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Justabibliophile chapter 21 . 6/14/2019
Sonata: I couldn't help but really pity Sonata here. She put a lot of pressure on herself to be a leader and keep this alliance together, and now over half of them are gone. At least it looks like Alec and Sonata have a fairly strong friendship. And of course, they've found water! Now that they've found water, they have a huge advantage. I assume they're going to collect as much as possible.

Token: Oh my goodness, Rielle really is the odd one out isn't she? At least the Careers don't seem to hate each other that much. Also, KAYNE NO. Anyways, the last line of this POV really makes me nervous for the next chapter. That line of thinking is probably going to bite him in the back later. I feel like it might be Twine who's next, but I also really hope not cause I don't want her to die. It could be anyone. I don't remember where everybody is.

Twine: This POV was painful to read. I just feel so bad for her and for every tribute. I really hope we have a heartwarming moment soon where we find out that Velveteen didn't give up on her and sponsors her something, because that would make me smile. I want her to find motivation somehow.

Kayne: KAYNE. Kayne, Kayne, Kayne. I am not okay right now. I honestly adored him. I related to him a lot and he was just really sweet and fun to read about. I'm just going to mourn now. Also, we're one away from having half the tributes dead already.

The Lion King, of course. I really hope the upcoming live action movie does it justice. I thought the live action Aladdin was really well done, so they better do a good job this time.
CelticGames4 chapter 20 . 6/7/2019
Ah, yes, the Day 1 lull. Nothing wrong with that, it happens.
Poor Marie, man that sucks. I've never seen a tribute left to suffer like that but even though it's tough, it definitely happens. She couldn't even do as much as make a noise, and had to wait so long to be taken out of her misery. That's tough. She was so cute and didn't deserve that :'(
Reign is in an interesting place now because she's got the secret poison but also she has that secret killing guilt, which don't really go together. I wonder if her allies will figure out about either or if she'll be able to control her emotions. The poison might be obvious for the first kill, if her allies are perceptive. Hestia might figure it out. Perhaps Pearl will be perceptive enough, but I'm not sure if she'll say anything. I wonder if Token will ultimately have Reign's back or not. I don't know if I was really expecting it, perhaps because she was a sneaky District 1 girl that practically screamed "I have something up my sleeve." I think that Kayne might be in trouble, not really because of his lack of supplies but probably because of his outright lack of will to live and faith in himself. He seems to have a good strategy, but no way to make a safe camp.
I think that the outer District trio is already falling apart. There's a lot of tension there and they all miss the two people they've lost but I think Calder kind of held them together and I can see them separating early. I wonder why Axel is so un-fit and wheezing, but I feel like this alliance could easily fall apart.
I'm a bit worried for the hunters but hopefully they can pull off a kill or two before they return. I wonder why Reign seems so attached to them, though. Perhaps a security thing or maybe she's making friends. Who knows?
Also, "I hope she wasn't in too much pain before she died." That was rough man. ouch that irony hurts me.
Great chapter! Can't wait to see what you've set up!
Justabibliophile chapter 20 . 6/4/2019
Congratulations on 100 reviews!

Reign: The Careers already feel pretty tense and awkward to read about, my goodness. I'm also quite nervous about the hunting party. There are going to be more deaths, and I'm not ready. Also, Reign using poison shocked me. Of the Careers, I didn't expect her. It's a good idea, sure, but having weapons that lethal is grounds for some huge mistakes. Imagine a weapon accidentally hits one of her allies. What would have been a slight scar becomes a death sentence, and the other Careers will assume she did it on purpose, and the Careers dissolve into chaos early on in the Games. I already know she intends to use it on her fellow Careers at some point, but this early on is not a good idea. Or maybe I'm overthinking this.

Kayne: This whole section was just another reminder of how badly I would fare in the Games. I cannot use strategy and observe like he can. It stung a little bit when he mentioned how the woods would make him feel peaceful if he wasn't in the Games. The Capitol has ruined everything. I am extremely nervous about him though. There's a hunting party coming, and he's tired with few belongings. But if he can find that water source first, he'll have a huge advantage. Either way, I'm really rooting for him and I don't want him to die now.

