Reviews for The Same, But Different: The 74th Annual Hunger Games
foxfox12 chapter 26 . 8/24/2019
When I tell you I just spent the last half hour with my mouth agape, being judged by my entire family- I mean it. This chapter left me reeling, I feel like I’ll never recover. You wrote it so beautifully, every moment seemed to flow, not breaking for any slow points in time. Each point of view was intricately detailed but just mysterious enough to leave me on the edge of my seat as I read on. You’re writing has always been fantastic but this chapter floored me and the end took my breath away. I can’t explain how much I loved scouring through this chapter. I even reread it a few times.

Koras’s death tugged at my heartstrings. The way he said goodbye was so bittersweet, I could almost feel like I was there with him as he slowly slipped away. Natural deaths happen though and you did a good job making them reality in this story.

Sonata’s stunt? I don’t know what to say. It just seemed so entirely Sonata. Something she would- and frankly, did do. She knew she was done for so she jumped, not just literally, because she did jump. But she strove for one last applause, she leaped from a tree into a wasps nest and took out a career. Forever will she live on as that brave little girl.

Rielle’s guilt was really well-written. I could feel how ashamed and horrified she was. But the end really showed how she was pushing past it. Something might change in the time leading up to the finale, but it really seemed like she was ready to take one last life, we all know she wants to go home.

I want both Twine and Rielle to win so badly! Both of them have gone through so much and changed so dramatically. You’ve written them both so realistically and beautifully that it’s really hard to comprehend that those two will be the last. On the one hand I want Twine to win, the pessimistic snarky girl we met in the beginning has changed so much and she deserves it so bad, but on the other hand, Rielle deserves it too! She’s fought her dang hardest and she’s taken two lives. She sided with the careers and she was smart and strong. That’s not something we see often and it would be lovely to see it develop.

Something I fear? Being floored by your writing again and again. Haha. But in actuality, I have an intense fear of heights. I actually fear a lot of normal stuff, snakes and spiders, loneliness, dying, the dark, heights. But my fear of heights is so unique and hard to describe that it really stands out.

Can’t wait for the next chapter Pi! Hope you had a great vacation!
CelticGames4 chapter 25 . 8/12/2019
He is now the strongest and most trained tribute left, but he's also all alone. And I worry for him because you've said that you're not a big Career person.
I cant believe we're already to the final 5! That's really crazy to me. Honestly, the pacing was really good, with not too much death too fast. These updates just read really fast because they're really easy to read. I don't think there's too much reflecting (I'm so guilty of that) but there's also not too much action, you have a really good balance.
This was an intense chapter and I can't believe Hestia betrayed the alliance so early. Brock got screwed by that poison, that's for sure.
I'm really surprised Reign died. Honestly, I was expecting her to be a contender for Victor and was surprised when you said she really wasn't. But she was a good character and I wonder how Token is going to react knowing that his District partner and all other allies are dead. And he might get screwed if other tributes are able to take his supplies, but if this goes like it does in the books, there should be a feast coming up. Although maybe they won't do it with so few tributes left. Guess we'll see!
Sonata noticing the tracker jackers, despite not knowing what they are, is an interesting plot point. I wonder if A) she'll have the time to climb a whole ass tree while being pursued and B) if Token will even find her, considering he's currently in the wheat field and not the forest. I'm hoping that he's not taken out by the tracker jackers, but that might be a good way to get rid of him. I guess we'll have to see what happens!
As for Twine, I think she'll find it in her. There's always one character per story for me that is really hard to remember, and that's Twine. She just flies under the radar so I have no strong opinions about her.
My favorite vacation spot is up to Maryland to see my boyfriend, lol because I'm a sap.
Great chapter! I'm so shooketh and internally screaming because Token made it so far and I can't wait to see what the other tributes do leading up till the end!
CelticGames4 chapter 24 . 8/12/2019
Aw, Token has a heart! It was nice to see him struggling to hold it together and remain "strong." I feel like he's going to burn out eventually and I was a little worried that he was going to implode this chapter after getting lost like a big dummy. But he's really a good boy that needs to sort things out before he goes, which I think he's starting to do.
I think Rielle made a good choice, but if Koras doesn't die, I feel like the girls are perceptive enough to notice. I think Rielle is in some trouble now.
I think that Koras is going to run into Token before he goes and be taken out of his misery because he rendered his shoulder basically useless.
RIP Axel and Millie. You guys were cute friends and it's sad to see them both go. I wonder if they'll live on through Koras.
My all-time favorite color... Cerulean blue I think.
Justabibliophile chapter 25 . 8/8/2019
Reign: Oh my GOD. I audibly gasped while reading this. Four deaths in one go. I should've known it'd be Hestia to start this entire battle. Also, I find the return of Reign's poison oddly satisfying. Anyways, I'm really sad to see Reign go. I just got used to her being around, I guess. But I did always feel like she wouldn't work as a Victor. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy her, though.

Twine: Wow, she is lucky! She got supplies and all without having to kill anyone. I think she definitely has potential if she can summon the nerve to do it. I feel like she and Koras are going to collide soon, and his injury will obviously have weakened him.

