Reviews for The Same, But Different: The 74th Annual Hunger Games
cornellfann chapter 3 . 9/26/2018
Reign looks like a gate for the Careers, as in she is the most open of them all and radiates positivity, thus possibly allowing her to make friends with others. I think, however, she could also be vulnerable; maybe to her own psyche if she does end up killing someone, or maybe she could be killed herself because she's so nice. I don't mind her.
Twine is easily one of my favourite tributes in this story. I love her working background and I resonate with her outlook on life; it seems very realistic for a place like Eight in a country like Panem. She's an extremely realistic character, and I love that. I'm excited to see if anything comes of her disabled father; that's interesting and unique in itself, but could it have after effects on Twine? i.e. providing for her family- if Twine dies, will her family not survive? Who knows? I love the unpredictability and Twine in general. Amazing character and well-written! I'm rooting for Twine!
Poppy seems like a tribute who'll have an arc. She's had a tough upbringing and some of her family/friends have left her, events which have definitely impacted her life. Will she undergo a transformation during the games? Maybe be impacted by the people around her? I think maybe. However, I can't be too sure. I don't mind her.
My favourite colour... hmm, overall I love a light purple and a deep purple alike, though sometimes I need a splash of yellow in my life. Purple and yellow.
Awesome writing!
cornellfann chapter 2 . 9/26/2018
Okay, I've finally found time to review this story! I'll probably only go up to chapter 10 or something today, but I'll get around to every one!
Your Seneca is... very different to what I would have gathered anywhere else; it's awesome! I never had a bad opinion on canon Seneca but this Seneca I love. Awesome job! I think you portrayed everything about him very well- I got a warm feeling from this chapter.
If I could live anywhere it would probably be either New York City (NYC) or New Zealand (NZ). Maybe somewhere in Europe, but NYC is just an awesome place; I'm a cityslicker, so I appreciate the concrete jungles and NYC is one helluva town. NZ, on the contrary, is simply beautiful. The natural beauty of that country is unparalleled imo, so I'd be content living anywhere in their territory.
Great chapter! :)
Kachhmir chapter 17 . 9/23/2018
Your writing is so fun! I'm going to have hard time waiting until 2019! XD I adore how you've written each character; they are so awesome to read! You should be proud of how you've crafted them;; you've done an amazing job!
CelticGames4 chapter 17 . 9/9/2018
Alright, you're officially done with interviews! That's awesome! No worries about the hiatus, I understand and it's best for you to focus on a smaller number of things at a time. I'll still be excited when this story comes back around though!
Piper- She had a great interview. I like how she played off of the cliches of her District and had the crowd laughing. She's a good choice for Victor because of how charismatic she is, but I hope the sponsors still realize that she has a fighting chance so that they'll send her gifts.
Kayne- Not Kanye, lol. Poor guy, having a bad interview. I like how he was interested in the scenery of the Capitol, though. Usually everyone either says food, or lights/city, so that was an interesting change.
Twine- Oh yeah, that's right, I forgot about how terrible her escort is. It's sad that she spent the whole interview focused on that, though, and didn't have any time to show that she's in it to win it. She should have taken Johanna's advice, but it's nice that she's exposing Evie.
Rayon- Not much to say about this as it was short, but good job buddy! Way to diffuse the tension, even though it was unavoidable to talk about Evil- I mean Evie. I think that she will be fired, because even though they force kids to kill each other the Capitol should at least give them an escort who will fight for them.
Millie- Wow, this was quite an interview! It seems it was strategic, but I really think it'll work in her favor. I think this will bring the Outer District alliance closer together, which will make them a better team but also may hinder them if they get to be too close.
Koras- This was a really great interview. Koras nailed it! he got in a lot of banter and showed off his skills. I think this'll really do great things for his alliance, that could get them more sponsors. Hopefully there are no feelings of jealousy that these two both had such good interviews.
Marie- She's so sweet. I feel like she's going to die early but maybe she'll surprise us all!
Suede- I agree with Koras, not sure how his book knowledge is going to help him in the Games, but it certainly could. Lol, side note, I like how all of your characters are counting down the interviews because honestly that's the author's mood.
Poppy- Wow, this was great strategy. Even though she's a bitch making it seem like she's a friend of the Capitol was really the best way to go. I bet she'll get lots of sponsors and that'll definitely increase her odds.
Digger- DIGGER NO! That is so sad. I can't remember if I knew that his siblings are all dead, but that just makes his story even sadder :( If he goes his parents will lose all four of their children, and that would just break my heart.
Amanita- Ah, she has an interesting story. She and Poppy are going to be a great time and since she interviewed so well, I bet those two are going to get many sponsors!
Kivan- I think that as long as Token doesn't go crazy Kivan could very easily get in with the Careers. I understand his nerves and think it was smart to be thoughtful, though hopefully it didn't come across as hesitation.
Great interviews! I am really getting excited for the Games, but I think I can wait until 2019 ;) Good luck with your holiday exchanges and all of your endeavors!
TheAmazingJAJ chapter 16 . 9/4/2018
gold and white!

