Reviews for Severus Snape's Secret Lover
The-Halfblooded-Princess chapter 43 . 1/18
I think this is one of the best Snape/OC stories I have ever read! Thank you for completing it as wellso many good writers just leave stories and never return.
Snowgirl7589 chapter 1 . 5/16/2017
ohhh so wonderful!
FaithfulWarrior chapter 43 . 4/7/2017
Wow. Such a wonderful story. I may be bummed that you had to end it sooner...but I completely understand! Thank you so much for finishing strong!
You're an amazing writer and I would love to read more from you!
You are one of those few awesome people who understands Snape and knows just how to capture his personality. Well done.


P.S. Sorry it took me so long to review this. I've been on vacation.
Kathryn chapter 33 . 4/1/2017
Ten points for the Shakespear reference!
ImagineFandoms chapter 1 . 4/3/2017
From all your referencing in the book your most probably a fan of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, and Greek Mythology (Percy Jackson?)
ImagineFandoms chapter 1 . 4/3/2017
Jason and Benny hey? You a Bull fan too? Thank Hades I'm not the only one!
Guest chapter 42 . 3/29/2017
EEEEEEEEEEEEK! (that was a squeal)
Guest chapter 36 . 3/29/2017
Ha. . . ha. . . HA!
Guest chapter 32 . 3/29/2017
Well done, Finnigan.
Guest chapter 27 . 3/29/2017
N J Dryad chapter 23 . 3/22/2017
It just now occurs to me because of the juxtaposition of your title and Lockhart, but dandies aren't really dandy, are they? Unless they're Dandie Dinmont dogs. : D

I like the double murder and burial idea. However, since ghosts are real in this 'verse, Snape might come back and haunt Eowyn. That would make for an interesting story!
N J Dryad chapter 22 . 3/22/2017
Knowing good from bad isn't hard if you have a well-developed moral compass. However, this being the Potterverse, nobody has one of those. Even if they did, the fact that many things are OK If A Gryffindor Does Them means that what's good for some people is bad for others, and vice versa. No wonder Snape is confused!
N J Dryad chapter 21 . 3/22/2017
Since this is HP and everybody's dumb, nobody will carry this revelation to its obvious conclusion: That Severus Snape is capable of being a fun guy. That would literally make their heads explode. Which would be really cool. Too bad that's not going to happen. : (
N J Dryad chapter 20 . 3/22/2017
Oh, great idea! This reminds me of my favorite history assignment of all my school years: It involved the early New England colonies. It was also a game like this. We pretended to be colonists who had to deal with winter, failed crops, disease, etc. If all history was taught like this people would learn a lot more in their classes. After all, Finland's classes mostly involve play, and they have the best-ranked schools in the world.
N J Dryad chapter 19 . 3/22/2017
Apparently among other deficiencies, the Hogwarts library doesn't have any books on teaching methods. That's not surprising, considering that none of the teachers seem to be trained.

I like Eowyn's subtlety in redirecting Severus. No wonder she gets along well with a Slytherin. I'm assuming she's trying make things more interesting.
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