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KnightLawn chapter 1 . 7/23
A very interesting story I really liked it.
ctran03931 chapter 24 . 7/12
Lucille's story is definitely gonna be interesting, possibly even moreso than Sora and Riku's stories with her, Florian and Chi being the latest ones to come across Castle Oblivion after everything her brother and best friend went through during their own times in there.

It could also give us an opportunity to see and get to know the brand new nobody (obviously a boy by the sound of it) and see if he's somehow tied to Namine.
readingchameleon chapter 24 . 7/9
Thanks for the ride! I've loved every minute of this story :D

Could you post another 'chapter' here when you start the next book please? Then I'llg get a notification about it :-)
Gry22 chapter 24 . 7/9
Sweet timing! And on my birthday too! ThanksX3
Guest chapter 23 . 7/7
I was just watching the Disney movie The Great Mouse Detective. Could that be an original world for Lucille's team to visit? Just thought that while the one called Basil taught Lucille's team something, they teach him something in return:)
Chirithy564 chapter 23 . 7/5
Love the chapter! It was so good! Man I was staring at my phone screen with wide eyes reading this. Lol it was awesome!

I read the Aqua chapter and oh my gosh it was so good! I love Aqua so much. are you making a birth by sleep story Aqua, Ven, Terra, and Medea? Oh I hope so! Lol

Anyway great chapter Moogle! I loved every second of it! Keep that awesome imagination flowing! XD
ctran03931 chapter 22 . 6/25
Aqua's really been through a lot since she sacrificed herself to save Terra, even though he's still clashing with Xehanort over control of his heart and body while his mind is still dormant in the Keyblade Graveyard as Birth By Sleep indicated.

It's interesting and pretty cool to see Aqua meet Yggdrasil and his fellow Seraph in the Sacred Grove the first time and for the latter to understand that there may be some hope for Seraph and humans to live together in harmony again after the recent difficulties that ultimately led to the two species being split apart from each other with the Seraph living in isolated peace from the humans.

Hope things go well for the Seraph and Yggdrasil as well as Aqua if she somehow finds a way to get back to the Realm of Light.
ctran03931 chapter 23 . 6/25
This is really interesting for Lucille and the rest of her crew to go through.

Everybody now fully knows about Ava and Gula so in addition to not only subdue and stop the darkness from plaguing the worlds and the universe where they reside in but they also must find the other three people who could be the successors and reincarnations of Ira, Aced and Invi, all of which who will serve as the leader, mediator, righthand man, investigator and seeker for the new Foretellers. But, god damn, Oswald was seriously thrown in for a huge loop when he found out that Ava and Gula had been residing in Zen and Lucille's hearts the whole time throughout their lives, guess he wasn't expecting that nasty bombshell.

Something tells me though that Zen and Lucille are gonna have non-stop field days with Ava and Gula, especially since at times Zen would irk Gula with the whole freeloader thing just for fun (even though he's really gotta straighten himself out since he and the others can still end up in life-or-death scenarios that don't require him to goof off and would force him to trust his predecessor).

Well, I recently got back to playing KHUX and I understand if you don't want to touch it since there have been many people coming and going with this game and some people don't play it. I've barely scratched the surface since I'm nearly 20% through the main story and I've been mediocre on certain parts before I've invested in more powerful medals and upgrading my stats, medal slots, my keyblades and so on. Since it's hideously long and has a buttload of content to get through, I can get why you're deciding to skip on that but it'll be nice to see Radiant Dawn tackle X Back Cover and a bit more of A Fragmentary Passage if the special episode featuring Aqua is of any indication for the latter.

