Reviews for Sunrise
Bellanessiejessica chapter 120 . 12h
Nahuel was a human blood drinker for over 150 years she can't help more of the vampire side is showing
Bellanessiejessica chapter 119 . 12h
You are killing me lol seriously they deserve happy after all this hell you know I love your writing but come on girlfriend let them be happy it was so nice seeing them happy in this chapter
aditya chapter 88 . 9/12
the chapter was good, you were doing better before this chapter in this i got a intention to not read more but i am looking further what happens next but before i closed my laptop and lost interest as much when jacob was going to be dead after rose's brothers death it completely took a somewhat less interesting. but the chapters before were you could keep on doing
JustcallmeRiley chapter 1 . 9/4
This is so good!
Guest chapter 119 . 9/3
I found this interesting to read. Some parts were good but alot of it was a bit boring.. I don't mean this in a mean way, but there wasn't enough danger or thrill too keep the reader glued to the story..
Mrs. Salvatore to you chapter 119 . 9/1
Good one.
Bellanessiejessica chapter 118 . 8/16
Thank the Lord lol I never thought he'd purpose thank you pixie and I'm surprised Nessie was patient enough to wait 20 years either way I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter now small wedding so not to overshadow felicity and her mates big one
Guest chapter 96 . 8/10
Was good until the lesbian part
Guest chapter 117 . 8/7
Pleasee post the proposalll it’s killing mee
Bellanessiejessica chapter 117 . 8/4
Seriously fun you're killing me here I'm almost expecting renesmee to propose to him he keeps failing so much. I think Alice is working on the dress and rose the ring with renesmee I hope soon as proposal happens from one of them
Bellanessiejessica chapter 116 . 7/23
Could never hate ya hun lol I've waited this long I can wait longer just let us see everyone get married lol and figure out how David won't die would be nice I know he plans to die when his imprint does.. just waiting in the wings for more as always ~~bellanessiejessica~~
Guest chapter 116 . 7/22
I’m obsessed with your story! Can’t wait to read the proposal!
Lolme chapter 115 . 7/10
Can you please please post the proposal?
Bellanessiejessica chapter 115 . 7/9
Finally leah gets told hate jaraed and Kim got killed but can we please get a little happiness like engaged jacob and nessie lol can still screw with them even engaged lol love ya hun good chapter
Guest chapter 114 . 7/3
MAHN THIS IS GOOD BUT you totally should have made a big seen out of Jacobs proposal to Renesmee
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