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BadAssSeme chapter 59 . 11/20
I fuckings adore you. This is the different kind of stuff I needed to read omg thank you. Im so hyped I read it all in like a few hours and Boi! Do I love it? Heck yes I do.
So except for what you’ll decide next.
Not.a.loli chapter 56 . 11/10
Although this story is very dark, I agree with you and I love how you view things and see things from different perspectives although I’m on the neutral end this has really made me think about things, eventually you’ll probably see things how I see that there’s very little that us women can do we can rally but I won’t get anywhere will be silenced once more. But it’s nice to see someone with the same views
Brabbit Lohan chapter 25 . 11/10
What the actual fuck? Are they completely ignoring the fact that some1 wants to kidnap her? That people who shouldn't know of her, know of her now?
that some1 wants to kidnap her?
that some people want to get their hands on oher?
that someone dared to invade an elite jonins house to kidnap her?
that some1 dared to try kidnap her?
that some1 tried to kidnap her?
I hope i have stressed it enough at this point.
Like seriously, they didn't even inform the hokage. like wtf?
This is serious, some1 tried to kidnap her from an elite jonins house. Like its uber fucking serious, not just the kidnaping but also trespasing into kakashis house. like holy shit they are like ignoring it. wtf?
Brabbit Lohan chapter 14 . 11/10
No no... It's literally IMPOSSIBLE for Kakashi not to notice her in his pocket. First of all, he couldn't just leave her alone before leaving for mission, he also didn't leave her with pakkun or guy or any1 for that matter. Did he think just leaving her sleeping ALONE in her bed would have been smart?
So its impossible. PLOT HOLE. and pissing me off about how impossible this is
Brabbit Lohan chapter 8 . 11/9
I hope there is not too much anime to read. I have 0 interest of rereading what happens in anime from Haruhis hidden point of view without any other changes.
Alisha chapter 59 . 11/2
Haruhi is so freaking bad ass I actually want to see her team up with Tsunade and hand men on their asses like a boss. I also cannot wait to see more fluff between Kakashi and Haruhi they are the flipping cutest ever !
Ms.Creant chapter 59 . 11/3
Haruhi is savage AF. Girl tore ripped him a new one. Truth hurts
Miguel chapter 59 . 10/23
This is one of the beat fanfics I've ever read. I admit that the start was shaky and uninteresting, but middle chapters upto this point made me wanted more and more. The characters are well developed and I dare say more than the original.

You have exceeded everyone's expectations. You left the readers, myself included, surprised with the plot twists and revelations about the characters' pasts and history of the world. You made the world of Naruto more alive and less binary (Good and Bad) in morality. Even painting the Uchiha clan not as bad as the original story painted them to be.

The only bad side in your fanfic is the misused words like using 'their' instead of 'there' and using 'defiantly' when you mean 'definitely'. It's a common mistake but I believe it's easy to be corrected. I'm not a native speaker of english myself, but I admit that even I make mistakes.

I expect and want more chapters. Please continue the good work.
orlha chapter 59 . 10/7
*slow claps for Haruhi*
Guest chapter 19 . 9/26
How is their relationship to prosper if her size is Small ... Like duh
NightlyKill chapter 59 . 9/14
I am speechless? That was fantastic, no one has ever properly explained why Jiraiyas character was so messed up.
Darkfrosty chapter 58 . 8/30
Hey, so I was just checking the reviews for this story and I saw that someone has been spamming some pretty rude reviews lately. To the author: I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this adventure you've taken us on with your story. Over time your story has evolved to take on new topics and I personally feel that the atmosphere in your story is remarkable. Things were a little more light hearted in the beginning and now have a slightly more serious tone. It perfectly captures the tone change from Naruto's early episodes to its more later ones. I can understand not liking a story. However, I do not understand trying to crush somebody's motivation for wanting to continue writing that story. Dear author, you are writing this story for free and pouring you heart and soul into it. They do not have the right to suddenly start dumping hurtful comments just because the story isn't going how they wanted it to. Please don't think that other person's review reflects what the rest of us think. I look forward to reading your next chapter.
Authorplsno chapter 38 . 8/28
Yeah, I don't know what happened to the author but this is just not okay. This story was great and heart warming and then the genre changed and everything was terrible. Please just stop. This lovely story has been ruined utterly and completely. Whatever happened, whoever hurt the author? I really hope they get what's coming to them. Because over the last eight chapter this amazing and enjoyable story has just been ruined utterly and completely by the Author's rampant privilege rants and dystopia fanon bullshit. What had once been a fun story has become a slog to read, and is as undesirable and bleak as the picture it paints of Konohagakure no Sato.
Ofcourse chapter 37 . 8/28
The world doesn't conform to my ideal, therefore, the world is wrong? Sure, sure. Just like when I go to another country and that country doesn't conform to my ideals, therefore, that country is wrong. Obviously that how you approach another culture. Reject it outright and vilify it for being your definition of wrong. Real stand up person-ing there, nice work. Seriously it's an entire different world and a different culture, don't shit all over a culture because it does things you dislike. How very American of you... heh. I don't like to stereotype because it's a shitty thing to do. But now that I think of it most america's shit all over every country they go to and expect the locals to be okay with it because their country has more and bigger guns. Pronouncing the names of thing wrong and doing it on purpose because 'it's the american(and therefore 'proper' pronunciation) for it' or whatever is a huge offence in some countries. In Australia you can get into a fist fight just by singing another countries national anthem while on Australian soil. Things that seem stupid and unimportant to Americans can and do really piss people off. Forcing their own beliefs onto another country and naming that country as bad because it doesn't conform to it's belief is one of the really big ones. Even then this word doesn't even have the same history as ours, so if child solders are a normal and expected occurrence in another world with no relation to the world you came from at all baring a few similarities you just gotta shut up and accept that. For god sake.
AgainWTF chapter 36 . 8/28
The ability to regrow skin(FROM LITERALLY NOTHING) and remove scars is canon... While it isn't explicitly stated it is heavily implied that the character who keep their scars keep them because they either take pride in them or think they're cool. Ibiki Morino takes pride in his scars, but even then it's latter implied that the mess that was his head was actually a Genjutsu. He used a plausible story constructed around the reason he's always wearing a bandanna to intimidate the people taking the test. KONOHA HAS A NASCENT PSYCHIATRIC WARD AND TAKES THEIR SHINOBI OFF THE ROSTER IF THEY'RE DEEMED UNFIT FOR SERVICE UNLESS THERE'S A WAR! Granted it's implied to be a relatively new program begun by the Yamanaka some time BEFORE the beginning of the manga, probably around the second great ninja war; and they're only really focused on keeping the Shinobi functional and 'safe' in the broadest definition of the term. Then again it's a new field of study and they haven't pressed very far or gone to the same lengths in further the field as we have IRL. Which for the record involved a lot of torture, lobotomies and other super messed up stuff in various morally ambiguous programs conducted on both, specially selected inductees, volunteers and enemy soldiers. The world wars were a bad time for everyone both in Naruto's equivalent and IRL. So, yeah. This dystonia fanon sh-tuff, it annoying me.
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