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XDSnowy chapter 29 . 8/11
plz come back fr or like a really shitty epilogue or even an outline for what u had in store. this is hands down one of my favorite depictions of Shirou and the cast of RWBY. i am literally in love with this. I A of anything my guy
Ballazan chapter 29 . 8/10
So... Is this one dead?
gabedane chapter 22 . 8/1
that was a great omake. Now I really want them to meet Archer and see how that goes.
Jai.Raiya chapter 1 . 7/23
pleaaaaassssseeeeee updateeeeeeeeeee
Dasgun chapter 2 . 7/23
Valimar91 chapter 29 . 7/17
A wonderful work
Can I hope for the chapter 30?
moose master5543 chapter 3 . 7/10
i kinda hate how ruby just makes such a stupid argument to a shirou who has gone through heavens fell and he just goes with it like he’s the exact same person from before. even if being a hero is hard wired into him after heavens feel it would’ve taken more than just “N0pE iT5 JuST s1MpL3” from ruby. like she has no idea what the real world is like and shirou just went through one of the most awful things he could go through, even if he wants to be a hero id think it’d take more than ruby’s dumbass argument to persuade him.
PlzDontReferToMe chapter 29 . 7/7
Dear Lord of Penguin,

Bruh where’s chapter 30?

TenkaMeansHeaven chapter 29 . 7/4
Update... pls
Uraharaisgod chapter 29 . 7/4
Why did Shirou automatically declare he couldn't do anything to save Amber? You stated before that he still hasn't been able to properly sort the full amount of possible weaponry stored inside UBW and is still in the process of extracting and memorizing suitable blades for him to use in combat. Why did he automatically rule out his capacity in having any form of healing blade?

I mean, with all the different variants of the war and the possible dream cycle with Saber, it's not impossible that Archer or Shirou may have at some point seen Percival's Longinus, which has an ability to heal others by "Light of Salvation", something that can be done without even requiring it's seals to be lifted so it's condition for activation would be well within Shirou's limits. Considering in the scrapped plans for the original F/SN, Shirou was supposed to be able to identify Tachie's Heroic Spirit by seeing the shield of Galahad from the Dream Cycle, it's again possible other Arthurian weaponry was also viewable.

This is also just one example from canon, there are other potential NP's that can be taken from mythology that could heal despite being weapons.
Uraharaisgod chapter 16 . 7/2
Considering this is a Heavens Feel Shirou, he actually should have partial skill download in martial arts, specifically for Kirei's use of Bajiquan. Dunno about the anime, but VN Kirei actually gave Shirou one of his Black Keys as a weapon to use when they went to rescue Ilya. Since he literally held one of Kirei's weapons and Kirei's Black Key is the main template copied into UBW, he should be able to pull up a fraction of the experience of the wielder, so while the majority of it would be based in Black Key throwing, he still has experience from the motions and forms that Kirei would use in combat for close range.
Primus2021 chapter 29 . 7/2
I think a combination of both Rule Breaker and Pain Breaker or Florence Nightingale's weapon's would be the solution here:

1st; Rule Breaker would cut the magical contract between Cinder and Amber, thus giving Amber back her powers and "soul".

2nd; Pain Breaker is a magical dagger that heals wounds.

3rd; Florence Nightingale's weapon's Assault Medicine, Assault Medicine Full-Burst Party and Nightingale Pledge, would cure all illnesses, poisons, injuries etc.

And it is conceivable that Archer would have these in his UBW, as such, so would Shirou.
Guest chapter 12 . 7/1
There's a review here that seems to entirely misremember the docks fight last chapter. First of all, Rho Aias didn't struggle against bullets. It was perfectly fine the entire time it was up and the actual concern Shirou had was his own capacity to maintain it. Even for Archer its a powerful and costly thing to keep up, so Shirou doesn't have much leeway for keeping Rho Aias up for long.

Secondly, Dyrnwyrm (did I spell that wrong) was only referred to as needing to be "worthy" to reveal its true nature. Maybe I'm missing some explanation in this chapter, but there was no mention in the fight of noble hearts, just the abstract requirement of being worthy.
Uraharaisgod chapter 14 . 7/1
Whoa hold on, why has Shirou reverted to full on UBW mentality in this chapter? This is a post HF gone wrong Shirou, even if he's willing to pick back up his old dream, he still chose once before to abandon it, to allow the chance of a great many suffering all to save the one. Part of his psyche detached entirely from the very concept that made him and Archer, so much so his Reality Marble deployment itself was closed off from him due to soul dissonance and lack of complete comprehension of self.

Unlike UBW, this Shirou should understand the "scale of life" and accepts it's consequences, he couldn't detach himself from the emotions he felt at what happened to the "one" his mind was so strongly aligned. He shouldn't be able to fully revert to the idea that "my life has no value compared to saving one more" as he has already valued other lives below the weight of one, he refused to take action with his life to ensure the saving of others so long as it ran against the odds of saving the "one", so he can't view his life as useless any more.

Canon HF, he acted to preserve himself in order to save a specific person, even though he know his life was already forfeit the moment he took the seal off his arm. He chose to banish all hope of saving Saber and instead destroyed her chance of salvation, killing her with his own hands to preserve Sakura, weighing his nearly ended life and what he can achieve with it to save "one" above "another". He knows the concept of his own life and what he is willing to spend it on, even if events slightly differed, your version of Shirou still killed Saber, the seeds of that mentality should be present even if learning it was all for nothing likely broke him even worse.
Uraharaisgod chapter 13 . 7/1
In regards to Excalibur...your own rule kinda backfires. If you apply the rule that each world has their own rules regarding Excalibur and his capacity to create it, and Ruby has already confirmed the legend of "Caledfwich" exists within this world, then whose to say in a world like this, that the aspects of reality differ enough that Excalibur may yet be created here? The moment you created the idea that a version of Excalibur existed within the past of Remnant, you open up the idea that the legend of Excalibur may differ enough in this world that it could conceptually alter it's interaction with Shirou's tracing skill in this world abundant with a different Mana from his own world.

He'd probably still need to have summoned his Reality Marble, but so long as he has a variant of understanding of the Remnant Legend, it could alter his capacity just enough that he could create the "Ever Distant Image" just like Nameless does.
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