gr8 chapter btw ;)
CelticGames4 chapter 16 . 7/29/2018
Alright, first half of interviews! Wowowow, we're so close to the Games now! :0 I have a few different stories going into the Games soon and boy I am so not ready.

Reign- I thought this was a good interview and just what she wanted, not forgettable exactly but not successful enough to make her a target. I really think she has the other Careers tricked.
Token- Wow my boy. I didn't even remember what I put for his interview but I imagine he's not going to handle this little blip very well, as such a perfectionist. But I loved what you did with him, we rarely see Careers falter on their interviews so it was a neat change of pace! Thanks past Celtic, but mostly thanks to you for writing it out so beautifully. The mention of Spec was great, subtle but also great.
Hestia- Scathing. Yikes. Very cocky, just as D2 female would be. I'm worried she's got it out for Token, but hopefully at least Reign is on his side, possibly.
Brock- I have no idea what Reign sees about him. Maybe he's not as confident as he seems and isn't sure if he's a killer (like Reign already is lowkey). His interview was barely shown but I'm really interested in what could be holding him back.
Rielle- Wow, I did not expect her to tank like this. I'm glad you have a few tanked interviews though, usually everyone wants their tribute to nail whatever angle they're playing when in reality, stage fright is totally normal and would definitely be seen more often than we see it in stories. That one piece of hair is so annoying, I don't blame her for being distracted. And her frustration afterwards was just so hard to read because I felt really bad for her. This was a great and well-written POV!
Chip- He really did nail it. Kept that great stage presence and handled the questions about Beetee with grace and not jealousy. The crowds are definitely going to love him. Although if Rielle does get to the final 8, I'm sure she'll have gained a lot of fans by then so I'm not counting her out. I think that these two won't stay with the Careers too long considering the Careers are a little unstable and I'm thinking that Token and Hestia aren't going to last long together without imploding. And I doubt those two want to be around for that.
Pearl- This was a great interview. It was smart of Pearl to be honest at the beginning, to give herself the shot to have the best interview possible. That's also a really neat outfit idea.
Cal- Him defending Axel from the start was honorable, but not a good interview strategy. I did love his POV though, it was another one that was super feelsy and sad. He just wants the best for everyone, but he's gonna experience a lot of pain. It will either motivate him or cause him to shut down, I'm not sure which. I'm hoping that Kasumi won't keep them down, and that Cal and the group will be able to lift Axel up and motivate them to prove her and everyone that doubts them wrong.
Sonata- Interesting interview, wow comparing herself to the president... That truly is controversial. It could be respectable to Capitolites or seen as trying to undermine the highest authority... And it would be uncomfortable as a tribute to see her compare herself to someone so terrible.
Alec- Simple interview, but after Sonata that was what the alliance needed.
Kasumi- Wowzers this was quite the interview. The uproar was really interesting, and probably deserved. Her point was interesting though (not right, but interesting) and I like Caesar's justification for having two designated slots.
Axel- Gosh poor kid T.T After being dragged by Kasumi, probably triggered, having to go out on stage and try to act normally... Really did show their resilience, and Cal made me feel so bad for them. I hope that their friends are going to help them get back on their feet before the games starts, because I don't want to see them die early... I would love to see them kill Kasumi, but I'm thinking maybe she'll kill them and Cal will grudge-kill her. We'll see though!
My favorite interview was definitely Rielle's, I like it that she didn't succeed and thought it was very realistic that she would feel frustrated. (This is beside my bias for my son.) The biggest surprise was just Kasumi's outburst, and the uproar. I was also surprised that Token kind of flopped because I forgot what I put on his form, haha, but it was done so nicely.
And I originally saw the dress black and blue, but now I can see it both.
Great chapter! Can't wait for more interviews!
Berrybush chapter 16 . 7/24/2018
holy shit I am wayyy too tired to properly think but:
1. IDK? am I this dumb lmaooo. I know that SOMETHING must be going on with brock but WHAT IS IT OMG. Maybe I'll go reread everything and it'll all make sense to me lol
2. Thats kinda hard to predict lol. it really depends on if they screw up or not? like I feel like if they make ONE mistake its over for both of them. Or they'll slip away at night sometime and then kill all them careers
3. holy shit what kasumi said was not ok at all? like firstly, transphobia is ABSOLUTELY not ok, secondly, she just ruined her own chances at everything? Jesus she needs to get herself together. I feel like the outer district alliance will probably keep extra attention on Axel since kasumi literally gave them multiple death threats.
Justabibliophile chapter 16 . 7/24/2018

