Reviews for Objectivity
Maxine chapter 29 . 10/16
I’m now wondering if you can make Arriety references with Haruhi... That would be reeaaallll interesting, and I think it’ll be cute!

I really like this fic!
More please!
ruinedsandwich chapter 29 . 10/16
bitch this shit. i love it. holy hell man this is the spicy meatball to my spaghetti. the apple in my eye. fuck yeah kudos for originality. look at that character development. holy shit look at that
zanagisa chapter 29 . 10/8
What an original idea for a story!
Innieminnie chapter 7 . 10/8
che, romance.
AkioYuuna chapter 29 . 10/7
oh my~
i really like this story, and how haruhi affect team 7. like how they bond more than the canon, how sakura's usefullness before chunnin exam, how naruto to be more calm, and how sasuke jealous at haku about sakura, and dont forget about how easily kakashi blushed at haruhi.
that's so adorable~~
but how about haruhi's home sick? will she get home? or how about her body? will her body's grow?
rinningan chapter 29 . 10/6
Chapter 28 and 29 are exactly the same...
hennessyswagg83 chapter 3 . 10/3
Typically Sandaime stealing something that belongs to Naruto and keeping it from him yet considers himself a grandfather figure to him I've always dislike the Sandaime's character felt he never really did anything for him but try to keep him loyal to him as all Kages do with Jinchūrikis
Mikado X Goddess chapter 29 . 9/30
Be fun to see a snippet from other character perspective of Haruhi
kyoanna chapter 26 . 9/17
um it's no biggie but in this chapter Haruhi claims she never had v ramen but she ate it with them the day after thier first mission
scythe195 chapter 29 . 9/16
Awesome story, can't wait for the next update!
LPWomer chapter 29 . 9/15
I love this!~
Guest chapter 29 . 9/6
Ahh I'm so sucked in! I feel like I'm waiting on the next episode of an awesome show. I love your creativity and how you explored a new angle on a oc thrown into naruto. I hope there is a jutsu that allows Haruhi to grow. Maybe a seal that gives her a few hrs a day Normal size? Please give me a hint! Kakashi would appreciate it! Please update soon.
Pika5490 chapter 29 . 9/6
YOSH! AMAZINGNESS PUT IN WORDS. So happy this exists... Yeah, school kicked my ass, and it's only day one! My autopilot mode is malfunctioning so badly T-T
NatNicole chapter 29 . 9/5
BRILLIANT update! *jumps up an' down, grinning like a gleeful kid Obito*
Prince chapter 29 . 9/4
Everyone shines their brightest when Haruhi is in the vicinity. They become 500000000% cuter and I want to protect them all. They need guidance so badly, everyone is sad and messed up inside.
Especially Kakashi, who is so totally desperate for Haruhi's affections. ("Do you [like sappy romantic guys i can be that if you want plz]?"/"if it means so much to you I guess we can go early [i'll break my long-standing reputation for always being late just for you bae]")
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