Koras: Similarly to the Careers, it felt very tense and awkward to read about the Trio. Even though nobody said out loud that they were upset Koras didn't get anything, I can still feel it unsaid. If not even a good watermelon joke can lighten the mood, then you know things have gotten bad. The hunting party is also coming, and if they're able to find the Trio it's either a good time to enforce the unity between them or a good time for the Trio members to desert each other. We'll see.

Marie: Oh my God, that is a horrible way to go. I didn't even consider that she would still be in pain when I saw she was alive last chapter. I just thought she had been knocked unconscious. That's just horrible and unfair. I'm so sorry, Marie.
CelticGames4 chapter 19 . 5/16/2019
MARIE! SWEET MARIE! I was really sad to see her "dead" so when she was the one that was alive after all of that, I'm on the edge of my seat. How did she survive?! Where is she now? Is she close to death or- GASP maybe she's playing dead until the Careers leave! Just so nobody would disturb her. I'm really really interested to see what happens to her.
I liked this format because, especially in a bloodbath, a lot of people just want to know what happens and don't want a lot of fluff in between. This was very straightforward and there was never a lull in the action, so I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I liked the format!
Okay, so the bloodbath. Honestly, I was shocked that so many featured tributes were taken out on the first day. I was certainly most surprised by Piper! Calder is a close second, but after Cal went I was sure that Piper would make it when her POV came up. I was shocked that she died, but I was really sad to see Calder go. Rayon and Digger I could see coming. Suede was a surprise because I thought that he would later run into the group. However, his death will probably still affect Sonata's alliance, though not that much, it's just a regret that they couldn't make things right. Digger is really going to make them upset though, but probably light more of a fire for them to fight.I was also surprised by Poppy as I thought that she would get more prominence later. Calder's death makes sense, but I was really getting behind him to win and now I don't know who it might be. Unlike Sonata's alliance, I think his friends and allies are going to be lost without him as a leader and they might shut down, even for a bit. Piper and Calder were my two most likely to win choices so now I'm not sure and I can't wait to see who arcs and how.
Kivan's running away was dirty to Brielle, but smart for himself knowing that he couldn't kill. I don't know if you intended this, but it's a nice foil to how Peeta, the D12M joined the careers knowing he couldn't kill and stayed with them. Having the D12M that can't kill decide to run away from the Careers while the D12F died early makes a nice contrast.
I should check out the Arena map because I didn't remember that the Arena in the book had the wheat fields and the lake. Anyways.
This was a really intense chapter and I like how the action happened quickly to keep going through the suspense. And I'm glad to see the Careers intact as well. Overall this wasn't what I was expecting but it was awesome!
As for my favorite cat meme, there are so many good ones. I like "I fits, I sits." but I also like cats with bread, lol.
CelticGames4 chapter 18 . 5/16/2019
Hey, talk about life being hectic! Bu I'm SO happy to see this story is still going and I'm here to give it some much-deserved love.
So full confession, I read both chapters on mobile and didn't want to try and leave a long thoughtful review on mobile because who would want to do that? lol. So I know what happens now in the BB but I'll try to tap into the pre-BB Celtic.
Sonata- I forgot about that quote but I'm sure I didn't like that she said it before. Or maybe I said it was a clever strategy lol. Anyways, I think it was very strategic, but Suede knew that saying such a thing was very in-character with Sonata's bossy personality and he couldn't get over that, I don't blame him. It's nice that she wants to be a better leader because of it though and I wonder if this will strain her relationship with her other allies or make it stronger. It could cause a disease of mistrust among the alliance, or it could bring them all closer together as she learns how to be a good teammate.
Poppy- So I was really surprised at the soft side of Poppy that we got to see this chapter. At first it felt a little out of character for her, but it settled in nicely. She's really interesting as a character and honestly I thought she was going to have a lot more time in the Arena. At the time I read this I was sure Seneca Crane was trying to poison her because she was offered food but that's not the case. I thought she would suffer at the hands of mutts but she didn't even get that far.
Digger- It's interesting about the outsider view we got of Kasumi, never having learned what made her the way she was and (like the Capitol audience) wanting to see her as nothing but a monster when she probably had reasons for what she was doing. The mystery surrounding her and her death is really intriguing and it's annoying that we don't get the closure of finding out. Perhaps the Victory Tour will give us some insight, or maybe it won't. That's a very interesting creative decision you made! He is such a sweet boy, but it seems like he's at a bad place, as we learned next chapter. Well I saw the consequences of his placement next chapter. So sad because he was so good but I can't say I didn't see it coming. Digger's thoughts were interesting, and his decision to run away would have been a smart one, though his fate was probably inescapable after Kasumi died.
So I really did not expect most of the BB deaths. I did see Digger coming, I thought that Rayon was too sweet and I thought that the young ones would die. I thought Sonata's alliance would face a hard hit, but not Suede, who I thought would get his revenge later.
Random Question: I'm not sure. I guess the deciduous forests, are those the ones whose leaves fall off? Lol elementary science is failing me. I like the fall season and seeing all the trees be super colorful.
Great chap, off to review the BB!
Justabibliophile chapter 19 . 5/11/2019
I am SO sorry for disappearing. Apparently this website no longer had me as a follower or something, because I wasn't notified. I checked on this story and followed it again, then went through a quick skim reread to refresh myself. And now here we are. The Bloodbath. Oh God. I'm not ready. *Deep breath* Let's see if Rielle makes it out alive.

