Reviews for Rejection: A Double Edged Sword
spookyone666 chapter 43 . 4/23
please please please update! I love this story so much!
Guest chapter 43 . 4/14
ahh i love this so much! it's hard to find new harry/ginny fics to read these days that are actually well-written and have a good plot, but this one does! i just read this whole thing in less than a day, and im super excited to see how you continue with it! please update as soon as you can, im excited to see how ginny reacts to harry resurrecting james, lily, and sirius. i'm also hoping that "moony" was from sirius and that you might be adding the remus/sirius ship to this fic (maybe that's just me getting my hopes up though!). anyways, i love this story a lot, and i really hope you continue with it!
ms keeshaa chapter 43 . 4/4
please update
Hillnerd chapter 43 . 3/29
oh you tease! I have been loving this fic. a good hinny centric fic is hard to find! also I have to say, I've never seen someone come up with such an original concept for the deathly hallows being used like this. oh gosh, I hope this the get to live and this is not temporary! and romione! oh goodness. I was spoiled this chapter. looking forward to your next update
NumBaH-OnE chapter 43 . 3/27
Great chapter I’m very excited to see both Remus’ and Ginny’s reactions to meeting the resurrected mauraders. Also love the protective side of harry when he found Ron and hermione good scene. Can’t wait to see what’s next
Skogsmard chapter 43 . 3/25
Thanks for another great chapter. How long has it been total now since the start of term? 2 months? 3?
coco29 chapter 43 . 3/24
please update soon
Like the story very much
HJP4Life chapter 43 . 3/22
Fantastic! It had been a while since I read the last chapter and I was pleasantly reminded that I love this story. I'm so excited to read about his parents and their interaction. I always really enjoy it. Another good chapter, well done!
daydreamer4317 chapter 43 . 3/22
Omg they’re back! I love the reunion with Sirius, lily and James. Their reactions were perfect the first time they saw harry!

And yay for Ron and Hermione! I will say I was a bit surprised at how quickly they moved. I wasn’t expecting them to jump straight into it like that. I don’t hate it because I love that pairing but it just didn’t feel quite as natural progression like harry and Ginny, being teenagers and insecure amongst the fun and flirty stuff.

I really do love this chapter though! This story is so good. Thank you for updating :)
17wilsonh chapter 43 . 3/21
Loved this chapter and so happy for Harry! Glad Hermione and Ron got both of their heads out of their asses.
Lycan528 chapter 43 . 3/21
Love the story man found it and couldn't stop reading till I finished what you had wrote. Hope your able to get the next one out soon.
Guest chapter 43 . 3/20
I’m a little bit confused. You said you wanted hinny to take it slow, before full on sex. While I agree, why did romione have sex right away? They’re teens too. Besides this, I love this so far!
isabel380 chapter 43 . 3/19
The last review (about Remus) was from me. Sorry, I thought I was signed in.
Guest chapter 43 . 3/19
Looks like I'm the only one who has alarms going off in their head.

Remus has just appeared, alone, in Dumbledore's office with three newly resurrected friends who are completely unarmed. Maybe I'm wrong, but this doesn't bode well!

I pray you aren't so cruel as to give them back to Harry only to have them taken away!
Guest chapter 43 . 3/19
Great chapter, once again. Your hinny is the cutes! Luna is super funny. Your story never fails to put a smile on my face
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