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Readingallwayz4life chapter 76 . 10h
if you discontinue this story I'm going to cry please update don't do this to me I'm begging you
Keep Calm and Be Ninja chapter 76 . 16h
Yeesh that was intense! I love how you changed things up here due to the addition of Ali. Though I wonder if Youpi still isn’t dead or if that’s a permanent kill you just pulled, meaning it might not be possible to bring back Meruem (and have him spend his tragic last moments with his love!) after Netero goes suicidal bomber.

Interesting twist! Also, is it just me or has Ali been on the brink of death a LOT lately? Anyway, thoroughly enthralled by the chapter! Hope you update soon!
kitsunelover300 chapter 76 . 19h
Holy fuck, that was intense. You’ve outdone yourself with this chapter.

You know, Ali’s last move reminds me a lot of when Gai used all 8 gates against Madara and was literally engulfed in his own chakra “flames”.

How many bones did Ali break, or did that last move do more than break bones?

We’re coming down to the wire and things aren’t over yet.

Can’t wait to see what happens next!
Eliza211 chapter 76 . 21h
nice i like this chapter a lot because it has action and long
KilluaKagura chapter 76 . 21h
She bed'not be dead. Ooooohhhhhh! I can't wait, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait for the next chapter!
Awesomeness3013 chapter 76 . 21h
This kept me on the edge of my seat! Thank you :)
KilluaKagura chapter 75 . 7/10
God is great, God is good, I thank the Lord for my food. Amen.

Oops. Wrong prayer.
Kyuubi Kuroba chapter 8 . 7/10
I just wanted to say that I think you made a mistake in this chapter. When Ali was mentioning who she didn’t want to fight she said #99 and #405. Then later she was up against #405 Leorio. I’m pretty sure you meant to write #403 instead of #405 in the first part. I think that was Gons number if I’m remembering it correctly
supboyyyyy93 chapter 75 . 7/10
ah man, they'er storming the palace next chapter im expecting it to be hell, just utter chaos! update soon.
Oof chapter 75 . 7/9


Anyhow, thank you for another astonishing chapter :)
I'm already sad that the three's adventures are gonna end soon.

Also, what does Killua mean when the expenses were already covered? I feel like he doesn't just mean money... A C K

TimE tO gO PrAY!
A Hopeful Guest chapter 74 . 7/9
Ok, i like the story so far and im a fan of the way you change it up just enough so that it’s different but still close to the canon. However, one of my biggest issues with Killua’s character in the canon was that he never actually tried to really talk to Gon during the Chimera Ant Arc. He just hung back and watched Gon fall into darkness without really trying to stop him. Now that Aliara has been added to the dynamic, i hope you’ll allow her and Gon to have a talk before they invade the palace. Killua hanging back fits his character, but i feel like Aliara is the type to intervene and try to help Gon.
xenocanaan chapter 75 . 7/10
Wonderful chapter! I can’t wait to read the next one!
Siera-Knightwalker chapter 75 . 7/10
Yeah. I can imagine how hard the next chapter would be. I really dislike the Chimera Ant arc but it also shows a side of Gon we only just start to see when Killua is taken back to his mansion. Gon lashes out to Killua in a way I hate but he's not wrong. Killua didn't love Kite in the way Gon did. But Gon took it to the point of irrationality.
It was that moment that made me think Gon as a Zoldyck would be a terrifying thing to witness. Uncaring of anyone other than the people he loves.
Killua is super kind and becomes a really empathic person after shaking off Illumi's influence.

Anyway, I underatand what people mean when they say the character cant be stronger or even the same level as them. They're insanely amazing. But the fact is, no one seems to want to put them in the same level or higher. Its like a fandom wide conseus. Kinda annoying though. I really want a scene where they save Killua or Gon you know? Like actually save them.

No matter what raw power they have, Killua is considered to be stronger than Gon, right? If their learning rate is same, Killua was taught to fight much younger than Gon. Without sacrificing his life, Killua is stronger.

...I totally forgot what I was gonna say! Ugggh. Whatever. Did you enjoy your birthday? Belated happy birthday. My sister's birthday in in two days but she's in a different state! I cant even wish her...
Excuse me while I go and sulk.
Eliza211 chapter 75 . 7/9
cute tako
KilluaKagura chapter 74 . 7/6
Happy belated birthday!
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