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dkainallen chapter 26 . 9/28
disappointing as fu. ck issei is such a push over
Scrumblenut chapter 27 . 9/27
DA LOG! I WANT A PENSION TOO, TIME TO GO JOIN THE TERRORISTS! It’s good the see the world turning and things still happening in the background. I’d love to learn more about Issei’s dad and the circumstances around everything resulting in his current, uh… ‘occupation’, so to speak.
Also, as a random side note, I had a weird thought/question go through my head; What would Issei nickname the card bearers for the Angel’s reincarnation system? Would all the Jack’s be called Jack no matter the gender, and something added to distinguish between each set? e.g. Caveman Jack for Clubs, Lovestruck Jack for Hearts, Graveyard Jack for Spades and Rich Jack for Diamonds. Or would he find different names more suited for each person? Not necessarily something you have to answer, just putting it out there. Anyway, take care and stay safe.
VamPyr00 chapter 1 . 9/27
I'm sorry but that prologue is just freaking annoying and disappointing.

You introduced a fairly likable and interesting character that I (read: everyone) would assume is going to be the MC and then make Canon Issei the MC instead.

Why would you go through the trouble of introducing Ghost at all if he is basically just gonna be a comedic relief for Canon Issei? If you just wanted to give Issei another OP Sacred Gear, there was no need to introduce an entirely new character.

Also, it makes no sense that someone that powerful, who can easily traverse realities in the infinite multiverse, can't even remove himself from a Sacred Gear. Especially when he put himself there to begin with. That is just dumb.

I was hoping Ghost would at least take over Issei's body or something but your Author's Note confirms that Ghost won't be doing anything important at all. In other words, it was pointless to even introduce him in the first place.

The DxD series already has enough sexual humor without 'Ghost' being there, so basically his only real use was to give Issei a second OP Sacred Gear. Extremely disappointing.
RAZE643 chapter 26 . 9/26
Ryon Reyne chapter 19 . 9/21
Ok so first thoughts on Chapter 19. Yup a Triple Down as expected. Though I’m not going to get much better of a laugh in this story than the Queen of Hypocrites “oh woe is me look what I sacrificed” Jasmine (who has all of the information) calling Sona (who fervently and specifically does NOT at no fault of her own) a Hypocrite. What Jasmine did was take a Kid, whose Trauma was based on Trust, last bit of Trust to convince him “it’s ok for me to Fuck other people right? I have REASONS”. She took a person she loves and used his weakness and lowest moment to get him to agree to something that he wouldn’t agree to otherwise. That’s not “you’re Children you wouldn’t Understand”. It’s just not. Luckily that speech was enough for me to be able to finish this story by being able to mentally move it from the Serious Trauma and Recovery Category to the Woke Crack attempting to be a Black Comedy Category. It’s all about the Right perspective…
Ryon Reyne chapter 18 . 9/21
While I recently have found your story and have been binging your mistake with the Porn Star Choice and then your Doubling Down on said mistake has really diminished your Main Character and thus your Story in my Opinion. Dragons Hoard. They don’t Share. Especially with your insistence of Younger Issei being a very vibrant example of this. Not only that but you insinuated with the morphing of Jasmine’s Sacred Gear that she thought of herself as “with Issei” or “in the Harem”. Then you backtrack and have her sleep with others and then say Issei would be “cool with it”. Really? That’s not a Harem like that violates the very definition. It’s not you are in the Harem but oh you can have sex with whoever you want. I’m doing this review right after finishing the Chapter so I really hope her sleeping with others leads to a scene where she realizes that she hurt him with her choice especially after most seemed to abandon him. However I don’t have my hopes up after your Double Down in the A/N in this Chapter. I’ll keep reading but if there are further Double Down by either the Character in the story or yourself in the A/N’s instead of backtracking this Mistake then I’ll probably DNF this. Just my two cents though I know you won’t care…
meenthetho chapter 27 . 9/21
I can't count how many times I've read this fic. I love it. Every time an update happens I reread it so I don't mis remember anything. Im looking forward to the reactions to Tiamat a long with Rais next chapter. It was interesting to see the fallout always is
Wicked.A chapter 27 . 9/20
Very nice chapter though missed opportunity to have POV's of random people, not related to the events in question, reacting to things as a form of world building, I mean we got the general gist of what's happening but not the feelings and intentions behind it, something which you're usually better at.

Thank you once more for a wonderful chapter
reaper11 chapter 27 . 9/19
This is such an amazing story that is a mix of absolute hilarity and getting hit in the feels. Keep up the amazing story.
Super Weeaboo chapter 27 . 9/19
I thought the company carnelian bael aka white took was called Ars Nova not Ig Alima? Either way, great new chapter!
codywhite162 chapter 27 . 9/19
I am really happy that this story got updated once again as I truly enjoy reading it. Definitely cannot wait to find out what more you have in store and what happens next.
PasiveNox chapter 27 . 9/19
great chapter nice
Xerzo LotCN chapter 27 . 9/18
Wow they still can't just tell the truth and are trying to cover it up
Why are they so useless
They seriously need to do a damn purge of the vileness
That caused this

Thankfully rias actually saw how useless they are and is doing something that's great
Sad the other girls are being useless maybe later
Nice that Kuroka is there and koneko knows the truth

To bad jaz and vali are being useless with the evil brigade
When it's half the brigade that sperate and in power that is the issue with the part rebelling
Not the useless leaders

So yeah bish is evil she purposely had something tormenting Issei her own gear to make sure she could do her own bs freely
And his donor is evil not a double agent seemingly
Though im glad she took it back instead of what it seemed she was trying to take his power or knowledge
Unless that does both

Also as much as I want tiamat with him
it seems she also a weapon against him which is saddening
MickDunD chapter 26 . 9/18
The fact you referenced Invader Zim alone makes this amazing. Bravo sir.
thevolunteerman chapter 27 . 9/18
I’m glad Issei is letting Rias in. Playing coy about the reason that Issei’s dad is collaborating with his rapist, along with the many other unsolved mysteries rampant in this story is just getting tiresome. Following it in the AN with the idea that the next couple of chapters will be without much change in Issei’s mental state and then saying you’re throwing it on the back burner? You’re losing me. We’re half a mil words in and back to square -1. Not much is answered, what is answered led to MORE secrets that characters are constantly talking around, and Issei is worse off now than he was at the beginning. I’ve been enjoying and following this story for years. I hope this updates sooner than you estimate.
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