Reviews for Setting
HeroOfMen chapter 1 . 2/9/2017
On your own story, Unoriginality, you say that a drabble is specifically 100 words, but in your summary it says a double drabble. Yet you have 209 words.
Meh chapter 1 . 2/3/2017
Fuck off. I've seen stories like this, on the Pokemon fandom and you give them nothing, but fucking nasty reviews. Wirter longer and spend less time, fucking of people. Nobody likes a grammar Nazi, say something worth while, fucking moron, I bet ya, ya going to delete this review. At least the second version of you takes time to write a better page.
Mai-danishgirl chapter 1 . 1/18/2017
Brrr, that last line in chilling.

There is something odd about the first line though, I get the "Shatter shatter shatter" but is the supposed to be two "of of"?
Or is that an indication of a stutter?