Reviews for Hands Clean
Guest chapter 16 . 9/5
Great story. I loved it, very well written. I hope to see more from you.
Guest chapter 16 . 8/25
Fuck you're brilliant
Anonymous chapter 16 . 8/23
So damn funny.
KuramaG33 chapter 16 . 7/23
Rereading this was such a treat.
Lovelier the second time around
Kuramag33 chapter 13 . 6/26
KG33 here! Just stalking about and mooning over thess little love tales!
Kuramag33 chapter 16 . 6/25
This is an excellent story !
Vanadis Vanetti chapter 16 . 6/25
I could list down what I thought was good about this piece but I think a lot of people have already shared sentiments that mirror mine. Overall, it's a really good story! Definitely one of my fave HieixBotan fics. I hope you keep on writing more stories about this ship!
Vanadis Vanetti chapter 7 . 6/25
wow. chapter 7 is such a funnily written chapter.
Vanadis Vanetti chapter 6 . 6/25
I'm still at chaptet 6, but so far, i really love it. This is really interesting. it's so nice~
Guest chapter 16 . 6/22
Ahhh, it's over! This was such a fun read. I enjoyed Yusuke and Botan's talk. Though Yusuke must be traumatized after hearing Botan describe Hiei's "perfect" dick. XD

I love that Kuwabara and Kurama teamed up to get Hiei and Botan together. How sweet of them.

And the ending was perfect. After pretending for so long, they finally just decided to be straight with each other. I love how blunt Hiei was in asking Botan to be his lover. It was so in character and so satisfying.

Thanks for this awesome story! And thank you for reposting.

ReaperDemon chapter 16 . 6/24
What a splendid story. Very happy to see a...happy ending, for both Botan and Hiei. The air is clean, people are forgiven for their wrong doings, and life is moving on for everyone in a positive light. I appreciate that Kuwabara and Kurama did what they could to get Botan and Hiei to meet up again as well. it was a bit awkward, but the two of them, Hiei and Botan, coming to terms with how they feel and stopping all this pretending and sneaking around, leaves a feel good moment as they come together as a true couple.
ReaperDemon chapter 15 . 6/24
Basically caught in the act by three people, and found out by Kuwabara almost immediately upon arriving at his home. It's certainly been a rough day for Hiei and Botan.
Crystal Koneko chapter 16 . 6/21
Can I just say the "commit to me and be my lover..." line is my absolute favorite get-together in all my years of reading HB fanfics.
ReaperDemon chapter 14 . 6/19
It's said you can't always get what you want...but when Botan and Hiei finally have that opportunity to get what they've always wanted, they don't want it. Both wanted partners, naked, ready, and willing, but neither Hiei or Botan are aroused enough to follow through. What a crazy situation!

I feel bad for Botan...having that beautiful dress of hers torn up by Yusuke's rough behavior. Not that Hiei's suit, that looked so good on him, wound up any better after Mukuro tore it to shreds trying to get as his dick.

At least there's some kind of happy ending coming for the both of them. Double entendre! Hiei and Botan can forget about their worries and troubles for just one last night, have passionate and fulfilling sex, and then deal with Yusuke and Mukuro the following morning.
MystiKoorime chapter 15 . 6/17
I'm really glad that Kuwabara talked some sense into Botan. Love her - but she really was playing herself by playing Yusuke and somebody needed to tell her that.

And Kurama tricking Hiei into admitting aloud that he actually was having an affair with Botan was awesome! I always love the way you write Kurama in your fics and this one is no exception!

The end... oh boy... the end! I had to chuckle when Hiei spotted Yusuke and Mukuro and just kinda.. gave up and buried his head in Botan's chest. The image made me giggle. And something about the fact that Botan was so reluctant to have Yusuke see her naked, while completely baring herself to Hiei, and having Hiei understand that while covering her with her kimono made my HB feels rise.

All in all, this was an excellent chapter. Loved every scene and every interaction. The emotions were running high here with everyone and I can't wait to read about the aftermath.

Thanks for the update~
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