Token: No, not Digger! No, not Poppy... Digger had so much of my sympathy, and now he's gone. With his death and Suede leaving the alliance, I can't help but wonder how this will affect the younglings. As for Poppy, I am very upset about her death. She really was an interesting character to read about it and I felt she would have been great in the Games. Well, sacrifices must be made. With her and Amanita gone, I wonder what will happen with Piper.

Twine: Oh thank God she made it. I really do like Twine, and she definitely has potential as a Victor if she gets far enough.

Calder: NO. My God, I really did not expect myself to be this upset, but I really am. I love the Reaped Career idea, and I was looking forward to seeing the progress of the Outer pack. Maybe it can keep going without him, but I'm not sure. The way he accepted his death was emotional, but it also made me respect him. He went out with some dignity.

Piper: Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Piper's death makes me sad, but she killed Chip oh my God. Chip was by far my favorite of the characters you created, and not just because his last name's Latier. What's going to happen to Rielle now that she's alone with the Careers? That is, if she doesn't die in the next five seconds. I do have to forgive Piper though because she did it by accident. Pure panic would make anybody do that. I'm still sad though. On the bright side, now I don't have to worry about her being alone without Poppy and Amanita because she's dead too...Sorry, too soon.

Kivan: Did...did Rayon just sacrifice himself? Oh, poor boy... At least Millie escaped. Helping other tributes to that extent would never work in the Games, so I'm not surprised, but still. And Kivan. Oh God. I completely understand. His complete rejection to murder might stop him from winning though. Not to mention the Careers will undoubtedly try to take him down if they ever encounter him again. I'm still curious, will Kivan's departure and Chip's death (*sniffle) have any major impacts on the Careers?

Rielle: Oh God, I almost forget about Rielle. I'm completely heartbroken. The whole way this thing went down with Piper, Chip, and her was a brilliant idea and brilliantly executed, but I'm still sad. Her and Chip's developing friendship was so wholesome. least it looks like Rielle is going to make it. Except with Kivan and Chip gone, she's the only scrapegoat left. Uh oh. But maybe the Careers's hate for Kivan will make Rielle look better? Or maybe not. I'm also disappointed that Suede is gone. I felt like he could have an interesting dynamic with the rest of the young alliance (if it hasn't fallen apart due to all the deaths) later in the Games. Also, Reign didn't kill anyone, did she... Oh, this poor girl. She really can't do it, can she? But the rest of the Careers seem to like her well enough, so hopefully we won't lose her... God, I'm attached to everybody in these Games pretty much. And looks like Marie survived! I don't see her escaping alive though.

