Reviews for Without the Rain
polka dots are underestimated chapter 1 . 2/1/2017
Ahhh! This is so good!
Such a unique idea. Or at least unique to me.
I was slightly confused about the man that fell out of the window at the beginning. Like, was he committing suicide or did he just fall out of the window because he passed out from dehydration? And when the street sweeper things cleans up the bodies, are families notified or are people just left to wonder if that person died or if they left without saying goodbye? I guess the answers to those questions don't really matter to the main story. I'm just curious & invested in this world you've created. :)

Parts I really like:
*Holtz kissing Erin's knuckles
*Erin sharing her sandwich even when she hungry & was still processing Holtz's unexpected presence in her life
*PATTY (I adore her & hope to see her again in later chapters)
*Erin's honesty with Holtz & asking if her flirting was a joke or if she was for real
*The idea of the mob families taking over in certain ways because the government was busy (I don't like that they're doing that, but I like how you wrote it & it makes sense)
*Your vocabulary (I actually had to look up a word)
*Erin's flashbacks of being in the downpour with her mom. It made me remember my own happy memories.
*The foot rub. I'm totally jealous of Holtz though. I want a foot rub! :D

You know, I started reading this because I know I already like your writing & I do like Holtzbert, but I honestly had no idea what to expect going in. But I really like it so far! I also wasn't expecting (but really appreciated) the talk between Erin & Holtz about how people get payed with more rations basumed on their importance to the "highere ups" & how teachers don't get as much. Like, that is too real and totally relatable to the world we currently live in. I've always been mad that teachers don't get payed much. Certainly not what they deserve. It's hard work! But I'm not gonna get into that rant in a review box. lol

Anyway, thank you for writing this! I look forward to o reading the next chapter.