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Luxurious Mini Danga chapter 19 . 1h
Not my cup of tea, its pretty well written as I can see the thought and consideration put into each chapter. I just don't like the protagonist, perphaps I'm too much of a prude lmao.
Black chapter 1 . 2h
Insane theory: Jasmine and "White" are one in the same, or working together on some level. "White" just happens to look like the body they created to test medicine on which is outright called a "Mary Sue", Jasmine seems territorial over Issei the moment she notices Rias blushing and looking at him, she conveniently went off on her nonsensical sex worker crusade during the midst of Issei's breakdown despite needing her more than ever, her Sacred Gear is specifically something capable of controlling dragons, she's constantly subjected to CharacterShilling despite being nothing but a bitch in the main story, she only appears in the present after Issei's Presence flares up and "White" detects it, and Issei's first haremette just HAPPENS to be someone like her that's absolutely perfect for him, but is also an OC?

I'm calling it now: "White" is nothing more than a puppet, an artificial being that Jasmine is secretly controlling, and this entire situation has been one long con to keep Issei solely for herself. The real reason the Evil Pieces didn't work on Issei is because they weren't actually real, and it was just an attempt to drive Issei to a breakdown so that he'd have no choice but to rely on him. It's why Ghost himself never called her "White" when referring to her back in Take Two Round Two: WHITE ISN'T THE REAL CULPRET.
Pyromania101 chapter 2 . 4h
A nice chapter overall (Chapter 2 opinion).

As for what's been going on lately, you are no doubt aware that your attempt to "justify" Jasmine's behavior has backfired wildly and only served to make her look worse. My advice (and trust me, you NEED it): have someone call her out on her bullshit next chapter, humiliate her properly, and then move on, with Jasmine being forced to apologize and actually give them the info they are entitled to. It could be Asami, as she's smart enough to see how wrong Jasmine is, and would be able to punish her for her wrongdoing and get away with it. If someone else does it, the latest chapter shows you're not above using Author Tract, so why not do it again as a way of acknowledging your poor handling of what should be a great character.

Looking back, in all honesty, Jasmine would've made for a better villain than White. Their respective personalities could've made it work: White started as a yandere but learned to share and became the top wife; while Jasmine started out as a tsundere who eventually becomes a yandere, leading to tragedy. And her Sacred Gear would make her a formidable threat, as it would limit Issei's will to fight. She could use her skills in the porn industry to tempt him, which could also be a good weapon.

Frankly, with just how petty, thuggish, shallow, self-righteous, and hypocritical she is, I can't understand why ANYONE would love her. I'm actually starting to wonder if her Sacred Gear kind of hypnotized Issei into being attracted to her, which would explain why he looked the other way with all her bad behavior, including the cuckolding (again, others have explained why it is what it is). If she'd planned to be a porn star before she met Issei and he was okay with that, her promiscuity would be acceptable; but you screwed that up, too.

As it is, I'm actually kind of afraid that she's going to outright KILL a member of the Student Council or the ORC for the pettiest of reasons, or sheer spite, and you'll just try to sweep it under the rug with another obnoxious Author Tract-and fail miserably. And before you say she's not like it, I have ten words to say inn response: PROVE IT, because that's the kind of impression you left.


You're a good writer, and I want to keep reading this, but everyone makes mistakes, so just admit to yours, fix it, and move on. Don't pile one mistake onto another while pretending that it isn't a mistake. That can easily ruin the best of stories on this site.

Best of luck. Have a nice day.
doubledamn chapter 19 . 6h
It's not about a harem for harem's sake or 'For the Boobies!' or whatever the canon had is it? This Issei is a legitimate Polyamorous person that's shut himself off from nearly everyone.
Guest chapter 19 . 9h
What you and others refer to the 'maturity' to 'trust' his significant other deciding to have sex with other parties to the point of making a career out of it, for some asinine revenge scheme no less. Is what most others refer to as someone being too passive and naive to realize he's being taken advantage of and is not in a good relationship
Guest chapter 19 . 9h
Hiding behind a thin excuse of the other side being 'childish' when discussing controversial topics does not beget maturity, it shows arrogance, foolishness and immature in its own right.

