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alexkellar chapter 29 . 6/9/2020
Great to see a new chapter, and things are moving forward!
It's a shame for Amber, but now that Shirou knows about magic, things will get interesting.
Especially the meetings with Cinder ... if they happen, haha.

Keep up the good work! It's great that the story isn't abandoned, regardless of the time between updates!
Blanchimont chapter 29 . 6/9/2020
At a stretch, perhaps Shirou could project the Staff of Asclepius to assist with healing Amber, a staff can be use as a weapon after all.
W8W chapter 29 . 6/9/2020
Not bad chapter lots of interesting interactions last part was the best.

Another example of Shirou presence making girls stronger and better prepared than in canon. I like that you remember about his cooking prowess.

Ozpin may have hidden secrets and goals but in comparison to Nasuverse mages he is honest man. It create very interesting dynamic with Shirou figuring much more than he is told and being surprised by clearness of talks. He is already on the way to figure out that Raven is maiden.

It look like Ozpin once again asked wrong question. "Sorry I don't have anything that can heal such serious injuries but I have few weapons that can kill or permanently cripple immortal if it helps." Honestly Salem canon goals are mystery but one of more popular theories is suicide, in such a case she would allow Emiya try to kill her without fighting back.

I knew that I am not first to point it out but maiden power look like Marble Phantasm. In another fanfiction was mentioned that they don't work in Reality Marbles. If Shirou can pull off UBW it may be drastic game changer. I also read one where Cinder died before getting second half of power and it saved Amber. Another possibility is that power choose host from everybody on the "world" but Reality Marble would have much smaller population. So if Shirou use UBW at last moment to save Pyrrha and kill Fall inside Nikos may jet inherit this power.

I personally liked V7. You are rather vague with your complaint, most likely so there will be no rant as long as the chapter at the end but I will make assumptions.
I liked Penny return it was beautiful and emotional scene. What would you prefer?
Ironwood decision at the end was not logical he had growing paranoia and his clarity of mind was dimed by pain or medications. You don't play in siege with immortal whose army don't need any supplies, your lost is only matter of time. What's more Atlas wasn't designed to be self sufficient it would fail even in best possible circumstances. Soldiers only went thru with it because they were indoctrinated to listen to authority and didn't have obviously better idea. All options look bad but it only show how dire situation is. Attacking Salem with everything they got would be great gamble but there is glimmer of hope of it working.

Let's go to your most obvious complain. Team RWBY defeating AceOps. They didn't. They defeated Vine Zeki, Elm Ederne, Harriet Bree and Marrow Amin. AceOps are five man team that have purely professional relationship, without Clover Ebi to act as a leader they fall apart. It was shown that they different attitude and ideas hindered their ability to work together. What's more they weren't completely focused either because of anger for betrayal or doubt about leaving Mantle to die. RWBY didn't have such problems. Girls had firm conviction in their choice of action and because of how integrated they were absence of other members don't hinder quality of their cooperation at all.

What's more AceOps members aren't as good as it seems. You see Clover isn't only leader he is crutches, his semblance compensate for his team small mistakes. Just look at their fight vs Geist. They look cool and professional but if Clover didn't just happen to come by and catch dust crystal they would blow up whole mountain.

They could win if they keep head cool and it was main reason that they lost. If Marrow and Harriet had each opponent they would most likely win easily. Giving them numerical advantage and allowing for overwhelming rest of RWBY. But they did not cooperate and think clearly so they have lost.

Feel free to send me private message if you want to discuss this or introduce counter arguments. I am open to discussion and I would gladly hear some constructive counterarguments.
demzerff1 chapter 7 . 6/8/2020
I always assumed archer extra was a particularly sneaky shirou.
It seemed to me that it was a shirou who had no friends or ties to the world and spent a long time training before truly setting out.
This would give him time to change into the archer look while also explaining later how nobody knew he was shirou thus being nameless.

From there it becomes obvious that with no connections he has no need to really interact closely with anyone thus never giving a name.
He simply appears in dangerous places to be a hero then vanishes between doing other lesser hero things.
Shockingly quick he gains a legend from changing the face of the magical community due to hunting dangerous beasts and things like sealing designates.

Eventually he simply vanishes never to be seen again due to dying somewhere out of sight.
Yet that doesn't lessen his legend and in fact only makes it greater from all the fear and speculation that he might one day reappear.
Thus his legend is established as a man that people argue about whether he used swords or bows or even guns from how far he could snipe.
Likely he learned from his father's past and decided having some ability with guns would be useful.

So this shirou ends as a nameless man who left a brief yet longlasting and bloody mark on history during an era that few true legends arose thus further emphasizing his amazing feats.