Sonata: I do love seeing a younger tribute make it to the top five. The plan she has is certainly an interesting one, and it could definitely work. Except it makes me fear for Rielle's life. then again, I've been fearing for her life the entire time. But honestly, based on how much she's been thinking it, I feel like she's going to encounter Token. I don't know if she'll be strong enough to take him down if she finds him.

Great chapter as always. I'm just nervous because the poll allows two choices but there are three tributes that I could see as winners. This is so hard to choose... I can't believe this is coming to an end soon.

Egypt's the same place I've gone to for 90% of my vacations and I've loved it every time. I hope you have a great vacation.
AlphaZero21 chapter 25 . 8/7/2019
Didn't expect that career breakup so soon but it ended up making sense in context (My heart was also pounding reading that). Poor Reign...
I'm curious how those who were affiliated with the careers prior to their breakup (and so like, one or two people) will feel about that. I guess all of this fighting means we're in the endgame now T_T

I wonder who Sonata mind end up taking down and if she'll be able to do it. She'll have to find somebody and drag them over near that nest. Also Twine got really lucky here but I think that's actually pretty cool.

RQ: I went to Orlando last summer and got to see Disneyland. Florida is pretty hot but I liked it there haha

Great chapter. Sorry for my absence with reviews, I was struggling to come up with things to write for them.
Justabibliophile chapter 24 . 8/4/2019
Token: This was one hell of a ride. We finally found out what happened in Token's past, and it was intense. This was such a great look into his character, and his realization as to what he's done is heartbreaking. I don't know if he'll be able to do much with his insomnia though. As someone who once suffered from it, it was a nightmare. Thankfully I was able to find resources to help me, but he doesn't have access to this now. If nothing else, his regret might give him more determination to win and finally make things right.

Rielle: This was even more intense, oh my God. For starters, we lost two tributes. But Rielle and Koras are stealing my attention at the moment. I must commend your ideas because they're just fantastic. Lying to Hestia and Reign was the best decision in the moment, but I really feel like she needs to get away from the Careers now. That lie will most definitely come back to bite her. Even if it doesn't, over half of the remaining tributes are Careers. That alliance is going to split, and it probably won't be pretty.

Koras: Aww, this was a sad one at the end. I'm nervous about Koras's wound-that isn't going to turn out well. When he decided to look for the Cornucopia, I genuinely felt my stomach drop. That's going to be all the proof the Careers need for what Rielle did. She seriously needs to get out of there. Because of all the drama it will cause, I think he'll find it.

Millie: We didn't see much of her, but she really deserved better. She was very realistic. R.I.P.

Axel: They went through so much. I can't imagine how it must feel to be attacked so heavily. If nothing else, things improved a bit before the end.

Ooh, that's hard. Blue or purple depending on the day.
Guest chapter 23 . 7/26/2019
Plzzzzzz UPDATE
Guest chapter 23 . 7/16/2019
Wow! This chapter is great! Please update soon !
CelticGames4 chapter 23 . 7/13/2019
Woah, we're halfway through! I can't wait for the coming action.
Reign is smart trying to keep her District partner under control. I can't wait to see Token snap though and see if he possibly gets to feel a little torn up about it. But way to go Reign, keeping him alive for this long!
I didn't think that Reign went because I couldn't imagine someone killing her so suddenly. Although I was hella worried for my boy this whole chapter.
I was shocked that Alec ate the nightlock, but I was hoping it would come into play. Kind of ironic that the tribute from District Five dies from nightlock just like in the original book. This time it's the boy though, not the girl.
Wonder how long Rielle is going to stay in the Careers. And I wonder if this girl group is going to get any kills. Can't wait to see the action!
Of all the characters, Twine is my least favorite. She just doesn't stand out to me. Her bad attitude was passed onto her from how she was raised, but it just makes her seem unpleasant. I hope that she either gets hope or just keels over soon.
Sonata's POV was so sad. I bet she'll have trouble without Alec, but I think that's going to put a fire under her ass to win. After all, that's what she was focused on in the chapter beforehand. It was setting it up for his death. I think she's going to keep going, maybe dying or even going further. Anything is possible.
Great chap! I'm loving the action and can't wait for more!
Justabibliophile chapter 23 . 7/13/2019
Twine: Words can not describe how happy I am. Thank goodness. That was such a heartwarming moment, and it gave Twine the faith she needed to keep going. She’s still on a slippery slope, especially since all of her water’s gone. I think she’ll be able to did something else soon.

Reign: I don’t know why, but I found that conversation hilarious. I’ve played both the parts of Reign and Rielle in those situations and both are equally awkward. But none of that matters because you can’t just scare me like that! I seriously thought she died. I kept wondering, “Oh my God who did it, why, will this cause the Career pack to dissolve...” But it’s all fine.

Sonata: Oh, that hurt. That still hurt. Sonata and Alex were a great duo, and they complemented each other well. Any hopes of I had for Sonata’s potential victory are gone. I don’t know what she’ll do now, but I don’t know if she can handle winning and having to suffer the strain of this for the rest of her life. She put a lot of pressure to be the leader, and now that all her teammates are gone, she’ll feel like a failure.

