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Teufel1987 chapter 22 . 1h
A good chapter. However, the dialogue and narrative here seem to be quite stilted. Either you changed beta readers or haven't had this edited. It was particularly bad at the part where Voldemort rose again.

I do wonder why Harry decided to take that Death Eater with him. Because all those guys who joined the party were already exonerated by the government. As far as the minister is concerned, Harry has an innocent man with him. Going to be really hard to convince people that the man did something bad...

A small point... why would Hermione be hanging around Harry before the task? Wouldn't she have exams to write?
stylo1 chapter 22 . 1h
so lets sum this up, instead of taking his chance when voldemort presses his wand to wormtails arm to summon his followers he stands by doing nothing, while he could of easily send a barage of blasting curses at them.
then he managed to gather some layline magic and conjures a snowstorm... lets hope thst they dont catch a cold cause that would sure suck. he should have either used a blasting curse or used it to break to apparation wards.
next he needed "proof" cause ofc no one will believe him, its like he knows the future and it is not like he has a wristband showing everything to a mirror back at hogwarts.
and thank god rowena felt that crouch jr was under polyjuice potion saved harry a lot of trouble.
pretty disapointing when you sum it up like that
Enshin Hogo-sha chapter 22 . 2h
Great chapter. Personally I'm anticipating the reunion of Hadrian and the Delacours.

Can't wait to see the fallout of Voldemort returning. Hadrian is smart enough to use a pensieve as proof to at least someone who'll listen. Maybe Papa Delacour.

Until then, deuces.
percysthebest16 chapter 22 . 4h
Mad one
shugokage chapter 22 . 7h
Definitely an interesting chapter!
DarkRavie chapter 22 . 7h
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
pasokditto chapter 22 . 8h
Brilliant The fight scene at the grave site was excellent. I wonder who the death eater was that Harry took back to Hogwarts?
TakemyKryptonite chapter 22 . 8h
Top notch as always
brokenstrings001 chapter 22 . 8h
Meh boring. But at least the stupid tournament is done.
crankypants16 chapter 22 . 9h
Ooh, that was great.
marlastiano chapter 22 . 9h
Good :)
DeathCrawler chapter 22 . 9h
nice chapter look forward the next chapter to see how badly crowd will react
WhiteElfElder chapter 22 . 10h
I hope that the mirrors continued to show what Harry was faced with, that will give the Ministry no leg to stand on to deny Voldemort's return. Too bad Harry was not able to face Voldemort in a better situation, like having more magic available to him to use. Voldemort lost how many in that skirmish? By any chance were the killed the likes of Yaxley or Malfoy?
setokayba2n chapter 22 . 10h
If he is intelligent he will keep his mouth closed, knowing how corrupt is the ministry
Separ chapter 22 . 10h
A much better third task than most others with a competent Harry!
Seems that ritual went superfast...
And Moody/Barty wasn't missed for taking off during the task?
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