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Heleno chapter 27 . 5/9
What a load of crap, marriage is only marriage when they have had sex, but then elves only ever marry for love soon I suppose it's really all crap but this is really silly they would have sex absolutely I have no idea what you are thinking, you just had Legolas perform the ultimate insult.
Helen chapter 14 . 5/9
You know, the thing is, Saturn is dead and we KNOW from Tolkein that Erin las Galen rid the forest of Blythe and lived prosperous and peacefully from then on, I like the story even though it is extremely au , especially since elves only marry for love.
Guest chapter 4 . 1/12
Oh my goodness... this is beautiful. Your writing as practically as good as JRR Tolkien's! And I love the way you portray Legolas.
Luizals chapter 54 . 1/4
I have always liked long fics but I know that, at some point, most of them have a few useless, boring, I'm-totally-skipping-this, chapters so I kept waiting for those to come, you know? But they never did! Seriously! So good! So ploty! Yet with just enough romantic/familly moments! And such good moments they were! At first I kinda hated thranduil but then you wrote such GOOD/FUCKING-LOVELY scenes! I had to start liking him! And rhinure! GOSH, was there ever such a fitting OC? I fucking love this!
shirauki chapter 29 . 12/29/2014
oh I can't resist myself to write at this point after read your story none stop hour after hour. how can i express how i love this story and how i love you!
first of all I love the girl charecther, very much at the point that I rooting for her. how strong and beautiful and more. I can't descipes! I just love her.
the secound tought, for the love of my elf prince Legolas, I love him in every espect. w
Every chapter past, I end up want more. your story very very addictive. I can't resist. 3 3 3 please excuse me for my lack of vocabulary, English is not my native. I just can't stop to telling you that I really love this story!
Aujla chapter 1 . 12/19/2014
I love how you used hindi as the avari language. Your writing is very creative and your style is amazing. I cant wait to read more of your work.. :)
1356-2478 chapter 54 . 12/14/2014
I do very much hope you finish this story.
It's beautiful.
I didn't like Rhinure at first, and your depiction of Legolas seemed too weak and unlike him, but I was hooked by chapter three.
But by far, chapter 48 is my absolute favorite! You really captured just how dangerous and controlled Legolas really is.
Yes, he is more open than the Avari, making him seem childish at times compared to them, who in turn seem so cold and lifeless, but he's got real strength.
He is not afraid to show emotion, though he can, will, and does contain and conceal it so well. The way he delt with the Orc was highly impressive. I could literally see the whole scene in my mind just as if it had been in one of the LOTR movies.
So high quality, so utterly believable.
Again, please finish this story. Please! It's too good to be forgotten!
Shann chapter 1 . 11/19/2014
I miss you. And I miss this story :( I know you're unlikely to ever read this, but I just wanted to say that I hope you're okay, Fan, and that you are able to one day find the joy in your writing again. Because you brought joy to lots of people through your writing and I wanted to thank you for that :)

I love this story, it's my favourite fanfic of all time, and it's so sad to see it unfinished. If you ever decide to come back and finish this, know we will all be patiently waiting.

But what's more important is that you know how talented you are and how awesome Moriquendi is. I wanted to thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort to create a story that has made me smile, laugh, gasp, cry and everything in between. You're amazing Fan! I miss you loads, hope you're okay, all the best, thank you for sharing your talent with us 3
Furionknight chapter 54 . 10/3/2014
I look forward to more :)
MattTheMarauder chapter 33 . 8/16/2014
Okay first off I have to say I quite like this story and I enjoy your writing, but I also have to say that i think you are maybe making the Avari too powerful they seem to be superior in every way compared to the Woodelves and i don't understand why this is, for example even though they both live in Mirkwood and should logically have the same/similar experiences when it comes to scouting and surviving orc ambushes the Avari are somehow much more efficient (although I understand the whole shadow thing and how they are more used to it because they are dark elves, which is a feature i quite like). Also why does it always have to be Legolas who is wrong and made to apologise and look a fool when he gets something wrong? Rhinure has made just as many mistakes about Silvan/Sindarin culture but everyone just accepts that and she never has to apologise and she never takes the time to explain to Legolas any of her customs and yet still gets upset with him when he doesn't know about/understand them, it sometimes makes it difficult to feel sympathy or relate to her (in my opinion anyway). On the whole however i am really enjoying this and think you have serious talent and i will continue to read on.
yodelling101 chapter 36 . 7/2/2014
I know I'm several years late, but I would just like to point out that even though elves see a lot of death, they are not knowledgable or experienced on the matter. And wasn't it mentioned that elves could not die unless they were run through with a weapon? Just food for thought :)
Guest chapter 7 . 5/11/2014
You seem to have misunderstood the term Moriquendi, it does mean "Dark elves", but not in the sense of evil, it simply means they were born after the Years of the Trees, and never saw the light of Telperion or Lorelin. This does nog make them evil in any way, Elrond for example was born around F.A. 500 and is of the Moriquendi, as are his sons and daughter. Legolas is of the Moriquendi too, so your entire plotline (judging by the title) is basically wrong.
Guest chapter 6 . 5/11/2014
The Atari are the Refusers, or the Unwilling, they refused to leave CuiviƩnen with any of the Elven hosts, and can not have ended up on Arda, as they are then no longer Atari.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/11/2014
In sindarin "nin" comes behind the noun, so instead of "nin ion" you would have "ion nin".
matyre chapter 9 . 1/22/2014
Hmm, I think that the actual meeting of Legolas and Lady Rhinure should have been much, much more detailed. I feel as though the scene was anti-climatic. You should have incorporated Legolas's detailed observations of Lady Rhinure and, of course, first impressions.
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