Reviews for Sunrise
Raestarshines chapter 114 . 22h
This story is so amazing, it’s hands down one of my fav fanfics to date and I love how long it is. Their stories are wrapped up so nicely and characters are true to canon too! Honestly please finish this I’m in LOVE with you story.
Bellanessiejessica chapter 114 . 6/23
Not choppy more like needed more but still love your work
Raestarshines chapter 1 . 6/22
I’ve been reading J/R fanfic and this story is absolutely my favorite. Because you keep it close to canon, close to the characters, and it seems like the story would naturally flow this way for them. Thank you for writing this and thank you for making it so long! The longer the story the better hahah!
Bellanessiejessica chapter 113 . 5/30
Liked the chapter it was good but you could let him propose to her doesn't mean they'll walk down the Isle soon since you love messing with them lol but new vampire no one knows is a nice touch since Carlisle is so old and we thought he knew everyone lol and is angel with her mom in the truck
Guest chapter 112 . 5/28
I really really love this fanfiction! I’m looking forward to finally read Jake’s proposal
123cassie123 chapter 112 . 5/20
Your stories are AMAZING!
I always wait in anticipation for the next chapter to come out
Thank you soooo much for creating an incredible story :)
Rosly chapter 112 . 5/20
Absolutely love reading this story so much I didn't even left a review so I could continue reading it butt please don't stop it's to good what I really hope to see is that Leah imprints so she also will have her happy ending and of course that not one of them dies keep up the good work xoxo Rosly
BlueMoomba chapter 112 . 5/18
I'm really enjoying your story, and I'm sorry for not reviewing earlier! I have followed this story since nearly the start, and I love the way that you have given Twilight such a new life through your fanfic! It stays true and close to Meyers' style and canon! The way you have expanded the story, the sceneries, and the characters is amazing! I'm always eagerly awaiting an update on this, and again, such amazing work!
Bellanessiejessica chapter 112 . 5/16
Don't stop now please some people just read with out comments lol unlike me who has on all 112 lol I'm in it for the long haul
Bellanessiejessica chapter 111 . 5/16
Glad they're getting married just wish Ness wanted it for her and Jacob
Guest chapter 110 . 5/4
Is that all of it?
Bellanessiejessica chapter 110 . 4/25
Really good chapter enjoyed seeing mother and daughter fighting together glad everything went in their favor can't wait for the next one
Bellanessiejessica chapter 109 . 4/17
Finally Greece pans out
Bellanessiejessica chapter 108 . 4/17
Another good chapter wonder if Leah will keep being immortal since her daughter is
Bellanessiejessica chapter 107 . 4/17
Still feel awful for Leah she deserves to be happy poor baby will never know it's father just sad even if it's a good story
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