Something tells me that somewhere along the way to find the Kingdom Key's counterpart, the Kingdom Key D, that they'll somehow come across Aqua and Mickey before we officially get into Chain of Memories and a few snippets of 358/2 Days (should we also get into it along the way).
Guest chapter 23 . 6/25
I bet when they find Mickey, Oswald is gonna march right up to him, and scold him as he grabs the mouse into a headlock;3
Guest chapter 23 . 6/25
Hey, maybe Treasure Planet can be a world for Lucille's team?
Guest chapter 23 . 6/25
Only one more chapter? Yikess!
Guest chapter 22 . 6/23
Hi, just thought of a couple of ideas for the idea box for the future stories. During 358/2 Days, without telling a single word to Roxas or Xion, the Organization has a little mission on the side, ordered by Xemnas, to find and identify the Foretellers' chosen. Once the chosen has been identified, the Organization lets them have a little more freedom before they decide to collect all five. But after the deaths of Vexen and the others, and lossing Roxas, the remaining Organization gets slightly desperat and decides to collect the Foretellers' chosen, shortly after Sora, Donald and Goofy wakes up in Kingdom Hearts 2. Lucille, Zen, and the others don't go down without a fight, of course. On top of the castle in The World That Never Was, where Xemnas goes to look at Kingdom Hearts, are five thrones, each with the face of the animal the Foretellers had the mask of. Once they had captured one of the Foretellers' chosen, the Organization chains him/her to the throne.
Lucille and Zen are captured last, which can be after the 'loss' of Ansem the Wise.
Once all five are chained to the thrones, Xemnas uses a spell, he learned somewhere, to connect the remains of his Kingdom Hearts to Lucille and the others, in order to draw out the Foretellers' hearts, or something like that. But the spell gets interrupted by the arrival of Sora, Riku and the others. While Mickey and Riku answers Xemnas's question, our heroes makes sure Xemnas fails to notice Chi sneaking up to the thrones and free Lucille and the others.
Mysterygirl145 chapter 22 . 6/16
This was a great chapter! It's cool to see the other Seraphs, I really like the twins and Haru. So Medea who was mentioned in chapter 19 is a Seraph, I did have a couple theories to her identity. And I have two ideas as two why Haru looks like Sora. One is that Haru has some connection to Sora due to him becoming a Heartless, the other is that Haru, Sora, and Lucille are triplets, but Haru died as a baby.
Guest chapter 22 . 6/16
Guest chapter 21 . 6/12
I have no idea if you're gonna make a Birth by Sleep, but I'm gonna tell what I imagine for the Radiant Garden scene, just to get it out of my head.
Ventus: Young Zen overhears some of the servants, in the castle, talking about him behind his back. Hurt by their words, young Zen leaves the castle while trying to dry away his tears, which keeps coming. Young Ienzo, seeing young Zen leave, quickly goes after him. Young Ienzo catches up to young Zen just before they are surrounded by the Unversed. Being the oldest, young Ienzo makes sure to keep young Zen behind him at all time. After Ventus arrives, telling them to run, young Ienzo nods before taking young Zen by the hand and lead him to safety. Once all of the Unversed are taken care of, and Even appears, young Ienzo and young Zen come out of hiding, hand in hand because young Zen worries there might be more of the Unversed.
Terra: Before fighting the big Unversed with Ventus and Aqua, Terra finds young Aster, who is trying to fend off some Unversed. Young Aster manages to take out some of the Unversed, but one of them then breaks his training spear in two. Seeing this, Terra quickly saves young Aster. Terra and young Aster then speak for a little while, with Terra getting a surprise upon learning that young Aster is the prince of Radiant Garden, until 'Grandma' arrive.
Aqua: After young Kairi gives Aqua some flowers, young Kairi turn to see 'Grandma' and young Aster, the latter waving his hand to her. Later, after the argument between Aqua, Terra and Ventus, as Aqua is walking around, thinking to herself, she finds Ion, who is looking at some flowers. Then, Ion is surrounded by the Unversed. Seeing this, Aqua runs to help, but stops when she sees Ion's hands beginning to glow. After Ion attacks and destroys the Unversed, Aqua realizes what he is, which gets Ion's attention, who also realizes that Aqua can see him. Aqua and Ion talk for a bit before Vanitus appears. Ion decides to help Aqua fight Vanitus, and the two make a good team as they fight the dark half of Ventus. Once Vanitus is defeated and leaves, Aqua and Ion talk some more before Ion leaves to go and check on Aster, Kairi, Zen and Ansem the Wise.
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