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Chibi chapter 47 . 5/24
I'm not crying.. I'm not crying.. ok... I'm crying aaaaaaaaahhh.
this fic really made me have so many feelings. I couldn't stop reading.
I will be waiting patiently for the next chapter!
dappledsunbeams chapter 47 . 4/18
I'm not crying, you're crying! Beautiful and perfect scene, but please don't leave it like this... Hope you have more for us soon :)
MWEH chapter 47 . 11/19/2019
How can you do this too me, have both of them leave her?! T-T when all of them finally understood each other?! Ugh TT-TT

I'm glad you're alive though! Have been missing you xx
Tbh I'm exactly the same, I can't finish anything I try to write : But I am glad I help to keep you motivated*-*

Since this is SB! we're talking about I seriously doubt there'll be a confession. I'd rather keep my expectations low and be pleasantly surprised x) but something seems to be up at least... Lucky it'so close to the next chapter!

I had to re-check my review to see who I had guessed at xD I was basically just throwing out names lol
I can't believe we're at the end :0 a bit sad though even if I am looking forward to the conclusion:) thanks for these great conversations about canon - and of course for the ride, it's been wild! xxx
H-Nala chapter 47 . 11/19/2019
squeak squeak! yay Ren POV.
Lillyannp chapter 47 . 11/4/2019
It's been a while since I last read any fanfiction whatsoever, but I am extremely glad that I came back to read this. The tension was palpable all theoughout the last few chapters and had me at the edge of my seat. Keep up the amazing work.
Guest chapter 47 . 11/1/2019
Over the moon great chapter all the action kyoko and her father connecting then Seana saves her the ren rushes in and to her omg my head is swirling and the killer finally comes from the shadows kuon cousin Marcus I'm excited can't wait for the next chapter post
Guineapigs1 chapter 47 . 11/1/2019
Wow and just as we thought no one could top Delta’s lunacy, we have Alpha as a literal sociopathic murderer. I’m happy I guessed Alpha’s identity correctly! But when I read that Kyoko’s killing shot had failed...oh my heart almost stopped. I was like: “no no no, don’t kill Kyoko now!” I’m relieved that Kyoko is safe, but I can’t even imagine what it must be like for her to watch both of her parents who she thought didn’t care about her suddenly care about her while dying. It’s a pretty bittersweet end, and even though magical plot armor is heavy enough to allow them their last few words, I doubt that they’ll survive.

Ahaha I loved how Lory gave Vie Ghoul faulty data with otome games! I can just imagine Lory’s smile when Vie Ghoul took the bait. In a really serious chapter, that was a really nice moment of humor.

It’s really sad that this story is coming to an end! It feels like so many of the fics I’m following (as well as one of my own) are so close to completion. Even though Skip Beat seems like it’ll go on for a while because of how long chapter releases take, I’m going to miss so many fics like yours that I’ve been following for a while. But I’m also excited to see what you’ll write for the conclusion of this wonderful story. As always, this penultimate chapter was amazing, so great work!
Guest chapter 47 . 11/1/2019
Wow... I didn't see that coming. It was great. And well played. What an awesome plot. Looking forward to next chapter. Mimagfan
MWEH chapter 46 . 7/5/2019
Maybe you did jinx this lol, but it was definitely worth the wait! Although I have benen wondering many times where you've been hahah. But what can you say, life gets in the way sometimes. Thankfully you have a bit more pacing in one chapter than in SB lol. While I appreciate the build-up, and the pacing is perfect, the updates are (as always) not often enough... Well, you know too xD
I agree, I doubt we'll get a confession. The question is what it'll be though... since she ran away, will we even have a confrontation between them soon? And of course the bigggest question is what Kanae need Kyoko's help with! That'll be very interesting to find out, although I think we'll have to wait for a bit to find out. A time skip is not unlikely, but hopefully that's not something that'll come any time soon - there's a lot of build-up and loose ends, and go just have it wrapped Up with a time skip feels way too easy.
I have not feeled pressured to review, don't worry about it! :)

My first thought by the description of the shooter was Koga, but I think he's Japanese...? My second thought is that guy that Kimiko likes, I don't remeber his name, Charles something maybe? Now that I think about it, it could be Kuu too! Now I think I might start spinning out so I better stop hahah. I was very worried Kyoko would join Delta, but I think the reaction was very natural as well. As usual, I was at the edge of my seat.
Looking forward to the next chapter! xx
Erza Tsuruga chapter 46 . 6/16/2019
OML I LOVE THIS ok I'll shut up with the caps lol. Damn the Delta dude is pretty warped in the head. I like it! Regardless, now you got my wheels turning. I wonder if the man's actually gonna die or be saved by the density of...wait for it...the magical plotarmour! (Remembering Fairy Tail with extreme distaste) I think if he dies, kyoko's gonna be devasted even tho the man tried to kill her.
Guest chapter 46 . 6/15/2019
You never cease to amaze always a Twist in the game I loved it great job but what happened to Rin who is Alpha almost sounds like kuu from the description you keep me intrigued
H-Nala chapter 46 . 6/15/2019
How much of the story did Ren hear from the security room? Will he get the full story from Kyoko later?
Guineapigs1 chapter 46 . 6/15/2019
This story is really interesting in how you handle the idea of revenge, which is a central conflict in canon. I’m very glad to see that Kyoko stuck by her morals even when offered such a deal by a father she had wanted for so long. It’s unfortunate that Delta is still unable to get past his revenge like Kyoko, Saena, and Ren did, but I wonder who Alpha is... A foreigner... I wonder if it’s Kuu? Or is it the curly haired guy from Kuon’s flashbacks that everyone keeps thinking is Cedric?

I wonder how Kyoko is going to react to her father’s death. Sure he was about to kill her, but I bet that Kyoko will still regret how she was unable to sway her father from his quest for revenge even though he threatened her life. She still has concern for him as Kyoko does, so I wonder if she’ll regret how he is killed. Very excited for next chapter! Keep up the amazing work!
SilverInu93 chapter 45 . 4/12/2019
Wow and here I thought Reino would get to have his to do the kidnapping of kyoko but oh well but I do hope kyokos father get what is coming to him!
MWEH chapter 45 . 3/12/2019
You were too quick in your update lol! For a while I was caught up with all the fics I'm following but now I'm behind again... for some reason most of you seem to update at the same time and I have a life outside of this too xD
The story of Kazushi and Makoto had me in a firm grip, I'll let you know. I do feel sorry for Kazushi. Not an excuse for what he's up to now, but this isn"t what he had planned...Seems like Toudou was too late in telling his feelings; but he's got a pretty good chance now at least - Delta can't really compete with him at the moment, though maybe it would be different if she was to hear his version...
The current situation can't be easy for Kyoko. I'm not expecting her to join him, but she who always lacked family is now standing with her father as he asks her to join him... that's got to have her in some turmoil.
*side note: if I remeber correctly, it says Saena someplace where it probably should say Makoto*

Hey, what's your take on the latest SB!-chapter btw? Lately I've seen quite a lot of hate at Ren for being so cold about it all (personally I think he's only telling the truth, but I might agree that he's not handling it too well...). My biggest concern really is that next chapter will be a complete let down after all the build up. Like White Day. While in character that Ren sent it in time, it was pretty anti-climatic after all that build up...
That's not the case with The Magnificent Espionage-story though. I am so excited for Ren and Saena to come bursting in all badass B) (not really what I expect to happen, because how would they find Delta within 6 minutes? But still!)
Great chapter, thanks for an awesome update and I shall do my very best to review the rest of the chapters till the end of the story so you feel my support! xx
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