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havanatitiana chapter 46 . 11h
Omg great chapter!
I cant wait to see if killua brings it up. I wonder in what kind of situation itll happen though.
Im looking forward to the next chapter!

Good work
Yozora531 chapter 46 . 21h
Yeah! They have returned! Up next we have the confusion that follows with that fast pased confession lol. Great chapter though. I want to see the next. Might get me laughing like this one did
Oof chapter 46 . 12/9
masoliki1 chapter 46 . 12/9
Thank god she got her memory back. can't wait to more of this and hope to see how bisky will do in the mix.
Night Owl chapter 46 . 12/9
I'm so happy she remembers everything! That was so cute and I loved her little rant (especially when she said she wanted to kick Illumi's ass XD) and that confession! Super excited to see how Killua reacts to that!

Great chapter! I look forward to the next one! :)
Ec chapter 46 . 12/9
I reviewed this yesterday 46 minutes after the chapter was posted but I guess it didn’t work so I’m reviewing it again! I really love this chapter and you’re oc Aliara. I love this story sm and I hope this story continues!
Red chapter 46 . 12/8
Yay you updated! I’m early haha. I️ love this story so much, keep up the good work!
The Otaku Lady Priya chapter 46 . 12/9

...sorry, I had too much sugar lately and then your sweet chapter came and I... yeah, get the idea.

And I still love your plot twists... they have me everytime... But the confession... how could you not show Killua's reaction T_T

You... you sadist *sulks in the corner making whining noises*

Anyway! I loved the plot twist and I'm really glad her memories have come back~ No amnesiac there anymore!

Thank you so much for updating so frequently and quite honestly I keep waiting for them and you might have already guessed, I am waiting for the next chappie already!
Keep up the good work ;)
Keep Calm and Be Ninja chapter 46 . 12/8
YES! A NEW CHAPTER! Omg you seriously just made my day! Thanks for responding to my review, also. And thank you for the amazing chapter! I like how you put a stop to the amnesia the way you did. It makes sense (although alternatively she could've just gotten hit over the head hard and remembered that way, as that is sometimes the case) and it's really touching.

Aliara values her new friends more than anything and she most likely felt the happiest when Gon and Killua told her how much they loved hanging out with her and knowing her. It's an unexpected way to jog her memory but lovely all the same. And we got a confession! Man I loved this chapter. A bit short, but I'm just happy to have a confession out of Aliara that'll be explored more in the next chapter, as well as the good old Aliara back.

Please update soon! I'm dying to know what happens between Killua and Ali in the next chapter!
Awesomeness3013 chapter 46 . 12/8
RedBurningDragon chapter 46 . 12/8
Can't wait for biscuit to join o Killua is going to really feel that for awhile
Keep Calm and Be Ninja chapter 45 . 12/8
I LOVE this story! Your OC Aliara is so interesting and unique, with her own defined sets of flaws and strengths. I support your shipping of her and Killua as well as her friendship with Gon.

Not sure about Hisoka dropping her off a roof, since she has the same amount of potential as Gon and Killua. It wouldn't make much sense for him to try and kill her when he wants to spare his enemies that can become powerful opponents later.

Also, I REALLY hope her memories come back because reading her as this scared, dependent girl that has to rely on Killua and Gon so much is a bit irritating. Just my opinion.

The pacing is awesome, flow is nice, characters aside from that questionable moment with Hisoka on the roof aren't out of character, and your OC is, again, amazing!

Please update soon! I'm so addicted to this story!
Audley Moore chapter 45 . 12/5
XD I love how Gon lacks the tact to lead up to the question and it knocks her sideways. Poor girl, I've been there. Definitely my fav part in this chapter.

I've had a thought I've been chewing on since the last update... but when Ali had her nen categorized as a specialist the leaf caught on fire, was that a hint about where she would take her nen abilities?
Night Owl chapter 45 . 12/1

LOTS of fluff, but I'm happy you're trying to include more plot. The little newsflash made me worry XD But I'm glad you say it's just a closure thing.

Well done, as always (maybe one of my fav chapters)! Update soon!
Night Owl chapter 44 . 12/1
Awwww that was so cute and well done. I love how she's still internally struggling and how Killua there for her XD Gon's so adorable too!

Keep it up! :)
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