Reviews for Jaune Ryu-Long, the Dragon Contractor
ZonZus chapter 67 . 3/19
You ever considered rewriting this story. You’ve grown as an author and I’ll admit that while this story was good, it has a lot of cringe in it. I’d like to see what you’d do if you rewrote this story with how much your skills have grown. You’re far more creative now than you use to be, your writing is pleasant on the eyes, and your character development skills and storytelling have definitely improved.
Guest-01 chapter 67 . 3/16
Do you think we can do a Jaune x Salem story inspired by the fanfic story “Her Knight” written by DardalionWrites over at Archive of our own?
Quinn the archer chapter 67 . 3/18
Good Job
Guest chapter 67 . 3/16
Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes
Guest chapter 67 . 3/16
Damn I had forgotten about this. At least now we have a definite conclusion.
Guest chapter 67 . 3/16
oh wow another op jaune-wank x harem how original and new
Agent of the Divine One chapter 67 . 3/17
It's regrettable that your muse moved on, but I appreciate the announcement. The Hellsing Ultimate reference is a barrel of laughs. :) Thank you for continuing to write. I enjoyed this work and I'll enjoy the others. :)
GeraltRex chapter 67 . 3/17
I am sad to hear that this is the technical end to; Jaune Ryu-Long, the Dragon Contractor. I do understand what it is like to run into writers block that just completely shuts you down even though you know 'what' you want to write about. I also understand the loss of passion for a story, and how hard it is to forcibly rekindle that type of flame. :'{
On the only up side, the Jacques quote is 100% from Hellsing ultimate abridged by Team Fourstar.

Would you be willing to put this story up for adoption, I personally do not believe in myself to pick up the mantle for this story, but I think someone else may. if so, could you add it into this epilogue?
Mecharic chapter 67 . 3/17
That Helsing Abridged reference, I got it. Ha! Thanks for at least providing closure here :)
B.F. Sword chapter 67 . 3/16
Don't worry if you can't continue, mate. It was fun while it lasted. I wish you the best for your other stories.
animecollecter chapter 67 . 3/16
not gonna lie. but i started losing interest about 3 to four chapters ago. don't get me wrong the story was very good and you could have ended at vol 3. end at vol 3 and take different approach in a season 2 story like. the whole dragon slayers group seam a little to much to me.

IDK but at least the story was very good.

i have an interesting idea for you on a different RWBY story concept. if you're interested.
Dark Pheonix Paladin X chapter 67 . 3/16
Aww man, but I guess it can't be help, can't get blood from a stone. I'll miss this story, one of the first RWBY stories that I ever read.
dirtrevor chapter 67 . 3/16
I had wondered what had happened. Sorry you lost inspiration. I try to write at least a hundred words a day, though I may go back and erase what I wrote. I Hope things get better for you.
Dawn of Kitsune chapter 67 . 3/16
Damn shame that's its ended this way but do what you want to do mate, don't be sad it's over, be happy it happened.
lightweaver89 chapter 67 . 3/16
Thank you for all of the work you put into this story. Even unfinished, I've read it multiple times and it's still very enjoyable.
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