Reign: Oh boy. I feel so bad for Reign. I obviously like her a lot more now since she has the ability to feel guilt but this is really going to affect her in the arena. She's been raised to think she can kill, but when it finally happens...I'm not sure if she'll be able to do it. And POOR TOKEN. The side effects hit him and they hit him hard. He didn't even mean it. Not to mention literally every Career tribute was asked about the tensions between Hestia and Token. They're not gonna forget this. Of course, all this tragic drama makes me all the more excited for the Career alliance while in the arena. Here we go.

Rielle: Oof poor Rielle. The people back at Three probably aren't too happy with how she acted. You do have to admire how smoothly Chip reacted to all the interview questions. And ah, the drama in the Career alliance only gets crazier. They're probably my favorite right now. Things are gonna go down, I know it. I'm glad that Calder defended Axel like that. Although I'm nervous about how Kasumi will react. And of course, if kind people really can win the Games. Because I'm not sure if they can...

Calder: Whoa. So I've always really liked Sonata and the younglings alliance is my second favorite even though they're probably not gonna make it...but Sonata, what are you doing? Your alliance is starting to not trust you. Don't let it fall apart. Anyways, Kasumi. Kasumi. KASUMI. K-A-S-U-M-I. OH MY GOD HOW COULD SHE SAY THAT ABOUT THEM. I HATE HER SO MUCH. I HATE HER SO MUCH AND I WANT HER TO DIE AND THAT WAS TERRIBLE AND POOR AXEL. At least basically all the tributes are defending them, not to mention Caesar and the Capitol. And likely everyone back home. She's vastly outnumbered, BUT AXEL IS STILL HEARTBROKEN THIS IS SO CRUEL.

1. No idea.

2. Also no idea. Maybe around the halfway mark?

3. Since they all seem like nice people, I think they'll definitely be more protective of Axel, and will probably want to hunt Kasumi down. Then again, I think everyone will try to hunt Kasumi down. I thinks he dies in the Bloodbath.

4. Token, Rielle, and Sonata's. I know that's three BUT THE DRAMA I MEAN DANG. Except Kasumi's. THAT WAS TOO MUCH DRAMA. I was surprised by how harsh Kasumi was. You think she'd lay it off a little, especially in front of the Capitol, but noooo.

5. I have no idea why but I saw it as blue and gold.
CelticGames4 chapter 15 . 6/7/2018
Alright, another chapter! I was so excited to see this chapter and can't believe we're already at interviews! The prep chapter was great, I love when authors make a special chapter for it. And no matter how fast or slow updates are, I'll be around cheering you on.
Token- Wow, this POV was amazing! You covered so many aspects of his character in this POV and it showed his sheer determination. His relationship with his escort was also really interesting. She seems sweet and it makes sense that he would accidentally let it slip. I liked how Token really downplayed how severe his problem was and was in denial about it. I think that he'll try to keep his emotions in check, maybe he'll catch himself before he really ruins everything. or maybe he'll just see red but then realize why and try to clean up his act. Or maybe it'll hurt his self-esteem and he'll lose confidence, which could make him susceptible to other tributes. Hopefully he'll be able to keep his head in the game!

