Reviews for Josh on Ice
xXFallenAngelGraceXx chapter 2 . 1/29/2017
Dear Dipsh4t I'm really sorry for my answer to the homework from last lesson I had a lot of other homework and didn't have time to focus :( I'll try extra hard this time

1. Your insertion of your own commentary into the story is a direct allusion to classical literature, which puts across the message that Josh on Ice is a story that will go down through the ages, preserved for hundreds, no, thousands of years, and the name Dipsh4t will be remembered among the likes of Victor Hugo, William Shakespeare, and Charles Dickens. This literary choice sets Josh on Ice apart from the other insufferable garbage usually published these days.

2. In Breaking Kristoff, Kristoff falls back upon ice crystal meth as a last resort, in order to make money in Arendelle's failing economy. Ice is something that is familiar to him, and his expertise with it (raised as an ice vendor) allows him to handle it easily. By contrast, Josh is unfamiliar with ice, and ice is alien to him. This story is about Josh learning to become familiar with ice (and also with Sam's b-hole in later chapters is my prediction)

3. Josh may be aware of his feelings for Sam, but he attempts to hide from it, much in the same way that Leo and Bartlet attempt to hide their relationship from the world. It also parallels Yuri on Ice because Josh likely thinks he would never be able to be with someone like Sam, much in the same way that Yuri never thought he would ever be able to be with Victor, when Victor liked him back all along...
xXFallenAngelGraceXx chapter 1 . 1/28/2017
1. I think homophobia still existing in the USA will make Josh's journey difficult. Sam and Josh, being Americans, will be expected to conform to American ideals, and it will take a lot of courage for them to have a gay ice dance together.
2. Yuri's broken leg is perhaps a foreshadowing of events that are to come in US-Japanese relations. Depending on the actions of Victor and Yuri, who are in America to perform directly for the government, any slip-ups could seriously harm US-Japanese relations. perhaps Yuri's leg being broken is foreshadowing to a potential conflict between the two nations...
3. Leo.
Lara chapter 1 . 1/28/2017
1. How do you think homophobia still existing in the United States will affect the characters’ interactions?
I think homophobia in the US will continue to make Josh doubt who he really is. Even with support from Yuri and Victor, I feel like Josh may not understand the appeal of anal sex until later chapters. I am hoping no one makes any homophobic comments, but I do not know the West Wing except that some of them are closeted and they will walk out of the closet and onto the ice rink some day.

2. What is the symbolism of Yuri’s broken leg in terms of US-Japanese relations?
I think his broken leg is symbolic of how western fans view YOI and how Japanese fans view YOI. There's a disconnect, where western fans are quick to jump to the conclusion of queerbaiting, while Japanese fans easily understood and accepted that Victor and Yuri are romantically involved. There is also a disconnect in Yuri's leg.

3. Leo
From my understanding, there is a Leo in west wing and in Yuri On Ice. I am assuming this is a parallel to show that TWW Leo is also gay.