku tries to stay calm in the face of some random hero person, and Kazuki decides he gotta get taller cause apparently he isn't tall enough yet (or at least taller than Kou).
The Guy Who Makes Unfair Deals chapter 13 . 10/15
wait... on second though maybe she wont like him but HEY SHE WILL DEFINITELY LIKE HIM WHEN HE TAKE IZUKU UNDER HIS EXTREMELY GOOD ARMS !
(also the kazuki x izuku x kou thing is just friendship right ?)
xenocanaan chapter 13 . 10/15
And of COURSE Kou isn't going to be there when things go south. That has to be terrifying for her. Fantastic chapter and I can't wait to read more!
SamMayDay89 chapter 12 . 10/8
omg yes love this so much can't wait for a updatelove Kou and her bad assness
Guest chapter 12 . 9/25
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