Much like Jasmine's argument about this convenient 'maturity'. She is projecting her own minority viewpoint and lambasting the majority for not sharing it, saying that 'you don't see things my way so you're a child' all the while lashing out and physically harming those around her in a thuggish manner that can only be called a toddler's tantrum cause 'the mean glasses girl hurt my feelings.' with the excuse of past traumas that no one in the vicinity had any hand in.

I'm going to be honest, beyond being a decent big sister character and the calming effect of her gear, Jasmine has shown little to no redeeming qualities.

Not even going into the cuckoldry(And that is what it is, regardless of how much anyone rees otherwise) She is arrogant, spiteful, thuggish, cruel, self righteous and condescending. I have yet to see any good qualities offsetting her negatives beyond her care for Issei, which does not include not having sex with other men while in a relationship with him where that wasn't already and arragnement
Scoolio chapter 19 . 13h
I swear. People are often children when it comes to the base desire of humanity. (Haughty virgin laughter)
Slayer222 chapter 19 . 17h
Look, colour it however you want but making Jasmine a porn star and then adding some bullshit about what she does with her body not mattering as long as her heart belongs to Issei does not change the fact it’s NTR. Just admit it is man. Issei got cucked. Just admit it.

The least she could do is fuck him herself while she's here and not have Reynare do it FOR her. Bitch can't even do THAT.
Guest chapter 19 . 21h
Oh wait no it was Akudi that ws bringing up the 'pornstars deserve love' argument. dantethegodslayer2000, Sorry for bringing you up.

Akudi, the below is directed at you
Guest chapter 19 . 21h
And before you respond with some 'gender double standard' nonsense and shit like that because of harem.

The situation mirrors it. Issei went into it fully wanting and expecting to be with multiple girls. He has stated boldly, several times, that he wanted a harem, his method of introducing himself to girls he was interested in at the time was 'Will you join my harem?'

Same way you don't expect a pornstar to change for you when you get with them, don't expect the 'harem king' to change for you when you get with them.

On the other hand, if he enters a relationship with a girl, and then decides he wants to suddenly start bringing more girls in, then he's a fucking asshole, and deserves to be slapped and left.
Guest chapter 19 . 21h
The guy below me, dantethegodslayer2000, no one's saying pornstars deserve no love. However, there is a difference between getting with a pornstar, and the person you are with becoming a pornstar. In one case, she was already doing it, you came into the relationship with a pornstar, suddenly expecting her to not be a pornstar anymore is unreasonable.

Its an entirely different matter when you get in a relationship with a girl, and while with you, she decides "I wanna do porn" with some bullshit excuse about the body not mattering. Especially when, by her own admission, Issei could have set things up so she'd never have to work. Look, you can gussy it up all however you want. Its cucking.

At the most, you could call it swinging, since the 'body is not sacred so long as my heart is his' yada yada thing is pretty much the exact reasoning swingers use. So if you want you can call it swinging, and even then, people don't exactly advertise they're swingers other than to trusted parties and such. Jasmine just outright went to do porn out of some revenge scheme while in a relationship, while her shown to be possessive boyfriend is fine with it because 'trust'

No. People and relationships do not work that way.
dantethegodslayer2000 chapter 19 . 22h
well the comment section is filled with that kind of bs mindset again just like in ffd with luvia double standard stuff or ffd shirou being a mary sue or ttrt when ghost decided to go full apocalyptic on iwa. you know, TF, the good time.
majik7 chapter 19 . 3/4
Second to last sentence in the a/n is interesting
fanficreader71 chapter 19 . 3/4
Great chapter, I enjoyed reading it
slydino chapter 19 . 3/3
Wonderful chapter. Great job and keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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