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smalltowncountryboy30 chapter 16 . 2/17
please write more need to know what happen next from what i read of it so far the power of three book of shadows remind of charmed so much will they be able to vanquish the darkside for good this time i need to know please conitnue the story
shadowmoonsun3 chapter 16 . 1/16
so far so good continue the story please write more chapters love it that endora and little Ethan is a couple i found it awesome that charity Jessica and Kay are the power of three and they have there own book of shadows which i found strange it goes to charmed as well but you are doing fantastic job would like to see hecuba and zombie charity to appear Tabitha need to seek justice for Timmy death for what zombie did to him i hope the spell work the dark side need to stay away from harmony but with Tabitha having light magic this time i am sure they will win
TerryGyimah chapter 16 . 1/4
Endora said it she is in love with Little Ethan...EJ...she said it out loud and Tabitha hearing that I mean now she realizes that her daughter is growing up her daughter is not her little sweet pea anymore Endora is a teenage girl she is becoming a young woman and to think that the boy she is in love with is EJ who happens to be Jessica and Kay's nephew since EJ is Ethan's son and Ethan is Kay and Jessica's brother

I mean with Endora's power isn't she the most powerful witch out of all of them? I mean aren't her powers more superior to Kay, Jessica and Charity combined?

So Theresa is not Martin's daughter she is Carlos' daughter? How is that even possible? I know that Carlos raped Pilar but come on I mean can Theresa really be a product of rape? I mean Pilar she was married to Martin happily there is no way that she would cheat on Martin and especially with Carlos unless he raped her but even so I mean Theresa is a Lopez Fitzgerald she was raised as one she grew up as one and now you go and change her paternity out of nowhere

I can't wait for Luis to find out that his "Papa" is back in town but Antonio he has no idea about Martin and Katherine at all because Antonio he wasn't here during the whole Martin and Katherine debacle because remember everyone thought that he was dead but really he was being held prisoner in one of the Crane basements in Boston but still Antonio never had the chance to confront Martin or Katherine because Antonio he too was a little boy when Martin left...Antonio was 10 at the time Luis was 8 and Theresa was 5 at the time and Miguel was 2 and Paloma was an infant but you can bet Antonio he is going to have a lot to say to Martin and Katherine especially even though Katherine is his mother-in-law since he is married to her daughter Sheridan
wiccancharmedguy chapter 16 . 1/3
that so sweet i wonder is little Ethan love for endora is just as strong like Miguel love for charity was
in the show and if so will the spell work will the darkside be gone forever will Tabitha be strong enough
to protect endora this time around with good magic on her side i am sure she will looking forward to seeing a new chapter please write more
wiccancharmedguy chapter 15 . 9/21/2017
love it love the nick name endora give to little ethan i hope tabitha kay jessica chairty endora is strong enough to stop the darkside this time but since tabitha has her powers back i am sure it
be easy to do it now since she has light goodness on her side and not evil
TerryGyimah chapter 15 . 9/21/2017
Please don't tell me Carlos is Theresa's father...or better yet please tell me that Martin is not Theresa's father? I mean it is one thing that Pilar was raped but to actually give Pilar's rapist Carlos a child would be unfathomable

EJ and Endora Endathan...young teenage love at its finest...I love it

I hope that it is not true and Theresa stays a Lopez-Fitzgerald because to make her a Vasquez...could you imagine
TerryGyimah chapter 14 . 9/19/2017
I thought Pilar killed Carlos but he is is this possible? If Carlos is alive if he faked his death why would he let his wife Juanita think that he died when he was alive all this time? So if Carlos is alive wouldn't that mean he would take over as the head of the Vasquez Crime Family being a Mexican mob boss?

Carlos wanting revenge on Pilar makes sense but if he is alive then wouldn't the truth come out about him raping Pilar? Pilar shot Carlos in self defense

But Antonio, Luis, Theresa, Miguel and Paloma's father Martin is back in town I wonder why? Why does Martin choose to come back now after all these years when he left with Katherine again?

I wonder if Antonio, Luis, Theresa, Miguel and Paloma will see their father again? If they do what will they say to "Papa"? Or how Martin's grandchildren will react?

I wonder what Katherine's children will say or what her grandchildren will have to say

Why is Julian & Sheridan's mother Katherine back?
wiccancharmedguy chapter 14 . 9/16/2017
very good continue the story
wiccancharmedguy chapter 13 . 5/24/2017
so glad to see the spell work good for them cant wait to see what happen next continue the story
TerryGyimah chapter 13 . 5/23/2017
I think Theresa her tormentor is someone from the past but who could it be? I have my theories as to who it could be...either it has to be Alistair Crane back from the dead or it has to be Vincent Eve & Julian's son he has to be back in the has to be one of those 2 for sure

But as for who the ghost from the past that resurfaces it has to be Alistair, Vincent or Viki

Especially if evil is on its way back to Harmony...I mean we all thought that the evil was vanquished back in 2008 but fast forward 9 years in 2017 it would make sense that evil came back

But I mean The Dark Side with it being back in Harmony then whatever happy couples there are in Harmony those couples will probably be torn apart by evil

I sense something terrible is about to happen to a certain family in Harmony...but as for who the family is that is affected I think it will be the Lopez-Fitzgeralds
xSmallLadySerenity13 chapter 12 . 5/22/2017
Hopefully Ethan relaxes a little and lets Gwen have relationship with Jonathan!
Passion Fan chapter 12 . 5/19/2017
really love this i hope the protection spell work for Theresa and i hope they can fight the darkside off but with the power of three back i am sure they can it strange the power of three and book of shadows came from tv show charmed is this some kind of crossover with charmed it be nice if it was cant wait to see the new chapter
wiccancharmedguy chapter 12 . 4/22/2017
love the chapter please let the spell work Theresa been through hell and back she dont need to go through it any more now she has her man and children in her life things seem to be ok with her and Gwen I Do Have Feeling the darkside is behind this please continue
VIGILANTEFAITH chapter 11 . 4/3/2017
wiccancharmedguy chapter 11 . 3/22/2017
love it so faith never exist all this time i was so confuse about that since we did saw tabitha and faith battle it out when Tabitha set faith house on fire that night back in season 1 love the idea of them being sisters though keep up with the good work and write more please
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