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Closet Lethargy chapter 39 . 9/4
Haha! I've finally caught up! I read the note about the videos and the numerous ones about the fanart, and I'm very eager to look into them. This has been a wonderfully well thought out story, and I can't wait to see how it ends. But what about Gir? Does the adorable little robodog get reassembled, or is he already long gone, doomed to be nothing but a plushie for the rest if his nonliving days?! Please update soon so I can know!
DappleJackalope chapter 39 . 8/31
I found this fic through some fanart on tumblr and have binged it over 3 days.
I am currently crying on the train home from work.
I need more! I want to see Zim settle in with his new family, and Dib's old coworker is still yet to Ruin Everything like I'm expecting him to do. Plus, Zim doesn't know that Gir wasn't destroyed with his house yet. I have to know if he can be fixed!
Tl;dr - more pls
ZimGir4life chapter 39 . 8/16
If this is kinda old I only just discovered it a few days ago it took me ours to read. I have but a few things to say, some of which you may know, some not. Keep in mind this is not criticism I loved your story.

1. Irkens don’t sleep, zim says so himself in an unaired episode, even saying that the thought of it disgusts him.

2. I’ve heard not knowing if it is rumor or true, that Jhonen Vasquez said that zim is about 160 earth years, and 16 irken years.

3. I partly question how hard you made zim’s pak legs to cut through, only because on the episode “planet jackers” his pak legs are seemingly easily torn off.

4. I’m still upset with you for killing gir...
Parcel Mistress chapter 39 . 8/4
Hello! I’m so stunned with how amazing this series is! You have thrown me on a rollercoaster of emotions, and I have loved every moment of it (went on a binging spree until 2 AM where I am to finish it)! I can’t wait to see how you conclude this masterpiece! Keep up with the good work, and if you do plan to continue writing, I hope they are equally as enticing, awe-inspiring, and dripping with creativity!
Ciara P chapter 39 . 7/12
Your work is amazing. With the extreme detail and the constant flow of the story, you created a piece of art that I would read a hundred times again. You balanced each emotion perfectly along with the suspense and curiosity. You have a great talent to write. And that talent is a great gift as well. You could become an author one day.
I am a writer myself and I still have much to learn between mixing emotions and add more conflict. In my opinion, I would rate this a five star book.
Keep up the good work!
Michelle P chapter 39 . 7/11
OH MY GOD! I'M CRYING! That last part was so sad! But so great at the same time! I wanna read more! *Cried like Gir* PWESS?!
Alicartin chapter 1 . 7/8
I've been re-reading Saving Zim recently, and I finally decided to man up (or woman up in my case) and leave a review! Even though I suck at reviewing XD, I just have to do it, because this amazing story really deserves all of the support it can get!

I mean where do I even start? I guess it should be the characters, because the way you wrote them is by far my favorite aspect of the story. You really nailed down their personalities! Despite being vastly diffrent from the original source material, Zim and Dib both feel in character throughout the entire story. In most IZ fanfictions I've read, changing the characters' personalities even the slightest, can make them feel out of character, and yet in your story it feels natural. And I think that could be attributed to the fact that you've set the story 20 years after the show. Like if the story was set only a few years in the future, I don't think I would completely buy the characterization. But because it's such a massive time skip, everything just makes sense. And of course because of some other aspects you've added like Zim being old, his history with Dib (the wire trap, being disabled, the long time they've known eachother) etc. It makes sense for Zim to grow softer, it makes sense for Dib to change his morals and become a mature adult, it all just makes sense! You know what, I'm just gonna write a detailed analysis of their characterization.

I really love that Dib is the adult in this story, because once again it makes sense for his character. In the show he's a kid whose prime motive is to capture Zim, but then again he's an 11 year old child. And as we all know, young children don't understand concepts like morality, life and death completely. So of course coming to understand those concepts better would change his perspective on life. And he had to learn it the hard way, when he nearly killed Zim with the wire trap and disabled him (which might I add, is a brilliantly written plot thread). That expirience would change any person, especially a child, so him not wanting to capture Zim in the story and wanting to form a friendly relationship with him just works (whether the reason being guilt, or just simple maturity because of the years that have passed). And the fact that his relationship with Zim has grown so much to a point that he actually wants Zim to be a part of his family is too much for my heart.