Kayne- This was an interesting POV. Less eventful than Token's or Twine's but I still respect that he's going to stick to himself. It's interesting how the escorts get progressively worse as the chapter goes. She at least let him have some wiggle room. Blight's reaction to him made sense, and I think his strategy is going to be the best for him. It's sad that he thinks he doesn't have a chance, because that's going to be his downfall.

Twine- Wow, this was a crazy eventful point of view! Her escort is just awful. If I remember right it's been since a while since we've heard from her. I felt so bad when she was sent into such a panic, and I really hope that escort gets what she deserves! But mostly I hope that the tributes don't have to suffer any negative consequences because of it. I'm ready for some good old justice! And I liked the mentors that we've seen, they were neat. I can't wait to see the 8 interviews and all the others as well! It's gonna be a bit of a shit show, just because of the 6 interviews and the Careers and tensions are definitely gonna be high.

Great chapter! Off to vote on the poll now. Excited for more of this, and rooting for you in your real life as well!
Justabibliophile chapter 15 . 6/5/2018
Seeing that notification made my day. I don't think my Hunger Games phase will be ending anytime soon so I'll be sticking here. Best of luck!

Token: Oh my God now I feel so bad for him. I'm really glad we got to see his backstory and I'm also curious about what happened back at home. I also unexpectedly started to like Snowbelle more. She reacted in a very motherly way. It didn't feel like she was doing this so she could have a victor in the Games. It feels like she was doing this because she actually cares. I feel so bad for Token ahh... In the midst of worrying about the outer tributes, we forget how much pressure the careers must be under. I hope he gets better soon.

Kayne: Firstly, I relate to Kayne's window-watching obsession so hard. I actually find his planned interview perspective interesting. It is a different thing from what everyone else does. I just fear that something may happen that'll ruin it. And we have another escort being a decent human being! I love escorts being decent human beings!

Twine: Okay never mind. No more escorts being decent human beings. I feel awful for Twine. She was actually panicking. I'm so ready to see Evie taken out of power. Honestly, I just find her terrible. I'm worried about the plan working out or not, but I sincerely hope it does.

1. I...don't know. I know Token is going to have a hard time adjusting without them, but maybe it'll clear his head? I feel like it's going to get worse without them, but he'll start getting better eventually. Just hopefully not too late.

2. Yes, I feel like it'll work. I'm just worried that Kayne will take it too far and completely shut off everyone else. That'll push everyone away.

3. I think they're planning to provoke Evie on stage and cause her to fly off the handle. I'm worried she may try to attack Twine, but whatever happens, I just want her out of position.

Autumn. It's not too hot or cold and the leaves are pretty!

You're very welcome. Have a great day too!
CelticGames4 chapter 14 . 4/12/2018
Alright, another great chapter! Excited this chapter is up and running just as strong as it was! Totally excited to see what you have planned.
I liked this format for private sessions. After I did a report for Danzon I realized that they just take up so much time and are pretty redundant. In my next story I'll probably do as you did here, a couple tribute POVs, because that really just works and flows better, I think.
Reign- Woah, this POV certainly did get dark! I thought she was going to score lower than an eight, actually, considering she kind of bumbled around there a bit. It really was the poison that saved her. I wonder what her score had been if she hadn't requested an 8, probably high because she let the Avox drink the poison. If she had stopped it I bet she would have scored much lower. I don't think the Avox will affect her as much as we think because she is a Career... But it could make her doubt herself, which will make her weaker. I've seen the "intentionally score lower to not be underestimated" strategy before, but I can respect it. Also, her little fist bump with Token, lol that was cute.
Digger- This was an interesting POV, there was more development and plot than I was expecting, which was pleasant. I love Digger, and his curiosity about his allies. I think that Suede is right that they can't follow Sonata blindly,especially because of where they are, in the Games. I think that could cause some conflict for Sonata, though, because she does like being in charge. It's possible that there will be an argument over how Digger spent his session, considering he made a shelter instead of doing edible plants,and didn't use the knife for combat. I feel like Sonata might get mad at him for that, if it slips that he did that. That could cause some interesting tension later on. I don't think anyone will die because of it, but Sonata could lose her friends.
Rielle- Wow, this girl is playing the GAME. Sure, she's doing some risky things, but I respect her determination to live and not being afraid to play her cards. She has a lot riding on this plan, and even though it's very logic-based, there could be some kind of surprise that could derail the whole thing. I do think that it was smart to recruit Kivan, it's interesting that he said yes, though I bet it was mostly because he was pressured on all sides. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Kivan had his own plan totally separate of the other plans. I don't think there's going to be much goodwill between Kivan and the Three tributes, even though they're all not from Career Districts.
As for the random question, I think my favorite is... I don't know! It's hard! Probably air though. But I like them all!
Great chapter! Can't wait for interview prep! :)
Justabibliophile chapter 14 . 4/10/2018

