Reviews for The Rise of Morbius
Guest chapter 24 . 5/28
Wow I just read the whole series of these stories and I love them and I am so excited for the next story!
Guest chapter 24 . 4/29
Wow can't wait for the new story!
BurgundyHope chapter 24 . 3/19
I've read this last chapter twice now, and I'm such a messssssssssssssssss can't even remember anything to say about the rest of the chapter :'(((( Isn't it crazy how attached you can be to fictional characters? Obviously I love Sarah Jane, as a whole, but when I come up with a specific, logical explanation for WHY she affects me so much I'll let you know.

Annnnnd now I'm going to go continue reading "The Long Road Home" by TheDoctorAndSarah because even though it's still somewhat tragic in spots at least SJ is still alive *and cue more tears*

p.s. I hope you know I wouldn't be crying if you hadn't done such a fantastic job writing these characters and this series 3
redstarsarc chapter 24 . 3/13
I read the end note but I'M GOING TO YELL AT YOU ANYWAY. THAT WAS BRILLIANT! The Daleks sure must be desperate to ask the Doctor for help. I love the imagery of Sarah Jane turning to sand, though I feel so sad for the Doctor to lose her. I hope he finds a way to save her.

I can't wait for the sequel and to see which other Doctor joins the team. But don't feel pressured to rush it. After this whopper of a story, you deserve a break.

This was brilliant and amazing and I love how it ended and I'm super excited for what happens next.

Until then XD
Guest chapter 24 . 3/8
Ahhh this was the most best and horrible ending ever! I cant wait for your new story and I am currently trying not to be sad over Sarah Jane. I hope the doctor can bring her back and I'm sad this story has ended it was brilliant!
Dede42 chapter 24 . 3/5
Curse you, Morbius! Update soon! Geronimo!
MKDemigodZ-Warrior chapter 24 . 3/5
Well, that was depressing. Though, curious to see which doctor is going with the 12th doctor in the next book.
Guest chapter 23 . 3/4
Oh no! I hope we don't lose the 12th Doctor in this. Life is hard enough without losing him again.
gabumon7 chapter 23 . 3/4
Ominous ending sentence! Nicely done
redstarsarc chapter 23 . 3/4
Adsfgjgjjgjfdd everything is so intense. Oh no. I can't wait to see what awaits them in the finale. *curls into a tiny ball of anxiety to wait*
redstarsarc chapter 22 . 3/4
Oh man, I love the Corsair so much now. All of those regenerations were great. That whole memory sequence reminds me of Heaven Sent and I loved that episode. The Corsair's situation seems so futile yet she refuses to give up hope but all the same, this story is making me nervous.
Dede42 chapter 23 . 3/4
Code Red! Code Red! Red Alert! Red Alert! Danger, Will Robinson, danger! Mayday! Mayday! Going down! Going down! Update soon! Geronimo!
BurgundyHope chapter 23 . 3/4
I'm getting reallllllly nervous about Sarah Jane's dreams :/ ALSO, the Doctor telling Sarah Jane to take her kids and go with the Corsair sounds like super ominous foreshadowing...I'm scared. lol

I LOL'd at "it wasn't like she had seen anything disgusting or traumatic lately" - that's practically ALL she sees haha

Why is it always the BEST characters who have to knock four times and herald the Doctor's death, whhhyyyyyyyy :'(

Jack's "you really don't see it, do you?" speech - my heart 3

I think you forgot something. You were supposed to say: "...this is the first battle of the Heretic war." *CUE THE MOST OMINOUS MUSIC*

gahhhhhh! one more chapter! I might die of suspense :P lol
BurgundyHope chapter 22 . 3/3
Love love LOVE this chapter! Guess what: it IS possible to become even more obsessed with the Corsair! haha You did a brilliant job coming up with all of her past regenerations! Laughed at the nod to Ohio lol Annnnnd a personal little fan-theory that I'm going to hold onto until I'm proved wrong: the man she marries in the 1950s is a version of Jack not affected by Bad Wolf and all that, and THAT is why she was even looking for Jack Harkness in the first place and why they have such a connection ;)

I'm so glad the Doctor believes her now, because that was really worrying me, before.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

BurgundyHope chapter 21 . 3/3
Your imagination...damn. I'm feeling feelings about the Master - that last line killed me, "Look at that. You did say something nice." *cue tears*
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