And then there's Zim. Zim is such a complicated character to write (especially if you want to write character development for him), and yet you nailed him completely. I really like that you didn't just write Zim to be as mature as Dib in the begining of the story. Because Zim maturing isn't as plausible as it is with Dib. After all Zim is an irken that is also flipping old. And as we all know, the older you are the less likely you are to change your perspective on life, and especially if your an irken as stubborn and egotistical as Zim. But, because of all the stuff that has happened to him throughout his life and especially in these last 20 years, him growing softer and slightly more mature, again, makes sense. But it's not like you only left it at that, he is still the stubborn, egotistical, overdramatic, paranoid, rude and snarky Zim we know from the show. But he's changed, which just adds an extra layer to his character.
I feel as if this novel is a coming of age story. Yeah, I know, I know Zim is already quite old, but still he's the one who's maturing, who's finally coming to understand concepts like family, friendship, trust and love. Him finally slowly accepting these things and giving in to what he craved for so long, is genuinely one of the most gut wrenching, heartbreaking, tear jerking things I've ever read. I feel so bad for the little guy and everything he's going through. The ending of the last chapter really made me cry. I don't know why, but I always liked reading about prideful characters being at their weakest point. What would they say? How would they react? And I feel like Saving Zim handels this perfectly with Zim's characterization.

I also really love Clara. As you already know from our tumblr conversations, I'm not a huge fan of fan characters (especially when they are paired up with the canon ones), but Clara is just wonderful! I love her interactions with Zim the most. She's so gentle and caring towards him, almost in a motherly way, and I'm a huge sucker for those types of relationships. I also love her backstory! And her and Dib are really cute together, I really hope we get to see their wedding (and I would LOVE if Zim was their best man). Now that I've mentioned it, I really wanna draw it.

Now onto the story, and oh gosh, the story. I absolutely love how with each new chapter you manage to suprise me. The story is filled with so many twists and turns, I never know what to expect. But what I really love is the history you've built between Zim and Dib. The chapters that include bits and peices about their past together are honestly some of my favorite ones. The whole saga about the wire and Zim's disability is so well handeled and so gut wrenching. Speaking of which, I also love your Fudgekin Oneshot! I would really love to turn it in to a comic someday (with your permission of course), but I'm not sure, since it would take quite a while.

I think that's pretty much it! To be honest, I genuinely love Saving Zim more than the actual show. And that's no small feet, considering IZ is one of my all time favorite shows. I feel like your story took the foundation of what made IZ so good, and made it in to something so much more. I am forever greatful that I've discovered your wonderful work, because it has really touched my heart. You are extremely talented, and I can't wait for the next chapter!
Welp, that's all from me! Have a wonderful day!
MadnessJones chapter 39 . 7/6
Oh man, why did it take me so long to get to this chapter? Why!? This was such a great chapter! Zim's pathos and thought process are very well explored here, and after a while it gets kind of hard for the reader to tell what is real thanks to Zim's growing insanity. The last part with Dib and Membrane, I was so sure that was going to be an illusion or a dream because of the way he imagined Gir, but then after a minute I realized it was real, which must be how Zim felt too. That is a great way to get the reader to feel what the character is feeling. Also, it's kind of weird that out of all the reasons to live revenge on the Tallests never occurred to him. They were such jerks to poor Zim! Also, I know this was a small part, but I thought it was a clever observation that Prof. Membrane and Dib both have a habit of being overly curious and not leaving things alone. I've noticed before that Membrane, Dib, and Gaz all express obsessive personalities, and it's cool to see someone else mention it from a slightly different angle. Great job on this chapter, and I'm sorry it took me so long to read it :)
Naga chapter 39 . 7/5
Please keep this story going!

At least two more chapters! I need more of this story!
Aecoris chapter 39 . 6/25
He chose to live! Ahh I knew he would! I mean, even Zim can’t resist how everyone-Dib, Clara and even the professor-were caring about him so much. All that love finally got to him! It’s sad though that only a Zim that was so broken down and lost so much could possibly accept to live as he is now. The old Zim would never. But even though he is so broken, I also feel like he’s learned a lot? He has changed and is recognizing feelings and emotions.

