Reviews for Her Scream
NaLu shipper chapter 38 . 8/7
If you don't write another chapter soon I will find you and prank you until you do
Amour toujours chapter 38 . 8/6
So really loving the story so far and keeping my fingers crossed we see the end in the near future (I noticed it's been a while since the last update).
I know a few authors that appreciate feedback on writing style, etc so the plot, character development and world mechanics are on-point so well done!
Moonlight Goddesses chapter 38 . 7/20
Hey fresh princess, I hope your doing well!
Otaku004 chapter 38 . 6/24
I can’t wait to see Jude. Not because I love him (the very opposite), but because my imagination is going hyperactive and imagining all the “Lucy vs Jude and Lucy mercilessly destroys him” scenarios, and I don’t think it’s good for both my sanity and social skills...
stranger1999 chapter 38 . 6/23
stranger1999 chapter 36 . 6/23
I want myself a natsu and lucy
Can i have them?
They're too adorable and precious
Otaku004 chapter 14 . 6/22
I feel like Levy was the pixie that attacked Gajeel
BrokenWingedRaven1 chapter 38 . 6/16
I've been following this series for awhile now. I love It! I wish I could print it out. I hope you update soon. I hope all is well. Your well being is very important as well. Best of luck

Much love to my favorite nalu writer.
19vanelkc chapter 17 . 6/13
Daisy73 chapter 38 . 6/11
I may be late to this party, but I’m sure glad I hitched a ride on your Nalu express! One of the best binge reads I’ve had in a long time, and apparently written by a fellow Aussie at thatTim tam slams all round please. My apologies for not commenting on every chapter but in my defence I was just too eager to leap to the next one. I’m loving sassy whore-hips Lucy and horny Natsu, and I can’t wait to read the final battle with the last big bad. Have to admit, I’ve only known your Natsu and Lucy for the last 48 hours, but it’ll be a wrench to say goodbye at the end, and that is the best sign I know of a well written tale. Much kudos to you for sticking with your story. Not asking any questions because the suspense is too delicious, and I trust you to drive this bus until the end. You got this!
CaptainRicochet chapter 38 . 6/11
...aaaaaand I'm up to date! Just as I expected, couldn't stop reading this story! Love the description of Natsu in his dragon form, the way you describe the different "creatures" inside of him is really interesting, and I've grown to love the dynamics and relationships within Team Goth Lucy. You've got a wonderful imagination, thanks for sharing it.
CaptainRicochet chapter 16 . 6/10
It took me a while to get round to this story, because to be honest I was saving it. Based on the first chapter and the reviews, I knew I'd end up unable to stop reading, so I deliberately held off til I had a chunk of free time. I'm really glad I did, because I am just drinking it up! I love how much fun you have with the plot and characters. You manage to balance the personalities of characters we know and love with your own interpretation and originality. It's not just that you write really well and came up with a truly original and intriguing story, but the reader can tell how much you enjoy writing it. That's really special, and makes it even more enjoyable to read. I'm only halfway through, but wanted to let you know that this fanfic was worth the wait. Big kudos, and tiny dragon Gajeels all round.
kittenofmusic chapter 1 . 6/5
Dear Fresh Princess, I absolutely adore your work, more than mere mortal words can express. (Too bad I don't know any demonic). So, I may be newer to your work but the fact that I spent the last several days binge reading everything I could get my hands on ought to tell you my passion is sincere. I absolutely love your fresh take (see what I did there) on Acnologia. I keep waiting for him to go evil on us, because that's what he does, normally. but I am so pleased that you seem to be genuine in his good guy, gran-dad role. I also loved how you gave Ultear some past connection to Cana. honestly, I've been thinking for at least half this story that Ultear behaves a lot like Cana at times (in the best way possible). So, having her be Cana's drinking apprentice was pretty lit. Um... I have so many thoughts and so much praise that wants to hurts from my pathetic being... and knowing others have waited for your masterpiece much longer than I makes me feel totally unworthy of my plea, but ... please update soon! If life is just kicking you in the butt, I totally get it! take your time! if you're sick (not just because I'm a selfish ho, but genuinely) get better, soon! if it's writers block ... well if it's writers block figure it out and then please give me your wisdom on how I can do the same! If you are in need of an editor or beta (even though I'm pretty sure you've worked with others at some point and probably still are) I volunteer as tribute, but like an actual experienced, capable tribute who knows their grammar! (just not when I type with my fat thumbs on my phone like now). Anyways, your story is inspiring.
kittenofmusic chapter 1 . 6/5
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! It's 1 AM and I just told myself that was the last chapter I'd read! HOW CAN I SLEEP NOW!?
piggycat350 chapter 38 . 6/2
I’m just rereading the story again, hoping and hoping the next chapter is out cos dammit I neeeeeed moreeeee! Loving the story so much and really hoping for a happy ending here! Update soon!
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