Reviews for Heroes, Dreams, and Destiny
Zerufuke chapter 11 . 9/1
why was shirou not killing white fang
he should have and the drivers of bullhead should die
you are making this quite annoying with refraining from killing
Erid01 chapter 2 . 7/22
Shirou is a high stamina protagonist, who can fight for extended periods of time normally, and last several minutes in a high tension fight.

Why are there so many contradictions in the chapter, Author?
First you state that there is no degradation and a lot of mana in the environment, which logically makes it much easier for Shirou to cast, maintain and recover the mage from him, let alone Shirou from Heaven fell we are talking about.

So it doesn't make sense why he tires so quickly, with so little he did in the short time of his fight with Torchwick Romano, we're talking about a guy who throws hundreds to thousands of Noble Phantoms in a free-for-all against heroic spirits.

Another thing is the use of Roh Aias to stop a small explosion of dust, a Noble Phantom capable of stopping the nuclear explosion that Gae Bolg launches, really men... It's like putting an iron tank against the crash of a bicycle, what the fuck

You explain that veteran hunters beat him in combat, someone who can exchange blows with Heroic Spirits, that they move at a speed that the human eye cannot capture, you forgot the reinforcement or that, the author says one thing and then contradicts himself by saying another, and the experience is simply illogical, as if Archer's and Shirou's experience in combat against Heroic Spirits was not much more difficult than what anyone in that universe has experienced

It is stretching the disbelief a lot, it shows that you are going to nerf Shirou and give more strength and power to the others, which is going to break the verisimilitude

Shirou es un prota con mucha stamina, que puede luchar por prolongados períodos de tiempo normalmente, y durar varios minutos en una lucha de alta tensión.

¿Porque hay tantas contradicción en el capítulo, Autor?
Primero afirmas que no hay degradación y mucho maná en el ambiente, lo que por lógica hace mucho más fácil para Shirou lanzar, mantener y recuperar su hechicería, y no hablemos que estamos hablando de Shirou de Heaven fell

Entonces no tiene sentido el porqué se cansa tan rápido, con tan poco que hizo en el corto tiempo de su lucha con Torchwick Romano, hablamos de un tipo que lanza de cientos a miles de Noble Phantoms en una pelea campal contra espíritus heroicos

Otra cosa es el uso de Roh Aias para detener una pequeña explosión de polvo, un Noble Phantom capaz de detener la explosión nuclear que lanza Gae Bolg, de veras men... Es como poner un tanque de hierro contra el choque de una bicicleta, que carajos

Explicas que cazadores veteranos lo vencen en combate, a alguien que puede intercambiar golpes con espíritus heroicos, que se mueven a una velocidad que el ojo humano no capta, se te olvidó el refuerzo o que, el autor dice una cosa y luego se contradice diciendo otra, y lo de la experiencia es simplemente ilógico, como si la experiencia de Archer y la del mismo Shirou en combate contra de espíritus heroicos no fuera por mucho más difícil que lo que cualquiera en ese universo halla experimentado

Esta estirando la incredulidad mucho, se nota que vas a nerfear a Shirou y darle más fuerza y poder a los demás, lo que va a romper la verosimilitud
Guest chapter 5 . 6/20
Interesting a read a story where Jaune Died and Shirou replaced him but Ruby and Yang are with Pyrhha and Shirou while Weiss and Blake ended up with Nora and Ren
Urivor chapter 11 . 4/27
yeah, kinda agree on the ruby situation, i am no writer myself but unless the positioning of the blade was specified i don't see how she didn't bolt out with her semblance the moment she felt threatened, weiss would have probably been a more suited target in that situation tho that would have left ruby free to move without thinking as well

or why shriou didnt trace a whole lot of swords behind the mystery figure, questions and consequences to himself be damned if a life is in danger

again, just feels like other than yang there, there should have been more of a reaction, specially with auras being a thing and the blade in question being wholly ordinary so its not like an explosive reaction would have been immediately fatal

kinda moot now i guess since it was written a while ago and i just started the fic

but id also take the opportunity to say I've really been enjoying the writing and story, im also a sucker for fate cross overs so that also helps my enjoyment xD
FanFicReader712012 chapter 2 . 4/26
I am surprised that you did not use any Shirou from the official 40 bad ends or Fate Unlimited Codes.
Beetle6Juice chapter 29 . 4/26
I really do hope you come back and continue this amazing story that you have written, every time I re-read it i am amazed at how you crafted such a story and hope you continue it.
miguelgaray689 chapter 29 . 4/16
Exelente fanfic bro espero con ansias que lo continúes algún día
Guest chapter 28 . 4/4
no offense but i think that if you were a better writer you could have free out the ruby’s first kill plot read a bit longer and better
maybe have it teased a bit more with characters trying to sus it out and weise being stubborn and not telling which helps built trust between the two but maybe strain with blake
shirou could figure it out and try to help or shut down remembering how he killed sakura or archer’s memories
lots of different ways that could have been just not shunted to the side and instead become a running theme and internal conflict throughout the story or arc
Guest chapter 26 . 4/4
The quality of the story is definitely improving but it still suffers from its rough start.
Like Shirou admitted to being in a situation that involved working with a girl to kill her sister, who he loved, else her powers go out of control and kill everyone. And then both sisters died, the one he loved he killed himself, despite abandoning his life’s ambition to try and save her.
But then that whole effed up information is never addressed again. Sure it never made sense to have Shirou just dump that onto people he just met so I presume you’re kind of ignoring it but still. You’d think that knowledge would affect Ruby, Yang too, a bit more, and maybe play a part in moments like these.
It’s a great moment and all, but it’s just a little thing that sticks at the back of the head.
King chapter 7 . 3/25
Ain't no way you just Nerfed my boy like this
Guest chapter 3 . 3/23
Casually admits to murder of a loved one
Great way to make friends
Guest chapter 1 . 3/22
very edgey and the lol zelretch upper intestines pull is very tired
but who knows maybe it will get better
reliczexide chapter 22 . 3/19
Yang has no right to demand anything from Neptune here. Weiss herself asked him and got rejected, his reason for rejecting matter as much as her feeling of rejection. And this is their business not hers, she should mind her own.

How many guys do a girl reject and you don't see their friend asking for reparation no matter how stupid and shallow their reasons are. But suddenly inverse the genders and it's hell on earth the guy dared to reject the girl woe is me he is the scum of the earth.

I cringed reading this.
Narutaard chapter 2 . 3/19
Oh god, I forgot Shirou was like 5'5 in height. While most other male students would probably dwarf him. Even Ren, the I guess asian equivalent in rwby is still taller than him, being 5'9. Though we do know Shirou would eventually mirror Archer's height as seen in the ending of UBW.
AidenJacksonSmithDSBB chapter 29 . 3/5
Nice try you have E-rank luck good luck with "peace"
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