And omg he finally realized what happened! He now knows why Gir went (really really) crazy and what the Tallest wanted for him all along! He know realizes they wanted him dead and even though this has got to be the most devestating news, I feel like this realization helped him to make the decision to live? It’s like a final nail in the coffin for his old life. He’s able to finally let it go because he sees he was never welcome and would have never succeeded. But he can give this new life a try, because he has people that actually want him around.

I just...loved this all so much. Zim “arguing with his old self” was such a powerful scene. And him wanting to get to Dib so desperately was heart wrenching! I can just imagine how confused Clara had to be at that moment! But not only did Zim not want to be alone and needed comfort in that moment, I think he also wanted to make sure Dib knew he was okay and to comfort his friend as well. Yes, I feel like I can actually call them genuine friends.

But yet...I’m still scared of what else might happen? This isn’t actually the end. Please don’t let there be any more pain! There’s been too much! But that guy...Gary, I think his name was, is still out there, right? Please let him be stopped!

Again, your writing is just amazing and you had my heart thumping while I was on the edge of my seat! Bank you so much for writing this amazing story. I can’t even find words to describe how great your storytelling ability is and how it makes me feel!
Binaural Beats chapter 11 . 6/19
Zim was like a girl when it came to gossip.

This sentence instantly reminded me of my dad, he always complaines that I never call him. But he's like a teenager from the 90s on the phone all hours of the day (you know rain fall comparisons, cattle prices, hight of crops, what's the weather like over there, neighboring crop growths and types)
Aecoris chapter 37 . 6/16
Ohh my gosh! So i read this last week and haven't had a chance to review until now. Sorry again for how sporadic I'm being with reading and reviewing. a few days after my last review, my cat decided to injured herself and she had to be rushed to emergency care. She is thankfully okay, but I had to spend a week watching her to make sure she didn't hurt herself or get an infection. And for some reason, I've been overly tired every night? I used to be able to stay up until 2, and now I get into bed at midnight, pull up my laptop, and end up falling asleep sitting up. Maybe it is because I've been more active in the summer so I'm more tired? I have all day tomorrow free though, so I expect to send you PMs then!

Anyway, this chapter was so heart wrenching! Again, I love how Clara cares for Zim so much and I'm still very interested in her backstory! I wonder what she is hiding? Either way, she really cares for both Dib and Zim so I hope it isn't anything too bad! It was nice to see her interacting with the Professor and then taking care of Zim and realizing that he would like to see Dib.

When they were taking apart the PAK to get rid of the 'infected' parts, I'm sure it helped Zim a lot to have Dib there by his side, despite the fact that he was still really scared. I wonder after taking those parts out, if it's enough? Does more work need to be done or is it like the Professor said, that it's up to Zim? I wonder exactly what that means?

I'm so nervous to see how Dib will be able to convince Zim to live...if he will be able to at all! Dib has worked so hard to keep Zim alive that losing him after all this would absolutely break him! I'm sure that if Zim does decide to live, it would be a relief to know that both Clara and the Professor know that he is an alien. It's two more people he doesn't have to hide from. Sure, he might be angry about it at first, but deep down, I think it will help to relax him some. He really could have a family if he just lets go of some of the pent up anger and hatred he keeps inside.

I see that you posted two more chapters, I am so excited and nervous to read them!
Golden Chains chapter 38 . 6/12
Random question, what happened to Gary? XD
the-siRNA chapter 39 . 6/9
This is is so beautiful! Gir waving and fading made me cry like a little bitch. On ending the story, it's up to you but I really do enjoy your work, so yes, I would love to see it all.
MadnessJones chapter 38 . 6/9
Chapter 38 was an emotional one, and I liked the way you expounded on Clara's backstory while also comparing it to how Zim would be feeling in this moment. I've actually been researching foster care lately for a book I'm writing, so this strikes me as a fun coincidence. That being said, I do have a question. That part that read "He recognized the homely icon of his Empire labeled on some of it". Well, did you mean homely as in it feels like home, or homely as in ugly? Because the literal definition of that word is ugly, and if that was your intention it's funny. If not, then...sorry _'

Anyway, you did a great job on this chapter, and it was cool to get to hear Zim talk to Clara. I'll probably read the next chapter later. Look forward to seeing where this story is going :)
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