Reviews for The Continuing Adventures of Severus Snape, Barista Extraordinaire
Ckorkows chapter 200 . 6/25
Absolutely stunning drabble fic. Just brilliant. I want to keep writing words so you know how much I enjoyed this but, truthfully, there's nothing adequate.
Cecilede chapter 200 . 5/29
A long time ago, around the middle of the story, I tagged it as a favorite, thinking I would have mail updates as for a followed story.
And I just found out the story is complete!
Of course, I read from the beginning again and that was wonderful. Thank you so much.
aelfwynne chapter 200 . 5/22
Marvellous thank you! Now I evidently need to get myself to AO3 pronto to gawp at some drawings
aelfwynne chapter 190 . 5/22
Noooo not Kevin!
aelfwynne chapter 158 . 5/22
Heh owl-terrupted
aelfwynne chapter 143 . 5/22
aelfwynne chapter 137 . 5/22
Gah talk about a dirty great fly in the ointment!
aelfwynne chapter 134 . 5/22
Woop! Another notecard.. classic
aelfwynne chapter 128 . 5/22
You paint such vivid pictures.. Pip so reminds me of a dear friend
aelfwynne chapter 1 . 5/22
*chuckles* bits of real unicorn
aelfwynne chapter 1 . 5/22
Haha a giraffe getting up from a nap...:D
Angela.Rayleon chapter 200 . 4/20
I read this on A03! The DARWINGS! THAT ANIMATION!
Sheyla Snape chapter 200 . 3/23
Oh my God, I totally loved this story. Congratulations on meeting such a long challenge with drabble. I love them, and I recognize the difficulty of writing it, so again, congratulations for the work! I hope to read more of your fanfictions.
Guest chapter 200 . 2/26
I actually enjoyed this story. The small dribbles becoming one big story really worked. Great job and I liked the touches of comedy with surprise twists. Well written and well thought out. Reads quickly yet very entertaining. It is worth the time to read. Thanks for sharing and hope to see more stories about my favorite ship ss/hg. Thanks again.
Guest chapter 116 . 2/24
Aww shit, God same dress!
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