Owls, if only because of Harry Potter. Also, I don’t mean to put any pressure on you, but I’m loving these rapid updates lately. Great job!
Guest chapter 22 . 7/12/2019
Please update soon! I’m dying to see what happens next!
CelticGames4 chapter 22 . 7/9/2019
The timestamps definitely helped! The chapter flowed more smoothly because I could tell what was happening when!
Kivan- I was getting bad vibes from his POV that something would go wrong for him, it read very loudly sendoff POV. But I'm glad he's out of the way for the sake of my son. It was a nice way to send him off and I really can't believe that hew as once supposed to be a Career! That's crazy to me because I really couldn't even tell. He was a good character, but his death makes sense. I wonder if that injury will be the death of Brock later on. RIP Kivan. And we're almost halfway there!
Rielle- This was an interesting POV. I feel like it's setting her on the path for a possible Victor's arc, but the Games can turn any way at any moment so I'm not going to throw too much confidence her way. Especially because she recognizes that she is in a bad situation at the moment. I wonder what will come from her, but it's interesting that now she's actually having regrets. Also, thank goodness Token decided to rest, lol, even if he's not happy about it. I think that Reign wants Token to be a meat shield for her and is torn about the whole District loyalty thing as well. I think that Rielle just needs to stay put and just wait it out. They don't seem to want to kill her at this point.
Koras- District Nine solidarity. I could have never gotten the hint about the pancakes, I never even would have thought anything of it except "FOOD! DELICIOUS! CELTIC EAT FOOD!" at that point lol. Koras never really stood out to me but he is doing his best to protect his allies. Hopefully they stay away from the berries (nightlock) and continue to do their best. Interesting that Axel is starting to have a bit of a dark streak. I wonder if this will tear the alliance apart. The forest was a good decision for them because there's food, but it might be rough for them because of other tributes and if they run out of water.
Great work on this! Can't wait for more of this story!
Guesttwelve chapter 22 . 7/2/2019
Noooooooo Kivan! At least he did some damage. :(

Rielle is defiently on thin ice. As the tribute count starts to dwindle, she will certianly be a target for the careers. Best solution would be to ditch them IMO. I'm thinking a career death is next. Half of the tributes remaining are careers, Rielle included. Brock's chances doesn't seem very good with his damaged shoulder, but I think Pearl is also an possiblity for no other reason than I think the other careers will make it furthur.

Wow the trio is so overthinking everything. Nevertheless, moving to the forest has it's advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, they should stock up on as much supplies as possible before retreating back to the safety of the fields.
Justabibliophile chapter 22 . 7/1/2019
Kivan: KIVAN. NO. NO. Alright, I’m fine. I’m not fine. He was such a wonderful character, dang it... I guess it makes sense that with the Careers making him a huge target, he was bound to go down soon. But still... Well, at least the fight was pretty epic. I’m proud he went down with an impact.

Rielle: Oh goodness, my girl is probably going to die. I’m still rooting for her, but she is probably going to die. If there is a solution to her position right now, I can’t figure out what it is. At least Brock’s injury might ease things on her a bit, but that’s not much. Anyways, I’m glad Token is finally taking care of himself, although I also wonder why Reign was so insistent.

Koras: Alright, the trio seems to feel much more comfortable with each other... Except for the fact that Axel is the only one with a weapon. That’s slightly concerning. Anyways, I’m glad that they spared Sonata and Alex because I love those two. (at this point, I love pretty much everyone) I’m also glad the three of them got sponsored food. But I can’t help but wonder if they’re reading into this too much, especially considering that the hunting party is going to the forest...

Night, I think. Day is where you can actually do things, but night is pretty and I like sleeping. Also, my real life name is closely related to the night, so night.
CelticGames4 chapter 21 . 6/22/2019
I think it was smart to put night and day in the same chapter! Although to be honest, it was a little bit confusing when I didn't realize that each POV reset to the first night, especially Twine's, because Token ended on the second day and logically I figured that the next POV would be the second night. Maybe if you could mention some indication of when it's happening to be sure that the cannon in all the POVs is the same one.
Anyways, these were interesting POV choices.
Sonata- These two are cute. She's having a good arc now because of her failure to get all of her allies out of the bloodbath, but hopefully Alec will help her pick up the pieces. Although I have a feeling he's going to die before her. I was worried for them that their happiness would be ruined but I'm glad it wasn't for now. I think now that they have water they will focus on getting food which is a good idea for them.
Token- I'm worried about my stubborn asshole now because the lack of sleep might bite him. I was surprised that Kayne died so soon but the Games aren't always perfectly logical. RIP Kayne. It seems the only tribute I see in the first is Kivan, which could spell trouble for Token. I'm worried for my boy but we'll see how this goes.
Twine- You set this POV up like she could be saved, but I don't think she will. Because canonically many tributes die because of survival more than in fights, I think she will have the ill fate of dying of dehydration. Even if she is motivated, I don't think she'll find it.
My favorite animated movie is Big Hero 6!
Keep up the good work on this!
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