Reign: I'm starting to like Reign a lot more now, since she's certainly not as bloodthirsty as anyone else. I can't believe the Bloodbath is coming close...and I feel like Rielle is doomed. Then again, I always feel like my tributes are doomed...and they usually are. I'm kinda worried about her ability to kill tributes though. I'm glad she'll try and make it painless, but will she even be able to do it? How will everyone else look at her after that? The other Careers do seem to trust her. And my God...the training session... I hate the Gamemakers so much right now. Reign creating poison was impressive, but her sobbing at the end made me adore her but also get really worried. It's good that she has a heart, but a heart is not what will save you in the Games.

Digger: I love Sonata so much and I'm so sad that the Younglings are probably gonna die... Also, the Capitol is pretty harsh on talking about your district with other people, so I wonder how they'll react to that. I really didn't like how Suede talked about Sonata, I feel like Sonata has the best intentions. I also feel really bad since no one payed attention to Digger. Then again, they did pay attention to Reign, and look what happened to her.

Rielle: I'm actually relieved Rielle got a decent score. Although Chip got a six...but he is still related to a previous victor, the Careers would be foolish to say no. I am proud of Rielle and Chip for planning though, and I still feel like they may actually work together later on. I'm also worried about tensions between Hestia and Rielle though. Will they really treat Kivan as the scrapegoat? He agreed pretty quickly. Either he's wise or has a plan. I think he might get a kill within the first day. What happens after is a mystery.

Random thing: I noticed Sonata got the same score as most everyone in her alliance, so she doesn't have any ill intentions there. Although I wonder what happened with Marie? And will Reign confess that she requested a low score?

I think it'll affect her a lot. Either it'll inspire her to make her deaths painless or inspire her to not kill at all. I feel like she'll mention it and then later in the game, when the stakes are high, the alliance will be pressuring her to make the poison again and Reign won't know if she can do it or not.

Probably. I'm not sure if they'll listen, especially since Sonata got a score basically the same as the rest of them, but the pressure of being so young might just take a toll on them, and Sonata may get more bossy simply from the desperation to keep everyone alive, but everyone else will see it as a sign that she has other intentions.

Ahh...I don't know. It all depends on Kivan. If he doesn't make a kill, Hestia may try to throw Rielle out. The problem is Chip. They do need him, and whether Rielle will stick to their pact...

Not really.

Air! I just love wind.

You too.
CelticGames4 chapter 13 . 3/30/2018
Wow, this was a fast update! And a good one! I can't believe that we're going to get to the Games so soon! :0 Then again, we still have private sessions and interviews. But those will go by faster than we all think.
Koras- Wow, I like how the stylists are Magma (fire) and Aquarius (water). Your Capitolites are always so fun! Thinking about your Capitolites makes me remember #Endgame4Demetrius, lmao. I have to think on that still. Anyways, rambling. That was just a nice touch. Natalie really is sweet, and I like that Millie and Koras are going to be loyal to each other. I think if they keep it on the down-low it shouldn't cause any problems, as Axel and Rayon look like they've hit it off from their small interaction in the camouflage station. Although I imagine Calder wouldn't be happy if he's the fifth wheel, lol, so that might make things awkward if he finds out about that. But I'm still not sure if that will happen, it might just be a down-low thing.

