Reviews for The Detective and the Diplomat
Writing bunny chapter 22 . 8/27/2014
Good story. Except for the highly anachronistic balloons. And what would people of the Discworld know about helium and hydrogen? Otherwise good work.
Lewis the Editor chapter 22 . 5/10/2014
This is absolutely brilliant. Why don't more people write stories like this?
Phantom Dennis chapter 2 . 2/11/2014
I thought from the title Sherlock was going to switch with Sam Vimes. Wouldn't the Detective and the despot be more appropriate. It'll be interesting see how Ankh-Morporkh avoids falling apart given Holmes has never displayed any interest in something so mundane as the day to day affairs of running a government. (More Myscroft's area).
Kerowyn6 chapter 22 . 10/16/2013
I love the entire thing! Just one small correction:
Ohter than that, it's great!
Falero lero lero chapter 22 . 6/5/2013
I like your story crossover. It's wow
agn1ka1 chapter 2 . 2/5/2013
Just re-found this story and read for the second time!
Awesomely hilarious and perfectly in character. I love how well you've switched between both storylines.

Faveing now!
Raug'moss chapter 22 . 12/4/2012
It's been a while since I laughed this much. Good story!
Elizabeth Bower chapter 22 . 9/1/2012
I desperately hope I am not the only one laughing my head off at the end To make a long story short, I loved it. I loved everything about it. Especially Vetinari mostly enjoying himself in what must have felt like a holiday, compared to his usual days of course. Excellent writing style for both the London and Ankh-Morpork scenes, and I loved both cases. The only thing that could have improved it a bit was more Vimes...Excellently written though. I really did enjoy it!
Paxloria chapter 22 . 5/13/2012
This was a WONDERFUL story!

I love it!

Keep on writting stories as good as these.

Your skill & talent is a benifit to the world.
Paxloria chapter 18 . 5/13/2012

Great job on the chapter, especially those lines:

Mr. Llewelyn - "...Absence makes the heart grow fonder,aye?"

Lord Vetinari - "I have often found that to be true."

That was perfectly done and SO TRUE to the character. Its JUST the sort of thing the Patrician WOULD say in one of the Discworld books.

Great job. Your both a skilled AND talented writter.
Commodore Norrington chapter 22 . 5/5/2012
This was amazing! You capture both styles beautifully, and do a fantastic job of examining what the gentlemen's reactions would be in their respective situations. Poor Holmes; at least Vetinari knew that there were other worlds out there. :D

Thanks so much for writing this and sharing! I really enjoyed it.
SafetyScissors chapter 8 . 4/8/2012
I love this! It's simply brilliant - you aren't just putting them in different worlds with an excuse(a switch that I say would be worthy of a Pterry novel). You're putting them in different genres! The Ankh sections are completely Pratchett, and the London parts are utterly Sir Arthur! And, AND! you included lines like " He hated Vetinari, of course, despite what the rumour mill said (Vimes was a married man, for gods' sake!) " Which just solidified my love. Marry me.
DragonRidingSorceress chapter 1 . 2/15/2012
Hi there,

Can I ask which book the Discworld characters are at in this fic? I'm reading through the series and only up to Last Continent. I'm trying to avoid too many spoilers.


Z chapter 22 . 12/4/2011
A wonderful, story, which I very much enjoyed. I do love crossovers (and, really, any fanficton which remains so true to the characters canonical portrayal. U, unlike so very many other stories, and to my great personal satisfaction, your story was gramatically perfect, save for one small error: in the sentance "I figured that out early on, when I skidded sideways out of Mr Holmes' bed upon arriving in Ankh-Morpork", "Ankh-Morpork" should read "London".

Five stars, A, bravisimo and all the rest of it.

marmota-b chapter 1 . 9/25/2011
This is wonderful. Not sure about the cases, but in terms of style and fun... Great. You got both Discworld and Watsonian London down. Levitating Holmes is made of win. And the purple haired man with clothes to match... *snigger*
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