Reviews for Heroes, Dreams, and Destiny
JustReader17 chapter 29 . 10/14
AMurder0fCrows chapter 7 . 10/8
that sucks that he's weak.
togkorkes chapter 3 . 10/2
AMurder0fCrows yup dude.
80% of RWBY story with new MC starts from this fight or first mission in forest.
It's hard to believe that the character ended up in these places and not in 99.9 other percent of the world.
And in the other 19% of stories, Oz finds MC in chapter 2-3 regardless of the MC's location in the world...
Its gonna be a good story if Shiro just help Ruby from shadow and go away to research new world.
Would begin to learn the language coz world is different. Become a cook(in cafe or open his own from money what he gets from bandits - who be seen with him in his road to information about world and get documents). And just be independent a Batman.
The other bad thing is plot armor. Shiro can ez Overkill Roman and Cin in first meeting. But if he do this author cant parasite on story more along. He must be start work and create new stories or journey in other pieces of world. But he not have a skill.
That's why i love ASoIaF, Star Wars, Warhammer or just Fate. Coz in this story any of character actions have a lot of consequences. And meting with Overpowered enemy can wipe all team.

I know one story on SpaceBattles. Where MC be putted in DC into radioactive sceleton. He be an experiment of random science maniac. And be in cage on secret base on random island.(it is better than similar stories RWBY from start - because it does not start in a standard place)
Story starts from Wonder Woman raid evil base and maniac release MC from cage to fight with woman. But MC say - ok if you wanna take boss of this base go i dont be fight with you.
And after that he think - he dont want to put yourself in canon super battles. And just start walks into ocean from island. And after that the have his journey into ocean deep, random uncanon meets, underwater citys and other stuf like if you play in Subnautica.
Its been a good story with fresh actions and not parasite on canon story.

And only 1% or less RWBY fanfic rejecting from canon and bring new journey.
I know one story on Space battles MC Steve from minecraft in Remnant. Steve hav his power and meets crazy doctor. And with this crazy man they do his own journey through Remnant. No blind follow from canon.
togkorkes chapter 2 . 10/2
AMurder0fCrows you right.

After Shiro take a story from Roman and Ruby weapons he just need use bow attack or gaebolg to Overkill Roman from stealth. And after that he need to run away and start getting information about World. He can cancel phantasms and no one can fight his track(because in canon no one was able to deal with open terror in the city, and Oz cant sense Cin magick in his school).

There was no point to go in melee fight. It's just revealed your powers, and this can be start hunt for you head, or its can attract magus cleaners to kill people. No one reason to do this instead of stealth kill and move around for stealth get information(scan more weapons in people or magazine, see world arround, newspapers, one or two questions with random people and e.t.c.)
But in all RWBY fanfic Oz and his dogs spot MC instead of his background or actions. Seriously i see story where Oz start stalked a 9 month old baby and a 6 year old baby in other story.
And all MC do actions to attract attention.

I read a story "Naruto: Time control" and this is a best story that i see. Hero do training(instead of RWBY MC who get Gamer power and not training before canon start), hero hides his powers to avoid attention(and not give reason for someone to kill threat or use him like a dog) and hunters for his power.
And arc 2 of story be in One Piece world. Dude it's been brilliant. MC in One piece not been a
dog for someone pirate, wold gowervent and e.t.c. He just do your own journey through all world and almost not use thing from canon. Instead of other story there MC just be slave for good canon command.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/26
Ignore the trolls. They are nothing but complete dickheads that aren’t happy with their lives and gets off on throwing hate on others.
Luxo11 chapter 7 . 9/26
Disappointed shirou lost
dejean.andrew.adj chapter 17 . 9/25
Why was Emerald worried about being spotted by Shirou in the library when she has a semblance that allows her to alter perception? She could have specifically targeted him with her semblance and make herself invisible because it seems no one else could detect her.
dejean.andrew.adj chapter 5 . 9/21
I was reading through and saw that Blake got shafted for Shirou and thought, "Yeah that seems about right."

Also 'A bit closer to heaven' I see someone is anticipating the stone ocean anime.
Ask-if-i-like-lemons chapter 2 . 9/19
Bruh nobody cares of Shirou is broken. He's only ever broken in one direction, and it's his swords. People only hate broken characters when they can literally do everything.
AMurder0fCrows chapter 3 . 9/18
why dos no one write a single character rejecting going to beacon. just anything denying ozpin control over their actions.
AMurder0fCrows chapter 2 . 9/18
fucking doormat mc's. why does it always go this way. no I don't want to see ozpin get yet another toy to play with because the mc has no spine and rolls over to their demands spills his secrets because their on the good side.
Guest chapter 29 . 9/17
Come back to usssssssssssss!
Jorge Steven chapter 12 . 9/7
This was a super cringey chapter
Reinhard van Astrea chapter 9 . 9/3
Short? in my opinion Shirou is pretty tall
AuthorOfTheFall chapter 25 . 9/1
I hope you're doing ok my dude
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