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TheAssassin2 chapter 16 . 2/17
It took me three days to read this, and let me say that they were some of the most frustrating days of my life. XD Too much happened in this gargantuan chapter for me to leave a proper review. So I'll just say that I'm really REALLY looking forward to the truly toxic fluff in the next update. I know it'll probably kill me but I don't care! I'll die happy! XD
Jknight97 chapter 16 . 2/17
Zanrok! You old shyster pirate! What a wonderful Valentine gift to your readers. And I can't believe how huge this chapter is. It took me all night to read it so it's your fault I only slept for two hours...but I'm no holding it against you.

Finally! They kissed. And kissed. And kissed. And kissed. And kissed. And kissed. (Did I get all of them? If not I'm happy to add more.)

Plus the resolution of Wolfeyer as well. What a finish! Well, you still have to fix the cataclysmic storm threatening epic Biblical flooding and destruction (DOOMED! DOOMED! DOOMED!) on Zootopia with your desire to get WildeHopps to finally see their relationship for what it is.

Now, if you include an ark and and old goat by the name of Noah in the next chapter...
Stubat chapter 16 . 2/17
Now _that's_ a chapter! Wow. Lot happening, of course. Lot of fun, frustration and of course, FLUFF!

Man, sure wanted to reach out and whap Nick upside the head for torturing his poor, extremely dense bunny.. Or whap Judy for being so vixen-fixated. Loved the bit about drunk Judy meeting the Foxy Lady. Nick weaseled out of that masterfully, as befits a master hustler.. Close, tho. Wolfeyer is a go! Wildehopps is a go! Bogo's getting some tonight!

A lot of fun. Ginormous chapter. Nick risking his life with the cuteplosion was hilarious, tho obviously doomed to backfire. And, of course, to that song...

Thanks, a great ride!
Starfang's Secrets chapter 16 . 2/16
I am equal parts satisfied and unsatisfied! I demand compensation!

ShadowJ95 chapter 16 . 2/15
yay finally
GusTheBear chapter 16 . 2/15
woooo looking forward to the next parts this was freaking amazing well done you grinchy bastard lol
MinscLovesBoo chapter 16 . 2/15
That So. Many. Words! So many scenes. And boops! And fluff! And stuff! And drama and tension - those WolfEyer scenes - hats off! Well, well done and well worth the wait!
Thou Craggy Knob chapter 16 . 2/15
Few chapters (and stories) in this realm may truly be described as an epic - this is one of them. ;-)

A brilliant effort all round!
Be-wildery chapter 16 . 2/15

Oof, so much fluff! I definitely enjoyed this chapter, and WHAT a chapter! There were plenty funny moments that I absolutely laughed, specially finnick's scenes.

There were also some scenes that I honestly didn't enjoyed and sometimes had the urge to skim over, though taking in consideration the length of the chapter it becomes a minor disturbance to my enjoyment. Another thing i disliked is the fact that Nick (and in extension every male fox) is governed by the female-foxes-initiate-the-relationship rule... can't they (the foxes) even tell their love interest they have feelings for them? It feels too restrictive for all of them...

then again, it was aswell a minor disturbance because everything else from this chapter was everything i hoped for and more... the fluff was very satisfying along with their revelations, and their many MANY kisses, nips and boops.. And, (i can't believe you did this again, though i shouldn't be surprised xD.. will this story become neverending? xD) there is still MORE! I cannot wait (and also dread xD)for what you have in store for us.

Keep up the good work!
KevinStoner chapter 1 . 2/15
I love the grinch and everyone else who had their hands/hooves/paws/flippers ot whatever involved in this story
Fox in the hen house chapter 16 . 2/15
God I am dying for the next chapter!
Valentine McDaniel chapter 16 . 2/15
Let us all stand and give this author the standing ovation they deserve. This continues to be the best written story I’ve ever read on this site. You perfectly feed us enough fluff to keep us starving but wanting more. Well played sir. Well played.
DrL0gic chapter 16 . 2/15
My word this chapter blew all my expectations out of the water. I loved everything about it and it was amazing to finally see their feelings explode out. I also just wanted to say thank you for coming back to publish after that long hiatus. Writing anonymously on is not the most rewarding of hobbies and takes a massive amount of planning and writing, so I just want to make sure you know that your hard work is greatly appreciated. I hope that you continue to work on this story as well as you others (love the concept of Princess Bride and Old Arrangements) and that you continue to keep your wicked laugh and grinchy smirk!
Zanrok chapter 16 . 2/14
Response to Venomheart the Dreamer:

1) Regarding the use of lyrics, Look up U.S. Copyright office Section 107 of the Copyright Act regarding 'Fair Use'. The use of segments and references to those those lyrics is not considered 'copying' the lyrics as prohibited by this sites rules.

2)Regarding the length and setup of the scene, that was done for specific purposes in tying a story with multiple views together; some people like the style, others don't, (just as some like long chapters and others don't, and yes this was a Long one, but that's just the way it worked out) but your question about why certain segments like Finnick's part was included are bettered answered by hints and clues placed in previous chapters and are a vital part of the story for future events.

3) Also judging by your when the comment was posted, compared to your previous comment or even when the chapter was posted, you must be one hell of a insanely fast reader. I hope you didn't miss any of the more subtle hints that might answer some of your questions as you zipped through this very Long chapter.

Regardless I hope you found some enjoyment out of reading it and the up coming finally to the story.
Venomheart the Dreamer chapter 16 . 2/14
Well, since I actually read this story unlike some others, I'm still going to inform you that you can't use copyrighted songs on this website. Please consider removing all of them since not even giving credit will allow you to use them on this website.

I also felt like this chapter was too long and it would be better served if Ralph/Nadine and Judy/Nick's parts were split up into two different chapters. There were many times where you alternated viewpoints back and forth seemingly without reason.

I'm also not sure why you decided to include the scene featuring Finnick either.

At least they finally kissed.
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