Reviews for An oath of truth
veheelman1 chapter 7 . 6/10
I know my mythology- all I will say is Cassandra
Erimenthe chapter 25 . 6/6
Wow. What a way to bring a bond together. So that means that Umbridge is a descendant of Agnes Goyle, who did this to Ariana because her father married someone else and laughed at Agnes and yet if this hadn't happened, Ariana would have been how much older than her soul mate Tom when Tom first ended up in the magical world and both Tom, now Marvolo, and Ariana end up together by some quirk of fate/magic while being both approximately close in age like it lol.

I really hope that Aberforth can accept her being back and also being soul mate to Marvolo so Ariana has some part of her family around her for however long he's still there.

That was cute with Draco and Harry and the little thing with Viktor and Cedric too.
buterflypuss chapter 25 . 6/5
good chap
PukwudgiePuff chapter 25 . 6/5
Thank you for updating!
mizzrazz72 chapter 25 . 6/5
Marvolo got his happy ending.
kirsty21 chapter 25 . 6/5
reberebecca chapter 1 . 6/4
Che carina questa storia. Ha un buon inizio.
Mi piace Harry indipendente. È furbo.
Mi piace!
shunshu chapter 24 . 6/3
hola! muy bueno e interesante me encanto la historia espero que lo actualicen pronto besos
serenityselena chapter 24 . 5/7
oh my... what shocking twists...
eagerly awaiting to
ORKCHILD chapter 24 . 5/6
would not want to be Deloris when Tom finds out.
momocolady chapter 24 . 5/3
good story, I love it
I don't promise that I will review every chapter, but I will try, also most likely it will not be a long one.
Thank you for writing and posting your story.
nintschibintschi chapter 24 . 5/2
thanks for a wonderful story so far :)
please update soon
Calmzone1 chapter 24 . 5/1
Interesting plot twist with Umbridge/Selwyn family. I am curious what happened to Dumbledore’s child though, and how Abe will react to Ariana being alive. I’m really enjoying the story. A few minor errors here and there.
Always leave your story for a day or so once it’s written. Then read back over it with a watch for errors. Read it carefully and eventually you will develop an editor brain that picks up errors. Also, watch for underlines when you spell check. Good job though. Writing is tough, sharing yourself where you are open to receiving flames is even rougher. So, if they are just hating, ignore and delete them from the comments and your brain, because it’s their issue, not yours. If they have some criticism, comments, critiques...ask yourself if they have any validity and if considering them will move you forward in your writing. If not, ignore and delete, and if so, then see how they can be incorporated. Cheers
PukwudgiePuff chapter 24 . 5/1
I'm thrilled that you updatedagain so quickly.
Calmzone1 chapter 21 . 5/1
You have the student as a 5th year self studied in Runes, not a 4th when meeting with the WEA
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