1. Chip's. I'd elaborate, but I've talked about him a lot in this interview, so I'll quiet down.
2. Chip's, obviously, but Calder's was also heartbreaking.
3. The Outer pack may suffer a bit because their leader is gone. The younglings might still be able to go strong, but with only two people left, I see the potential for a gradually growing divide between Sonata and Alec. I'm getting real nervous about Rielle's position in the Games. I really do hope she can carry on Chip's memory though. I also wonder whether anyone will point out Reign not killing anybody.

All in all, a very well written chapter and well worth the wait! This is going to be an interesting Games, I can tell, and I'll try and be here until the end.
AlphaZero21 chapter 19 . 5/10/2019
God, I feel a little embarrassed I'm only now catching up on this story with the bloodbath lol. Sorry if I haven't reviewed in a while I just haven't been the most active on . To make up for that I'll go reviewing all the other chapters but since this is the most recent I'll just go ahead and look over it.

Whoa, plenty of deaths right from the get go. Digger caught me off guard in fact just cause to me it felt so swift. Poor kid. He was really nice.

Amanita and Poppy too (who I kinda just assumed would make it maybe a little further into the games) but I mean it IS the Hunger Games. Nobody is safe. I actually think this was a well written bloodbath. Honestly I felt that feeling of nobody was safe.

Also Caulders death. The feels.

