Reviews for The Conspiracy
NefasFoxx chapter 14 . 9/23
So I'm guessing no more chapters then?

That's sad I really liked this story.
Tr2085xo chapter 14 . 9/13
... It took me two days to read this shit... TWO DAYS! I WANT THEM TO KISS! YESTERDAY! :
Guest chapter 14 . 9/10
geoavenger chapter 14 . 9/11
This is a GREAT story. I love the Fangmeyer/Wolfford part. I think the "Nick and Judy don't know" is ALMOST getting too far fetched so I'd wrap it up. Somebody would have spilled the beans to them by now. But I still love it.
Starfang's Secrets chapter 14 . 9/10
I will be diplomatic and merely say i loath Cassandra, and Nick and Judy need to kiss!

Also, great chapter lol

Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps chapter 14 . 9/10
THE FOX AND BUNNY MUST KISS! Judy I think will push it and I can't wait for it! Great chapter and I hope now that Judy is plotting, she'll get that kiss from Nick! XD
Jknight97 chapter 14 . 9/9
Huzzah! I got my chariots! XD

Hmmm...Got a call from a lawyer claiming to represent Disney. Seems they're invoking an old copyright infringement clause asking each reader if they can spot all the Disney references not mentioned in the disclaimer to use in their lawsuit to steal back what was stolen from them. I was forced under severe duress (ok, so they promised me a free ride on the Zootopia Roller Coaster once they built one) to tell them all the UP references I saw. Seems they even want to include tennis balls on canes as part of their copyright claims...

P.S. Sent for help via email but seems The Internet Is Down cause of some guy named Ralph...
Valentine McDaniel chapter 14 . 9/8
Do I hate the long gaps between updates? Yes, yes I do.
Do I care if it means we get a story of this quality? No, no I do not.

Seriously, this is a great story that I have been following for a while. You truely have mastered the art of leaving your audience wanting more. I can't wait to see how this concludes and see your future work.
ShadowJ95 chapter 14 . 9/8
that was a long one. cant wait for more
RemyW chapter 14 . 9/8
So glad to see another chapter up, as always, it was quality work. Little editorial thing though, I noticed that "the Mrs. Wolford" popped up quite often; easy enough to fix with a search and replace. The story itself was amazing, and the concept of "winter savage" is certainly interesting; lol, poor Nadine.

Can't wait for Nick and Judy to finally get a clue though, lol XD
As always, can't wait until the next chapter. Keep up the great work.

GusTheBear chapter 14 . 9/8
once again I must state how much I love your stories, this chapter was filled to the brim with fun moments
hellion117 chapter 14 . 9/7
Oh god I think I just need pissed myself... shit that had to be your longest chapter yet good goin mate rootin for more lol
ebolson chapter 14 . 9/7
Oh come on
demongurl111 chapter 14 . 9/7
You returned! I'm fan-girling so hard over here please update again soon
Robert Escher chapter 14 . 9/7
WOW! Started reading this and BAM! There went two hours...

SOOOO well done... This could be one of those rat pack films or like, It's a Mad Mad Mad... world. Ensemble Comedy... there we go!
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