Or at least that's how I always saw it.
demzerff1 chapter 5 . 6/8/2020
Wouldn't avalon still work in a limited fashion?
That thing has been in him from the beginning of shirou and it definitely molded him somewhat.
I feel that it is the reason he ever pulls off Excalibur.
This means it is likely still giving him a small bonus to his healing based solely on his compatibility from holding it in his body for so many years.
It would also explain why shirou never got crippled from making nerve circuits or reinforcing himself.
That bit of passive healing from his affinity with Avalon would prevent it barely.

Another thing is I always felt avalon had something to do with the nature of shirou's reality marble.
Avalon has it's own realm inside of it that represents a utopia and similarly shirou's gained a reality marble that normally doesn't appear in humanity and even then it tends to make them go mad.
Reality marbles need long periods of time in unique circumstances which Avalon matches.
Guppy72 chapter 29 . 6/8/2020
Glad to see you’re back. Keep up the good work
Zathol chapter 29 . 6/8/2020
Nice to see they are training to get better even after difficult mission before. I look forward to seeing how they handle a more tamer mission compared to before. I have to wonder if they will be more tense as they recall how their last mission went. Will they be more brutal in their fight or maybe hesitate I wonder.

The last mission certainly would be one that lingers in their minds i would think even if they calmed down like in Ruby's case.

Still nice to see they also have some spare weapons just in case, even Yang who might never know when a weapon just might make a difference. No idea on her skill level with a blade but with her hand to hand fighting it shouldn't be to difficult for them to use. Especially with some help from Shirou who no doubts have the history locked up inside to train them to best use them.

Shame Shirou couldn't really help Amber but not unexpected. He is a specialized magus and his arsenal would be very little on the fields of healing. Even Avalon wouldn't work if he could use it though it's been awhile since i read this fic so i can't recall the status of Avalon either. Will have to find time to reread some of it so see what I've forgotten.

I think the only thing Shirou could do is reinforce her body in some way to improve healing or at worse find ways to infuse magic into her in someway will be helpful.

Thanks for the newest chapter!
Guest chapter 7 . 6/8/2020
I'm sorry but I am just pissed as hell that he would self impose so many freaking restrictions on himself yo the point of him loosening fights.
demzerff1 chapter 3 . 6/8/2020
I would assume that prana and all that magical jazz is mistaken as aura because of the spiritual aspect right?
It is probably for the same reason that heavens feel would give unlimited magical energy.
demzerff1 chapter 2 . 6/8/2020
Wouldn't shirou be fine against most huntsmen even if he couldn't beat them and would ultimately have to retreat?
His style thanks to archer is based on taking advantage of the skill and power of his enemies.
He would likely do better against pyrrha than yang for instance.
Obviously there would be a cut off point where the enemy would adjust to his style but for a bit he would be fine.

I worry about the lack of romance that you have stated.
Romance was major in fate and you could argue that it is due to the origins of the story but even beyond that it was one of the few things that would truly humanize shirou.
Love became one of the few true motivators for his actions and it helped him seem less like an unachievable robotic like man who was dangerously similar to kiritsugu.
Thankfully his love was different and took precedence compared to kiritsugu.

Ultimately I think love is needed for shirou and he is awkward and even in a strange world with deep secrets so you could get away with an awkward romance while you figure out how to work it.
This guy needs more to fill his life than going to beacon.
He only has so long to figure things out and it wouldn't even be hard to throw someone like ruby at him.
That would be dangerously cute.
More importantly I think her ideals would help him a lot even if they hurt at first.
I think they could really help each other grow and shirou could gain a new love while also deciding his path like just helping who he can see or doing his best and living to assist ruby in her dream.
He wasn't strong enough but maybe as a team?
santiagovillamizarcrv chapter 29 . 6/8/2020
hello, I just wanted to tell you that avalon if it had served, it works for shirou because he grew up with him is part of it, so that the tandria would work that overclocked with prana to everything
nanox876 chapter 29 . 6/8/2020
Will RWBY Grimm Eclipse be included in this story?
2ScoopsPlease chapter 29 . 6/8/2020
Glad to see this story is back! I'm hopeful updates will come out a tiny bit quicker, but no pressure if not. I'll still read this story even if it takes a year to update, wouldn't even be the first time I've done that.
Kayen1024 chapter 29 . 6/8/2020
I am glad you started writing again. I really wish Shirou would at least try using Avalon though, I know it's partially speculation but Shirou has a deep connection to that sheath and he should the actual avalon inside his body so he should be able to replicate its healing effects.
PasiveNox chapter 29 . 6/8/2020
Great great
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