To answer your random question: Don't... really watch any... sowwy...
IVolunteerAsAuthor chapter 19 . 5/10/2019
Wow this was a lot of deaths! Keep up the good work!
Berrybush chapter 18 . 4/27/2019
Something tells me Suede might go completely against the alliance, like try to kill them and stuff? like he seems like the type to do that
Also woah Kasumi jumping off was a surprise... I can tell this game is going to be great.
cornellfann chapter 9 . 9/27/2018
I think Koras and Millie could work out! In fact, I hope they work out, I like them both.
Not Suede and maybe not Sonata. Need to know a little more about Marie before I can say about her!
Yeah, I think Kivan should watch out for Amanita, but maybe just keep away from her. I don't think she'll be too much of a threat; though twists do exist.
Nassor was cool! I've never read Heart of Darkness (sorry) but I'm interested in Attila and Nassor; he's a cool guy. Also, Simon is a lad. I look forward to the Dimon/Sigger bromance.
I've had a girlfriend, yes, but I wouldn't classify her as a "significant other", simply because while we were together for a majority of 2016, it was clear we weren't meant for each other. Since then, I haven't really been in the dating game. Sometimes I long for a significant other, but I'm a pretty shy person, so I don't know what'll ever come of me in that sense.
cornellfann chapter 8 . 9/26/2018
I don't think Sonata's alliance will work out. Maybe a day or two into the games the tensions will get too great, probably from poor leadership, I'd think. Man, I'm really slating Sonata. Damn.
I think Piper will struggle to kill, but probably will end up killing yes. I won't expand on that any more so I don't look too wrong when the time comes lol
I think Rayon is genuine. Maybe he's a bloodbath, I dunno, possibly. I don't want to delve too deep.
Velveteen and Johanna were lovely to read, and Blight's brief appearance was nice to see, seeing as Blight is my favourite canon victor.
I do follow politics, yes. It's not something I overly enjoy, but frankly something I desire to understand.
cornellfann chapter 7 . 9/26/2018
Hmm... maybe Blake has plans? Maybe Blake can sense Token's instability? Maybe Blake suffered with steroids like Token? Those are my theories; I think the second one is the most steadfast.
I think Rielle and Chip will weasel their way into the Careers, yes. I'd love to say some betrayal in that, ooh.
I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but maybe Calder won't include anyone. Maybe Calder will shift over to Sonata's alliance? Argh, nah. I don't think so. Possibly Poppy, maybe Piper, Kivan and Koras I'd think. Yeah.
The mentors are cool. Augustus stood out to me; I like his fun personality. Cordelia and Beetee are cool too.
Argh, NYC or Boston? Man, I love the music scene in Boston (Pixies, The Cars), argh, this contradicts my answer a couple chapters ago, but probably yeah, Boston. Sorry NYC.
cornellfann chapter 6 . 9/26/2018
Koras is a favourite of mine already. He seems so genuine, I love him! I love that he has a friend who's "scared of his own shadow", hehe, that's cute. I'd love to see some Dagan if Koras makes it back! I'd also love to see some Uncle Duran; he seems wise and like he could make for some good scenes. I love Koras as a character and his family/friends are very well thought-out and written!
Kivan's dreams seem unrealistic; I'm sorry, but at least he has a motive. I like that. I don't think Kivan is the most likable tribute, but he seems very fleshed-out. Part of me hopes he wins so I can see how he helps Twelve and possibly all of Panem (which my speculative side tells me could spark a revolution; hmmmmmmmmmmm... shut up speculative side) but most of me wants Twine to win (so far!) so I won't say too much. Kivan's a neutral.
Calder, hmm, nah, I need more to discern him. I'm getting some mixed messages from him right now; I don't think I can make a true deduction at the moment. I think he'll have a hard time with Pearl, though. Maybe he'll end up in Sonata's alliance? Who knows. It might make for some interesting events. Looking forward to more of Calder! Neutral on him for now.
Fruits for me. People are putting needles and ground-up metal in strawberries in Australia rn. It sucks.
cornellfann chapter 5 . 9/26/2018
I believe Piper gave off a Poppy-esque vibe before her goodbye scene, but I don't think she's truly like that- you know, making fun of people, even if they are Capitolites. I think she'll have a character arc as well; she's introduced to us as this girl who may very well be influenced by peer pressure, who then has a breakdown but musters herself to get home- though maybe she can't? Who knows. Either way, she's one to watch from the back rows; she could be a contender.
Token... hm. I understand the substance abuse thing, but do I like him? I'll say I like his POV, that was very well-written. I got a feel for him, but I feel I can't properly decide how I feel about him until I read a few more POVs. For now, I'll say I like, because I know I will like him if his future POVs are similar to this one, which was very well-written. Be proud of yourself for that!
Sonata, argh, I think she'll turn out to be the bossy little leader I sorta grasped her for here. If she does start a huge alliance, I don't know how long said alliance will fare. I just don't think she's cut out for the games, let alone this games with other contrasting personalities. I have to say, I don't think Alec and her will last. Sorry. She's a dislike for me; her constant repetition of "Hoover Middle School Council President" sorta solidifies my distaste for her character, as in that she prides herself on what is a temporary and lowly achievement in the grand scheme of things. Sorry, Sonata.
My weirdest fear (probably) is my one of unsafe heights. As in, if I'm on a plane it's fine. I love being on planes, but say I'm on an open staircase that goes three storeys into the air, well, no thanks. My other known fear is a passive one that sorta sits at the back of my mind, and it's the fear of death. Yeah.
Great job on these tributes!
cornellfann chapter 4 . 9/26/2018
Oh, Kayne! Kayne is such a squishy, I love him! That POV was just perfect for a District Seven fanboy like me! Ahh, I love it! He's such a cute character, I know I love him. He's gotta be a favourite of mine; I love his big family as well and that he's the quiet one. I hope he goes far in these games! Although, maybe he wouldn't be a very good victor; I can see him being struck down by his past and maybe turning to liquor or morphling. Oh well, we'll have to see!
Rielle is kinda stereotypical; "I hate District Three" as the opening line sorta dampened my opinion straight from the get-go. Her family doesn't feel as realistic as, say, Kayne's or Twine's, and while that's okay, I don't think I can get as much of a feel for her as some of the others. I think, however, with the seemingly bouncy Chip by her side, Rielle could brighten up. She's a neutral for now.
Digger is also a neutral; normally, I'd think someone like him would warm up to me, but maybe Digger needs some more interactions before I truly get to like him. I must say, though, I do love his backstory and familial relationships; I think you write goodbye scenes extremely well!
I love both cats and dogs, but for practicality reasons and having grown up with them, I'd say cats over dogs.
I loved Cornelius! Great chapter!
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