Kayne- Kayne, lol. He's funny. Honestly, relatable. "I died internally" same, Kayne. Lol, that was just a funny little moment. He's definitely quirky but I like that he's antisocial, definite contrast from the others that are very outgoing, especially the little kids and the Killer Three 2.0 (oh whoops, another story that isn't this one. Seriously though, they remind me of the Killer 3. Hopefully they'll fare a little better.) (although on behalf of my son I have a vendetta against Poppy, lol. But more on that later.) Butterfly is a funny character, she seems like a cutie. Probably my favorite of the training session coaches. She's just funny and I like how she's chatty but also Kayne is just like "give me the bugs, please leave now." He's right, though, relationships with other tributes could hurt him and I think he's smart for riding solo. We'll see where that gets him, though. I wonder what he's going to do, I'm not sure. Maybe he'll try to make a kill or manipulate the Arena in some way.

Poppy- Okay, this POV just had so many shining moments. "Getcha head in the Game." Lmao I died internally there. HSM for the win XDD Also, Token Watermelon. I know it was mean to my son, but I couldn't help but laugh. Poppy is definitely the definition of a firecracker. I think that Poppy will go with her allies and operate off of spite, knowing that she can't kill a tribute with her bare hands. She'll probably go for the Cornucopia, which will be interesting. I can't see her listening to a Capitol trainer over her two allies and her guts. Since Poppy often seems to follow her gut, I assume we won't know for sure what she's going to do until she does it. Hopefully the Killer Three doesn't target Token too early, and if they do hopefully his allies look out for him.

As for the random question, I like fruits better for sure. Yum!

Great chapter! Can't wait for more of this story!
KatLizPlz chapter 13 . 3/30/2018
Hiii! Sorry for not reviewing for so long... I lost my account (still don't have it back, as you can see), but I've been reading this whole time!
I'm not super sure about the whole Koras/Millie district pact thing. Anytime where 2 district partners decide to stick it out together never ends well I feel like, but it'll add so much drama I feel like its gonna be worth it lmao.
Something tells me that Kayne will do something with bugs, or maybe use the poison out of one of them? Idk really, but he intrigues me a whole lot.
Poppy... Yeah she's screwed. I highly doubt that she's actually gonna listen to Bellatrix's advice, and since she made an enemy of Token, things are not gonna end well for her
Justabibliophile chapter 13 . 3/30/2018

Koras: Millie would be in me The Hunger Games honestly. I cry about everything. So now I have a soft spot for her. And I feel so sad about how they're not going to stick together dang it. If Katniss and Peeta did it in an alternative universe, you two can! Also, I love the friendship between the Power Pack...that's why I feel like something terrible is going to happen when they split up.

Kayne: There are so many names that start with K, Lord. Anyways, Kayne is me whenever I have to go to a party, which means I now have a soft spot for him, which means I'm getting overly attached to the tributes, which means this is going to be a difficult story to endure. Anyways, I love his interest in bugs so much, it's just...different. I feel like you already know what Kayne is going to do during the Bloodbath...or maybe he won't do anything at all. Now I'm freaking out.

Poppy: Okay BELLATRIX. WAS THAT A REFERENCE? Alright, I'm trash, never mind. Poppy seems like she's getting a little toooo cocky in this chapter and frankly, it scares me. Also, Token Watermelon made it in to the story, that's hilarious! Anyways, I'm glad Poppy sort of learned her lesson, but I feel like in the end, when Token and Poppy are literally dying, this repressed rage is gonna come out and they're gonna attack each other anyway. Only one will come out alive...or they're both going to die, with the realization that they had done the stupidest thing possible being the last thought on their minds...that was dramatic. Okay. Also, I'm not sure what good any survival stations can do when it's literally the last day. Maybe she can pick some stuff up from her allies during the Games.

1. Probably. Maybe they might be able to get by at first, but as the numbers get lower, it might cause problems... Just the thought of how the split is gonna go scares me.

2. I don't knoooooooowwwwwwww! Maybe set off a bomb. Can you even do that? Can't help you here, Kayne. Good luck.

3. I don't know. Poppy running towards Token and actually being able to stand off against him without actually dying would be cool. Poppy taking a wise moment to run away would also be cool. The first option would tick off her alliance. The second option would wound her pride and probably lead her to try and track down Token later. Actually, Token would track her down if the first option happened too. Honestly, I just want a fight between Token and Poppy sorry.

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