RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 5/14/2017
I found this a very amusing little one-shot. Of course, I'm used to how much Harvey enjoys eating, but this time he takes things to another level. I really am amazed that he has enough money to buy chicken every day, especially something so expensive. I'm guessing he saved up for it when he decided to start going there.

It is very characteristic of the Headmaster to find out what the Hunters are up to, even outside of school. He doesn't want to miss any signs that they have found him out, which he might if he only observed them during school. Unfortunately for Harvey, the Headmaster is following up some reports from his spies and sees the evidence for himself. As he places it so clearly himself, he is only stopping Harvey because he doesn't want a pupil from his school dying from obesity, no matter how much he hates Harvey himself. Perceptive enough to know that even his efforts might not stop Harvey completely, he also makes sure that Mrs Hunter will be informed what Harvey had been doing for the last month.

Poor Harvey soon finds himself going from a perfect afternoon from a terrifying one. Not only does he discover that the Headmaster is following him in his car, the man makes sure to prevent him from partaking in something he enjoys a great deal by threatening him and informing him that his mother will also stop him going to the chicken shop. Harvey is clearly frightened out of his wits when the Headmaster confronts him, being scared anyway when the Headmaster does nothing more but speak with him. This time, he is threatened by the man, and has to be in the same car as him as he drives him home.