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mangouschase chapter 26 . 5h
well that was an industrial fan and the whole anti crop field fire sized sprinkler system for all the shit that has been thrown.
Mernom chapter 28 . 7h
The two party system is not some fixed thing. It's a consequence of how votes are counted in the US. As it stands, unless you can instantly become an actual contender for the seat of president immediatly, trying to start a new party ends up splitting the voter base of the second best party for your voters interests, which increases the advantage of the opposition.

A vote inheeitance system that transfers votes from the candidate that dropped out of the race to the voter's second, third, and so on, choice, would make it viable for more people to run for president without screwing their own voter's interests.
ThunderBasilisk chapter 28 . 11h
I kinda wanna see an omake series about the memories Issei has suppressed at least the funny ones anyway. And kek seeing Asia in Ninja apparel might just shock him back to sanity.
L0stMarblez chapter 28 . 13h
This update was a joyful surprise since I was expecting you to still be on FFD. Don't get me wrong, I read and love all your stories but GAIWP is currently my favorite.

Though if I were in Jasmine and Vali's shoes not only would I not give a fuck about anything other than getting to Issei, I'd be tempted to point Ophis at the Faction leaders and tell her to have fun. Rias is my favorite person right now with how she's handling things. Everyone else except Raynare and Asia should fuck off. Raynare gets a pass purely for the hilarity and irony that she's actually making Asia a ninja puppy.
fangs of death chapter 28 . 16h
great chapter
MickDunD chapter 28 . 17h
Perfect update.
Akashi1412 chapter 1 . 17h
No offense to you but there are so much gap of time between chapters that it's kinda hard to remember about anything
SpartanKing J chapter 28 . 19h
Thanks for the chapter

Glad to se Ethan Akeno got the reality cheek she needed especially from a mother. Issei’s second attribute, which I’m assuming is “paternity” considering tiamat’s legend calls her the mother of monsters.

I also see you’re trying to give background on Carnelian and perhaps her sacred gear creating a form of bi polarism, doesn’t excuse her actions tho. I’m kind of tired higher ups allowing all this bullsh*t to happen while still tying to mooch off issei’s kindness and simultaneously making things worse and letting others clean it up while keeping them, in the dark.

And yet the only consequences they face so far are headaches from political fallout.

Solace1nS1lence chapter 28 . 6/16
Hold on... Is perhaps one of Carnelian's aspects of her gear stuck in Issei's head and fucking his head even more than it would normally be?

Along with that, Akeno could wind up becoming as much of a help as a hindrance if those cards are revealed... Seeing that Pa- is his 2nd one, I can definitely imagine paternal mixed with the obsession of Needing a flock of beautiful women surrounding him, for him to love and support and be supported by.

Being so mentally fucked up by even the mention of a Harem that was so brutally torn away when it was one of the only pillars he had, I wouldn't be surprised that Presence leaks out if he so much as thinks of one.

Issei probably winds up more mentally fucked up by the end of this story but I'm still hooked on every update.
death390 chapter 28 . 6/15
Wonderful as always ttf
Still calling the 2nd aspect as patriarch
keyblade master cole chapter 28 . 6/15
Awesome cant for the next chapter.
NatsuUzumaki161 chapter 28 . 6/15
I hate that we still dont know his second affinity, im absolutely way too intrigued, i spent like 30 minutes trying to google words that start with pa and all i can come up with is paternal
mundanebeast chapter 28 . 6/15
Good setup on the backstory. That said agreed on the thoughts on voters also 2 words...TERM LIMITS.
Xerzo LotCN chapter 28 . 6/15
Least she finally mostly knows
Is it irina and xenovia? Lol

Oh no i thought it was just truama but that thing haunting issei was deliberately put there by her in the end
But why did she do it

Glad the akeno ordeal is explained
Just need to get koneko sorted so she can help as well

Ah hahaha perfect humor
that sexy ninja outfit better have dog ears and a tail (plug?)
I thought the mention before wou asia in his room was asia doing it subconsciously herself to break in (or other unsealing his room for her) and then being entirely fine with his perverse things to be better suited to be with him
No she just too innocent to know what it is and raynare is training her and she is devoted to issei as well
marcusns.mills chapter 28 . 6/15
"If it helps any, I have no intention of producing any people like you. I don't think my peace of mind would be able to handle it." Carnelian offered.

This aged well.
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